Chapter 176: Get out of my way or else.
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Chapter 176: Get out of my way or else.


While the two groups' wounds are being tended to, Kang Shuchun and Elder Wu are not standing around, doing nothing.


In a deep alleyway a few blocks away from the school,


"Ugggh" One of the thugs who had attacked Lu Chen is now thrown onto the wall like a rag doll. All of the thugs beside Gu Qingshan and the thug Lu Chen had pulverized were there. The moment he hit the wall, he started to gag and cough in pain. 


"Tsk, bastards are such lightweights." The person who had thrown the thug was Kang Shuchun.


However, Kang Shuchun was different from her usual self. Her expression was downright terrifying. It wasn't like the irritated expression she had when she talked to Ye Meixiu or the hateful look when she heard about Liu Fei Fei. Dull eyes and a blank expression are on her face at this moment. Pure lifelessness is radiating off of her. 


"Shuchun, don't treat them so violently, or we won't be able to get any information out of them." Elder Wu was the same too. Tho, Elder Wu had an indifferent expression as he looks at them as well. 


To explain how the two of them gained ahold of the thugs is 20 minutes prior,



When the police had arrived at the school, the first thing they did was gasp at the sight. The sight was so horrific that they were lost for words. One of the Lao Shi had told them about the situation that occurred. And the police took no time to arrest the thugs outside. However, when they seized them, there was no resistance at all. The police expected them to put up some resistance, but the thugs actually complied and got into the car. 


As the thugs were getting into the car, the other police officers who went into the school came back with Duan Cheng and the four. However, the five didn't look like prisoners at all. They seem more like victims instead. The officers had to carry them to the car. 


Did something go down? When seeing how passive the thugs are, the officers couldn't help but shiver from what might have happened to them. However, they didn't have time to worry about what's going on as they drove to the police station.


While the officers drive, one of the cars suddenly stops as the officer spots two figures in front of him. The officer opens the door and begins to shout at them, "What the hell are you two standing out in the middle of the road?! If it wasn't for the two standing under the traffic light, he might have run them over!


"Get off the-" Before the officer could tell them to get off the road, he got a good look at Kang Shuchun's face, and he started to choke up from seeing it. 


How can someone be this beautiful? And when he felt Kang Shuchun gazing at him, his face felt hot. Before the officer could ask what Kang Shuchun was doing there, Kang Shuchun spoke first, "Where are the rest?"


Contrary to what the officer was thinking, Kang Shuchun wasn't gazing at him at all. She had been looking at the car behind him, staring at the thugs in it. 


"Ummmm." The officer looks at her in confusion as to why Kang Shuchun is looking at the thugs.


"I will be taking them now." Kang Shuchun didn't wait for the officer to say anything as she walks towards the car. 


Take them away? The officer wasn't going to let Kang Shuchun take them away. He gets in front of her, "Those thugs will be sent to jail. You cannot take them away."


From what the teachers said about what happened, the thugs have offended people they shouldn't have. If he lets Kang Shuchun take the thugs away, the officer knows there will be hell to pay. He might even get fired depending on who the thugs offended. 


Kang Shuchun glares at him as she threatens, "Get out of my way or else." 


The officer's face turns dark as he didn't expect he would be threatened by the woman. "If you don't leave, I will be-"


Before he could even finish what he was saying, Kang Shuchun already flung him to the side like he was nothing. Not looking at the stunned officer, Kang Shuchun walked over to the car and told the thugs, "Get out now."