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Walking to the football field he found Chelsea sitting under the bleachers crying. Seating down next to her, Callum looked at, sighed and laid down on the ground. Chelsea's sobbing continued for a while to the point where it made Callum fall asleep. 

When she was done crying she looked at Callum who was sleeping and became frustrated. Pulling out her phone she unlocked it and saw all the messages and missed calls from Dillon. Clearing her notifications tab she clicked on the camera and started taking pictures of the sleeping beauty.

Laying her head on Callum’s chest she took a photo. Looking at it then looking at him, she went to her Instagram and uploaded the photo with the caption, "The only one that will ever love me, my #soulmate my #heart my #love my #beautiful, my #bestfriend" and tagged Calum's Instagram username.

Because she was Dillon's girlfriend she had many followers who were mostly the girls who also liked Dillon but some were her friends and the boys who liked her, then there were those random people too. On Callum's Instagram, he had many followers but he only followed Chelsea's account.
Dillon was scrolling through his phone with his chin resting on his arm. He was still with his teammates in the hall waiting for entrants to sign up. It went quiet after Callum left. There were the occasional giggles from the girls but besides that it was awkward, the jocks were still shocked at hearing how Callum swore as though it was natural.

One of the football players Simon called out to Dillon, "Yo, Dillon?"

Lazily looking up at him he hummed, "Mn?"

Simon, "That boy, what was his name again?"

He looked to the door then sat up, seated back in the chair he asked with a raised brow, "Who, Chelsea's friend?"

Simon, "Yes."

Dillon, "Ah, that one, he’s called Callum."

Simon, "Why is he so rude?"

Dillon, "He's not rude, that's just the way he speaks, Chelsea swears too but not around me."

Simon, "Really, why not?"

Dillon, "Because I don't like it..."

Simon looked away and thought for a moment then asked, "Why have I never heard Chelsea swear while the two of them are together?"

"I haven't too." He admitted as he thought about it while rubbing his chin. 

Ashton's girlfriend asked, "So your girlfriend is a hooligan just like her friend?"

Dillon looked at her and his eyes squinted, "You're not part of this conversation."

Ashton's girlfriend rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath. One of the cheerleaders who followed Chelsea on Instagram saw her post and said, "Your girlfriend just posted a picture on Instagram, I think she's going to leave you. When you're single don't forget us," she then started laughing.

Chris on the side wanted to see that picture too and couldn’t get Callum's calm expression out of his mind. He played back their conversation in his mind a couple of times to the point where his heart kept beating faster than usual making his ears turn red.

His girlfriend kept calling him but she was ignored and this made them all look at him and couldn't help but become suspicious. 
The last bell for the school day rang and they all left the hall. Dillon, Ashton, Simon and Chris all lived in the same area not too far from Callum so they all got a lift with Ashton who did not mind driving them all around. 

As they were on their way home they drove past Callum who was walking home. Ashton was the first to spot him and asked, "Isn't that, that dude?"

Dillon and Simon who were in the back seat looked out the window and so did Chris. Chris's heart started beating fast again right after it just calmed down. They drove past him and Dillon asked, "Do you mind giving him a lift home?"

Looking through the rearview mirror, Ashton asked, "Why, after he swore at you like that you still feel sorry for him enough to want to take him home?"

Thinking for a moment Dillon said, "He lives a block away from us so it wouldn’t be a problem, but then again it's your car, do as you please."

Ashton sighed then stopped his car. Reversing back they stopped beside Callum then he drove the car slowly following the pace of his unrushed walk. Winding down the window Ashton yelled, "Hey, you, you, you, you, get in the car." Callum stopped and turned to see who it was, frowning when he saw it was Ashton. 

"I have a name you know!" he said, hiding away his embarrassment. Chris who was looking at him could help but smile. Ashton on the other hand, "I don't know your name, so just get in."

"If you don't know my name then why would you let me in your car?"

"Because I'm a pervert that likes picking up my juniors and taking them home." He said impatiently. Callum looked at him stunned, looking back at the road he started walking again not wishing to bother him.

Dillon in the back seat knew that Callum like Ashton because of Chelsea and just shook his head. Opening the door he got out and ran after him. Wrapping his arms around Callum’s waist he picked him up and walked back to the car. Callum had no will to fight and said, "If you just think of raping me my father will kill you."

Shoving him in the car he climbed in too and said, "Oh just shut up, we're taking you home!" The car started and they were off.

Sitting in between Dillon and Simon he rolled his eyes. Taking his backpack off he handed it to Dillon and said, "Hold here." Sighing he answered, "I already am."

Simon, coughed clearing his throat and introduced himself holding out his hand to greet Callum, "Hello, I'm Simon Prince." Callum looked at him and smiled, grabbing his hand he said, "Hello Simon, it's nice to meet you, I'm Callum Stride."

Chris turned around, holding out his hand he said, "I'm Chris Zander." Tilting his head to the side he answered, "I know."

