Chapter 171: Oi fatty, it seems that those idiots didn’t beat you hard enough.
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Chapter 171: Oi fatty, it seems that those idiots didn't beat you hard enough.


Yao Shao didn't care if there was a teacher there. All the rage of getting beaten up by the thugs exploded. Plus, with Lu Chen in front of him and Feng Meifeng, he had it. 


Unlike other schools, most of the donors for the school are the student's parents. The gym Lao Shi knows if Yao Shao's parents have donated enough money to the school, then it would be easy to fire a simple gym Lao Shi.


Yao Shao turns back to Feng Meifeng and sneers even harder, "Go back to whatever sewer you came from and never look up at the sky again."


Feng Meifeng wanted to say something, but no words came out of her mouth. It wasn't because she didn't want to say anything; it's that she couldn't. What Yao Shao said had hit her. She felt fear. Fear not because she would be expelled, fear that Yao Shao might do something to her family as well.


But then acceptance took over the fear. Yao Shao is right; I'm just a lowly rat that has been looking up at the sky. Even if her scoring was good, power and wealth are the only things that matter. 


Somebody could have easily stopped her from coming. Feng Meifeng knows that the only reason why she has gotten into First High is based on luck. 


"What?! Got nothing to say now? Is it because what I said was right."Yao continues to goad, and Feng Meifeng continues to be silent.


Seeing how silent she is, Yao Shao knew he won. Hehe, so you finally got the message.


He continues, "But I still can't believe that you will actually be with mophead Lu tho. You could have gone out with somebody a lot richer and uglier if you set the price high enough." 


This is what you get for talking back to me. Yao Shao continues as he leers at Feng Meifeng. Truthfully, even he was jealous of Lu Chen. Even if Feng Meifeng is a commoner, he still looks at her with lust in his eyes. 


Each and every word Yao Shao said was meant to make Feng Meifeng feel like garbage more. And Feng Meifeng could only sit there silently and take it. Each of his words had been breaking her heart.


"Oi fatty, it seems that those idiots didn't beat you hard enough. How about I finish the job."


Yao Shao turns about to see Lu Chen staring down at him. He sneers at him now, "Oh are you trying to protect your toy now? Aren't you just going- ahfs!" 

Before Yao Shao could finish what he was about to say, Lu Chen grips him by the neck, making him gag for his life!


Hearing Yao Shao gagging, everybody looks at Lu Chen in surprise. Nobody expected Lu Chen would suddenly choke Yao Shao like that! Slapping yes. But choking, nope. Luo Ai is the first person to react as she shouts, "Lu Chen, what the hell are you doing?! Let the fatty go! You're going to kill him!"


"That's the point!" His cold and unwavering voice made Lu Chen shiver. But what made her feel fear the most is his eyes. There is no doubt or regret in what he's doing. It made her think this;


He's really going to go through with it.


"Lu Chen, I know that what the fatty said had made you mad. Even I'm pissed off at what he said. But killing him won't solve anything." When Luo Ai tries to reason with Lu Chen, that's when everybody else realizes the situation is a lot more grave than what it looks like. 


Lu Chen is playing for keeps. Even though Lu Chen is choking out Yao Shao, they thought it was just a threat. Not going through with it and killing Yao Shao.


"Killing him will solve a lot of problems in my life. For starters, his blubbering tongue will disappear forever, and I don't need to hear that annoying voice anymore." Just hearing the words coming out of his mouth made Lu Chen more assure that a person like that disappearing would actually make his life better. 


He wasn't the only too. Zhang Jian thinks about it for a bit and agrees, "hmmm, he's kinda right on that note."


Luo Ai turns to him, "Not helping Zhang Jian!"


Zhang Jian only shook his shoulders, "I wasn't trying to help you. And besides, our group and your group have beef with each other anyways. So if he disappears, wouldn't that be good for us." Zhang Jian glares at Luo Ai without any hesitation to what he just said.