Chapter 177: Hold it
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Chapter 177: Hold it

Duan Cheng was one of the thugs in the back of the car, and he was looking at Kang Shuchun weirdly. For her to chuck the officer like a toy made him flabbergasted. He didn't know what to say to that.


While Duan Cheng is left there, contemplating what to do, the officer is filled with rage. Being thrown to the ground like that made him feel like he's being disrespected. He sneers, "I'm warning you, the people these thugs have offended are people that you shouldn't be offending."


But Kang Shuchun didn't look at him at all. She continues to look at the thugs, waiting for them to come out. Being ignored like that hit a nerve as he's seriously pissed off. He pulls out his gun and shouts, "Put your hands in the air. You're under arrest for obstruction of duty." It'll be a stain on his life if he doesn't arrest her now. 


He thought Kang Shuchun would flinch while facing a gun at point-blank. Contrary to his belief tho, Kang Shuchun didn't flinch at all. She just kept looking at the thugs, waiting for them to get out of the car. Even though Kang Shuchun wasn't shuddering, it didn't mean others weren't. Duan Cheng looks at her with wide eyes; can't you see the gun pointed at you? How can you still ask us to go out?!


You bitch! The officer couldn't believe she was still ignoring him after the gun was pulled out. Out of anger, the officer was going to take the shot.


However, before he could, Elder Wu had walked up beside him and pushed the weapon down. 


"Young man, resorting to violence in this situation would be bad for all of us. Firing a shot would cause a big commotion, and people are bound to come here." Elder Wu didn't want to have people come over here to look at what was going on. He wants to do this discreetly and without any problems.


The officer quickly backs away from Elder Wu. When did he get beside me?! Even though the officer hasn't been focusing on Elder Wu, he still couldn't believe that he got so close to him without him even noticing it.


A stern expression is on the officer's face as he says, " My job is to take these thugs to the police station. If you are hindering me, then I will be forced to take you guys in as well." Even though he was outnumbered two to one, the officer wasn't going to let the thugs escape. Even if the two of them grab ahold of the thugs, he was going to make it a struggle for the two.


Elder Wu smiles at him, "Young man, I respect your ethics and duty as an officer. But you shouldn't throw away your life over something like this."


"What do you-" When the officer heard Elder Wu's threat, he was confused at first. But then he could feel a killing intent coming out of Elder Wu. Why does that elderly man look like a monster?! Instead of an elderly man, the officer felt like he was getting devoured. The aura he was feeling was suffocating. 


Before the officer could suffer, another police car had stopped beside his car. It's the officer's superior. 


"What is going on?" When the superior saw the officer's car in the middle of the road and the officer out, he felt something was up.


"Senior Qiang, thank goodness that you are here!" The officer quickly runs up to him and away from Elder Wu. Being so close to him made him feel like he'll die the next second. He quickly explains, "Senior! These people want to take the prisoners away!"


"Hmmm." When sergeant Qiang heard it, he started to frown. Why would they want the thugs? He looked at Elder Wu and then went wide-eyed, "You can take them away, sir."


When the officer heard his superior say that, he couldn't help but feel his jaw drop down to the floor! Where are your work ethics, Senior?! He had thought sergeant Qiang would side with him and help him deal with the two. Not helping the two strangers.


Elder Wu smiles, "Thank you." He looks at Kang Shuchun, signaling her to move the thugs. Kang Shuchun nods, ready to carry the thugs out. But before she could take them away, the young officer shouted at them.


"Hold it!"