Ashton coughed, "Chris don't go flirting with him, you'll make Samantha cry." Chris's eyes widened and he glared at Ashton, "What the fuck Ash, how is introducing myself to him flirting?"

Shaking his head he didn't bother to answer him and just ignored him. Looking in the rearview mirror at Callum, Ashton said, "I'm Ashton."


Dillon chuckled on the side while pinching Callum’s thigh. Glaring at him he shoved Dillon to shut up. Simon took out his phone and opened it. Tapping on the contact book the dial pad came up and he asked Callum, "Can I have your number please?"

Both Dillon and Chris looked over at him astounded thinking, "Man, you've got balls."

Callum took the phone, entered his phone number and saved it under his name. "Thank you." He said as he took his phone back with a smile. Chris sat back in his seat regretfully wishing that he could also get Callum’s number, silently scheming to get it from Simon later on.

They arrived at the block before theirs and Ashton stopped the car, looking at Callum he asked, "Where’s your house?"

"In that street." Looking out the window he frowned, turning his car he drove down slowly and said, "Let me know when we reach your house."

Callum turned his head to Dillon who was grinning from ear to ear and he asked, "Will you be making up with Chelsea?" 

Dillon, "I'll phone her later, hopefully, she’s cooled off by then."

"You're an idiot you know that."

Dillon, "Don't call me that."

"I will call you whatever I want!" Callum said and glared at him.

Sighing, he said, "Nothing happened between me and her."

"And so, does that mean that although nothing happened between the two of you, she can sit on your lap and do whatever the fuck she feels like? Dillon, do you know how disrespectful that is?"

Dillon, "I..."

"You what huh? You know as well as I do that you always do this shit and will continue doing this shit! When will you stop? Do you really enjoy arguing with Chelsea over the same bullshit knowing that you will just do it again? You've fucked up so many times and who knows how many more times you’ll fuck up again and hurt her. Chelsea could have been together with either one of those Tom, Dick’s and Harry's that asked her out but no she decided to date you of all people that disrespects her continuously without a care, how much more do you think she'll be able to handle till you break her completely, how much longer do you think she'll stay by your side just because she loves you?"

Dillon looked at Callum not being able to answer his questions. To him, he did not do anything wrong and he truly loved Chelsea but he was an affectionate person and one of those that wanted more than one partner but wanted his partners to get along - how could he explain this to Chelsea or Callum?

Ashton had already stopped at the end of the street but kept his head low because he was slightly afraid of Callum, having a slight premonition that he might get scolded too.

Chris did not like seeing Callum angry and wanted to comfort him but couldn't. The car was silent and the tension rose making it awkward. Breaking the silence Simon asked, "Have we passed your house yet?"

"..." Callum looked around and saw that they were at the end of the street. Feeling guilty he said, "Ah, I have inconvenienced you all, I'll get out."

Ashton, "No it alright, just tell me which house it is and I'll stop in front of it."

"It’s the yellow house on the left."

Making a U-turn he drove to it and stopped. Dillon got out waiting for it. As Callum was getting out of the car, a yell came from inside the house. Dillon was startled and looked ahead. Ms Stride and Callum’s little brother Carver came running out. 

Opening the gate Ms Stride greeted them all and looked at her son with suspicion. Carver ran to Dillon and high fived him. Picking him up Dillon threw him in the air and asked, "How are you doing today?"


Dillon, "Just fine?"

"Mn," he said as he hid behind his mother looking at the other three in the car.

Ms Stride looked at them and asked, "You boys didn't do anything bad to my son now did you?"

Dillon's eyes widened as he shook his head. Chris and Simon were stunned, Ashton, on the other hand, started laughing and shook his head. Greeting them goodbye, they drove off.

"He has his mother’s looks," commented Ashton. 

Simon and Dillon agreed while Chris looked at Ashton with a possessive glare.
Later that night Callum’s phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered confused.


"Who's this?"

"It's me, Chris."

"Oh, Chris? Hey?"

"I'm sorry for calling you at this late of an hour. I got your number from Simon."

"I see, it is okay but why didn't you ask it yourself?"

"Because I was shy."

"Why would you be shy?"

"Isn't it obvious?"



"I see, well I phoned to ask if you were alright."

"I am yes, why?"

"You looked so angry when you were berating Dillon in the car so I got worried and wanted to check up on you."

"Ah, Dillon that idiot, you don't have to worry about me. Dillon is like a brother that I never wanted but have, if I don't scold him then he won't know what's right from wrong."


"Hello, are you still there?"


"Why did you suddenly go quiet?"

"I was just thinking about how lovely your voice sounds."

"Excuse me?"

"uh... I'm sorry, I know this might seem weird."

"Yes, you are being very weird. Is there anything else you wanted from me?"

"Are you free this Friday after school?"

"Yeah, why?"

"There's this movie that is being screened at the theatre called Social Desire, would you like to see it with me?"