Chapter 169: I do have a problem with what you just said.
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Chapter 169: I do have a problem with what you just said.

Yao Shao didn't believe Zhang Jian's words at all. Instead, it made him more suspicious of Lu Chen. Whenever something is happening to Long Shen, Lu Chen is always the common denominator. Plus, remembering what happened at the restaurant made him even more pissed off as well.


And he wasn't alone in this thought as well. Even though what Yao Shao said is blunt, Long Shen and Tang Weimin agree with him. They found it odd.  It was strange how Duan Cheng and the others knew the exact location of where their group was. 


Tang Weimin felt it wasn't a coincidence for the thugs to find them so effortlessly. Somebody must have told them.


Long Shen remembers how one of the thugs talked about an employer. It had to be someone that had bad blood with him. The only logical person that would attack him would be Lu Chen!


While the two of them mulled over this thought, Lu Chen, on the other hand, couldn't help but laugh and cry in his mind. 


Is this nitwit blessed by lady luck, or is he just running his mouth like always? Well, what you said is just digging your own grave.


While Lu Chen stays silent, Zhang Jian looks like he was about to blow a fuse. He snorts, " How do you have the balls to say that Lu Chen is the one who did it?! If you're saying that because Lu Chen and I have beef with your group, couldn't we say the same for you guys as well?!"


Zhang Jian isn't going to be accused of something that he didn't do. Especially not from Yao Shao. He continues, "And if we're going by your logic, shouldn't you guys be more suspicious than us? After all, Lu Chen had to deal with seven guys by himself, yet you people only had to deal with five. Then can't I say that you guys planted these thugs to make Lu Chen take the blame for it."


"Bullshit! Why would boss Shen need to use such underhanded tactics against mophead Lu?" Yao Shao looks to Lu Chen, "Anybody can tell that mophead Lu is a cheater and underhanded."


But Zhang Jian didn't budge at all as he smirks at him more, "Oh please. Stop fucking bull shitting with Long Shen being a saint. You're nothing more than a dog that follows everything his master says. And you're not even looking at the results. Look at the injuries Lu Chen has suffered; it's much worse than what you and Long Shen combined. The only reason why you're accusing us is that Lu Chen beat your ass the last time we met." 


Zhang Jian understood why Yao Shao was hard accusing  Lu Chen so much. Zhang Jian knows that the incident at the barbeque restaurant really hit his pride.


"YOU!" And what Zhang Jian said hit the nail right onto the coffin. 


While Zhang Jian is smiling evilly at Yao Shao, Feng Meifeng glares at Long Shen's group. Pure disgust is on her face. At first, she didn't think that Long Shen's group would use such underhanded tactics to Lu Chen. The whole entire situation had been odd in her eyes as well.


Feng Meifeng knew Lu Chen is a victim as the thugs had already blurted out that they were after him. From how severe his wounds are, it's clear that the thugs and Lu Chen don't have any relationship with each other. 


And even though Lu Chen had told the thugs some direction, she thought it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to help them escape. 


Is this what you have been going through throughout these years? Seeing how Lu Chen is being accused and talked down to by Yao Shao, Feng Meifeng couldn't help but pity Lu Chen for what he's been through.


The situation between the two groups turns into a stalemate as both sides are suspicious of the other.


Yao Shao continues to glare venomously at Zhang Jian as this is the norm for him. However, he realizes Feng Meifeng is giving him a contempt look.


"What! Got a problem with what I said!" He knows that he couldn't win the battle of words with Zhang Jian. All that pent-up anger had now been directed towards Feng Meifeng, the closest person.


So arrogant and rude. Feng Meifeng continues to look at their group with disdain. She explains, "I do have a problem with what you just said. You're accusing student Lu Chen without having and evidence to support your claim."