Chapter 170: Her past problem
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Chapter 170: Her past problem

Yao Shao sneers at her as he continues, "Of course I have evidence to back it up. Not only has he threatened my boss multiple times, but they also said they were employed by somebody to break his arm."


Is that what you call evidence? Feng Meifeng sneers as she retorts, "Student Yao, what you said is not evidence at all. Did the thugs ever say that it was Lu Chen who ordered them to do that? Did you actually see Lu Chen making a deal with the thugs?"


When Yao Shao heard her say that, he couldn't help but stutter a bit, "No-no." Feng Meifeng's insistence caught him off guard. 


"Then how could you accuse Lu Chen that he is the one who sent those thugs after you? If you're going to continue to pin this on Lu Chen, then he could sue you for slandering and defaming him. 




Nobody had expected Feng Meifeng would protect Lu Chen to this extent. She went all lawyer mode, absolutely making Yao Shao silent with his mouth gaping.


Lu Chen wanted to laugh and clap at what Feng Meifeng just said. He had become part of the peanut gallery, watching Feng Meifeng smite Yao Shao with her words. All he needs right now is some melon seeds to chill out. 


Ayy, I got myself a lawyer. He turns to a red-faced Yao Shao, wondering what he was going to say next. 


Yao Shao looks like he is about to blow a blood vessel from the anger welling up inside him. It if wasn't for his ribs hurting, Lu Chen would have been laughing his ass off in front of his face. 


This lowly bitch! How dare you talk back to me! Do you even know who you are talking to?! Peer rage is on Yao Shao's face as he couldn't believe Feng Meifeng has the guts to jab him like that. To be talked down like that is making his inferiority complex spiked.  Feng Meifeng didn't have an ounce of pedigree or money, yet she had talked back to him.


Yao Shao sneers at her, "So what if I'm accusing him without evidence? I have every right to as to how much trouble he had caused for us. And why are you so close to him, Feng Meifeng? Is he paying you or something?"


The moment he said that the tense air in the room turns explosive!


Feng Meifeng didn't expect Yao Shao would bust out something like that on her. She shouts, " Yao Shao, say that one more time." That comment really hit her pride. This wasn't the first time as she had received a lot of criticism from other girls before.


"Have you heard, The hot senior from class 2-B asked Feng Meifeng out?"


"Mmhmm, I heard that she also rejected him as well."


"What?! But the senior is rich and super handsome? How could she reject him!"


"How can Feng Meifeng be this stuck up?! She just wasted such a good opportunity."


"Hmpf, arrogant vixen. She can only act like that because she's pretty."


"I bet she prefers some high-class men already and is tired of those children."


From Yao Shao's words, past memories begin to flow into her mind from what the girl said to her. Just remembering them is enough to make Feng Meifeng piss her off. Her face looks like she would rip Yao Shao into a million pieces. 


Yet, Yao Shao smiles even more when he saw the pissed-off face. He got even smugger as he continues, "Oh, could you not hear what I just say to you? I'll say it even more clearly for you to hear. Feng Meifeng, you are nothing more than a bitch that only puts up a goodie two shoe act to make everybody around you like you! I bet you already slept with many men for money."




"You what? I can say whatever I want, and you can't do anything about it. You're just a dirty rat that got lucky in getting accepted into our school. I can easily make you expelled from the school whenever I want." He could easily make up a story to his father and make Feng Meifeng expelled.


The gym Lao Shi gives him an ugly smile, "Student, you cannot say these things. Our school doesn't-"


"You shut up! I can even make you get fired as well."