Chapter 172: Why does everybody think that I’m doing this for myself?!
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Chapter 172: Why does everybody think that I’m doing this for myself?!

With Zhang Jian backing up Lu Chen, it made the rest shiver at how insane and cold-blooded the two of them are.


Even though a sinister and dark aura is coming off of the two, Long Shen couldn't see his friend get killed like that. He steps up as he shouts at Lu Chen, "Lu Chen, you better let go of Yao Shao or face the consequences." 


Yao Shao had used his body to protect him from the thugs. He needed to repay the favor in kind. 


"Face the consequences? Heh. Are you going to annoy the heck out of me?" Lu Chen knows how Long Shen operates. His threats are nothing more than a bluff. 


Also, he doesn't care about Yao Shao as a person at all. It may look like he was doing this to repay the favor; however, Yao Shao is not a person to him. Yao Shao is nothing more than a money bag.


Lu Chen grips Yao Shao's neck a bit harder, wondering what Long Shen will do. Yao Shao had been one of his thighs he's been hugging onto. Taking him out would make Long Shen's life miserable.


Blood started to leak out of Yao Shao's neck from Lu Chen, digging his nails into it. The gym Lao Shi and the nurse quickly try to soothe Lu Chen's wrath. The gym Lao shi says hastily, "Student Lu, I know what this student said had angered you, but think of the consequences. We'll give him a proper punishment for what he had said." 


Letting a student threaten another one was something that wouldn't be let go by the school. Even though Yao Shao is a donor to the school, it would be nothing compared to Lu Chen's influence. 


However, that wasn't the problem now. If you kill student Yao right now, our school's reputation will go down the drain. 


Having a student get killed by another, yet a teacher was there and couldn't stop them. This will definitely cause a large number of problems for the school. 


Hearing the Lao Shi's words, Lu Chen continues to stand there silently. But then a soft chuckle started coming out of him. Then the soft chuckle becomes louder, turning into a laugh. And he still held onto Yao Shao within his grasp. The man didn't struggle as much, still holding onto Lu Chen's hands, trying to pry it off.


Long Shen's face turns red as he looks at him fiercely, "What's so fucking funny, Lu Chen!" When Liu Fei Fei saw his face, she couldn't help but be shocked by it. The kind and friendly image he had disappeared, replaced with anger. His vicious face started to leak out of him. 


"Why does everybody think that I’m doing this for myself?! I don't care about what Yao Shao says about me? He's nothing more than an annoying bug that I can just cut off anytime I want." Lu Chen stops laughing as he stares down Long Shen.


Lu Chen's expression turns fierce as he declares, "I have never cared about what this fool says to me, and I will never will. My byline is when people disrespect the people that I care about. And this fatty just did."


Feng Mefieng tried to help him. He owes her one. And he wasn't going to let anyone disrespect her. Especially not Yao Shao. 


Hearing his declaration, the groups could only look at him in silence. Well, Zhang Jian looks at Lu Chen with his brows raised.  He had no problem with what Lu Chen said, but phrasing-wise...


Brother Chen, you do know that what you said is kinda like your confessing to Feng Meifeng, right?


Tho, looking at his face, Lu Chen has no clue of his weird phrasing. Zhang Jian shakes his head and then thought, Not let see what the said girl feels about this.  When Zhang Jian looks at Feng Meifeng, her expression is hot and red.


Feng Meifeng wanted to hide in a hole at this moment. How could you say something like that?! And in public as well! Now it looks like I'm your girlfriend. 


So many thoughts went through her head from what Lu Chen said. But the one feeling she had with all those thoughts is a relief. Not being able to stop Yao Shao from talking about her like that made her feel humiliated and scared. Even though she never asked for anybody's help, for the first time, she wanted somebody to help now, anybody.