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"My Lord, are the Princes and Princesses of Hell really going through with this plan?"

"Vordigo, the Grand Eldar Satan and the Holy Order Jehovah both put aside their quarrels with one another in order for this plan to go forwards"

Two men dressed in fine black royalty clothing stood before ancient stone doors that were at least a fifty-foot tall. Before them, a stone pillar rose from the ground atop was a black cube with red demonic carvings.

The man with the vibrant red cloak with the seal of House Helel ben Shachar reached out with his hand touching the cube. The sound of rumbling could be heard as dust particles from the stone doors fell through the air.

"But Lord Lucifer, if the Council of Balance discovers what's transpiring within the realms of Heaven and Hell, they will surely react in force!"

Lord Lucifer looked to Vordigo, the red light emanating from the cube lit up his coal-black hair and blood-red eyes.

"We're resorting to such measures because of the Council's stubbornness in aiding our cause!" his voice echoed through the dark empty halls with such force.

Vordigo immediately dropped to one knee causing his slicked-back white hair to fall out of place.

"Forgive me, Lord Lucifer, I did not mean to dishonour you in any way!" he pleaded with his master.

Lord Lucifer sighed, "Stand Vordigo, I know you mean well, to be honest, I'm just as on edge as you are"

Vordigo stood up turning to what is now the Hellspawn Laboratory, the only place capable of creating vessels for demonic summoning within the Underworld. One of the alchemists rushed to Lord Lucifer kneeling down before him.

"Lord Lucifer, you grace us with your presence"

Lord Lucifer walked by the alchemist, "Enough pleasantries, we're moving on from the trials". He continued walking surrounding were dozens upon dozens of cooling pods humanlike figure under the influence of stasis magic.

"Of course my lord..." the alchemist replied "...I hate to bother you with trivial matters but, Archangel Leona has made an appearance today"

Upon hearing the news, Lord Lucifer stood there in deep thought for a moment. "Very well, I'll see to her now"

Both Lord Lucifer and Vordigo left the main chamber of the laboratory leaving the alchemists to prepare the creation ritual. The two of them headed for the hovering platform they both stepped on sending them to the second level of the complex.

They walked down the corridor which was adorned with demonic symbols and statues they come across another stone door albeit smaller than the last one. Lord Lucifer placed his hand upon the gap between the stone doors, before him a circular symbol appeared with a star in the middle.

As the doors opened Lord Lucifer looked to Vordigo, "Wait here"

Vordigo bowed placing his right fist over the left side of his chest. He stayed in this position until the doors of Lord Lucifer's office sealed shut.

The latter stood at the entrance looking towards the centre of the room, he saw a beautiful woman dressed in white and blue royal robes, this made her golden blonde hair shine brighter.

Lord Lucifer walked straight to his desk seating himself in his own chair. Looking forward he could see the woman playing with orbs of light between her fingers her expression was clearly that of anger.

"Are you still hung up on what happened four hundred years ago?" Lord Lucifer suddenly spoke out.

The orbs of light between Archangel Leona's finger instantly disappeared, "Forget it Lucifer" she clenches her hand slightly at the mere mention of that moment in their past.

Lord Lucifer sighed talking to Leona sometimes did a number on his mental state, "Okay, anyway the plans going forward"

"I know I got my orders from Holy Lord Jehovah..." standing up it's clear to anyone that she possessed the refined attributes of a female angel "...the idea of me having to do it with you makes me sick but, if it's to save this universe I'm willing to put those feelings aside for now"

Suddenly an image appeared before Lord Lucifer clearly the works of projection magic, it was one of the alchemists.

"My lord, we are just about done with the creation ritual all we need is your blood and Archangel Leona's blood for the finishing touches"

"Thank you, we'll be down in a moment"

"Understood my lord". The image fazed out of existence before him. He looked up at Archangel Leona who seemed to be eager to get the ordeal over and done with.

"Fine, let's get this over and done with..." she brushes a strand of hair behind her back "...if I'm gone for too long the Warriors Angels in my Holy Legion will get suspicious"

He couldn't have agreed more, "Very well let's continue with the ritual as planned"

Decided to bring back the original prologue that was first uploaded mostly because it gave a little bit of clarity as to how Nariko was reincarnated into this world.