Chapter 179:  Snap without any hesitation
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Chapter 179:  Snap without any hesitation

Have you guys gone mad?! Duan Cheng couldn't believe they would have any lustful thoughts in a situation like this! 


Do you even see the injuries on you?!


The person who even whispers this suggestion had his left arm and right leg mangled up by Luo Ai. I can't let them kill themselves. Duan Cheng quickly whispers, "Don't you guys think about doing those kinds of things to her! She isn't somebody to be messed with!"


From how cold Kang Shuchun's voice was, Duan Cheng isn't a dense person to tell that she's playing for keeps. If anybody did anything to her, then the price they'll be paying will be heavy.


But the thug scoffs at him, "Oh please. They're just a girl and an old geezer. What else could they do to us?" 


When the thug said this, besides two others and Duan Cheng, the others nod their head to the thug's thoughts. Lust consumes their mind as Kang Shuchun's body was too seductive to them. The other two that disagreed with what the thug had said was with Duan Cheng in the police car and saw snippets of what the four had been doing. 


"You fools! Stop thinking with your head up your ass! Look at the situation we are in! We are in no condition to fight the two of them." The thugs are either beaten to a pulp by Lu Chen or got mangled up by Luo Ai. Duan Cheng knows they have a negative chance of winning at all.


Have you guys not learned your lesson about underestimating people based on their appearance?! In the police car, Duan Cheng had heard about what Lu Chen did to the two of them, and he couldn't help but shake his head. 


I knew it! That kid was not normal at all. Knowing how vicious Lu Chen was, Duan Cheng shook his head in regret and viciously cursed Gu Qingshan. Dammit dammit dammit! Why did that nitwit choose to take this job?!


But the thug scoffs at Duan Cheng's comment, "You're such a coward. Can't you use common sense? We have powers in numbers. It will be easy to deal with these two, even with the injuries." The more the thug talks, the more the other follows him. Seeing how the others are following him, he acts smugger as he says, "That's why you'll always be the second in command. You don't have the balls to do anything."


Contempt was in his voice. The thug had been the third in command after Duan Cheng. He had been jealous of Duan Cheng being ranked higher than him. Hmpf, just sit back and watch me take over the group!


Before Duan Cheng could try and reason with him again, the thug had already limp himself over to Kang Shuchun. Yes, limp. Luo Ai had played with the five thug's bones to that point that it's enough to make them stay in bed for months at the least.


"Hey, beautiful. Instead of asking us why we were attacking a child, shouldn't you know who we are?" Even though he had tried to look cool while saying his line, the dangling arm and broken leg are not helping his cause at all. To make it worse, almost all his front teeth besides three are missing. It looks like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing.


Kang Shuchun didn't react to what he said. Instead, she just kept looking at the others. Seeing how he was being ignored, the thug tries to grab onto Kang Shuchun assets, but,




Before the thug had any inkling of what happened to him, Kang Shuchun's arm moved as fast as lightning, grabbing a hold of the thug's neck. It was as simple as crushing a nut as Kang Shuchun finished him off.


"Annoying." That's the only word Kang Shuchun had for the thug as a scowl replaces the dead fish expression. 


When Kang Shcuhun had snapped the thug's neck, there was no reaction coming from the others. What jolted them out of the shock was the dripping sound. The dripping sound from the thug's blood dripping down to the floor. 


"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" One of the thugs screams in terror and shock. It didn't take long for the others to do the same. They didn't think Kang Shuchun would be capable of killing the thug off so quickly. And so effortlessly as well. 


"Shut up now." Kang Shuchun continues to use the unwavering flat voice, like nothing out of the ordinary.