Chapter One  Revival
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"The latest news, there is an accident because of drunk a lot wind on the third ring road, the accident caused one people in a serious injury and two people in light wound. the serious ones named Zoe, who is an internship moderator in our  station. According to the witness described, the reason of Zoe's wound is for saving two children. We feel pride for such colleague. "


“Hey, wake up, wake up!”

    Zoe open his eyes slowly, the environment is completely strange for him.

"Where I am?" He feel a blank flush into his mind.

"You died." one sound like a child's replied.

Zoe feels surprised:"Who is talking?"

A little girl standing in the virtual screen without any signs, the voice make out from her mouth.

"I am talking, You are died."

"Died?" Zoe's face turn white, and thought of the morning accident.

"Die? I am even die? I am even die like this?"

"My Dad and Mom make money to the university, I still don't give them in turn and died already. "

Zoe is in still, and his eyes without any light, he is just sitting there without any movement.

The little girl in the screen heard his low voice, said:"Because you save that two girls, therefore, your Dad and Mom are able to get several hundred thousand compensation, and you still have a little brother, he can take care of your parent."

    Zoe looks at her without any expressions, and turn his head and look around this completely strange room, then he seems being more clear, and frowned, "Who you are, what location it is here? The hell like this?"

He doesn't feel strange because his death information is still completely  digest for him also such picture he saw a lot at before on the movie.

"I am come from the future high level computer, I died before, but I am revival from your gestation." The little girl points his ring of his finger,"I lived here."

Ring? He lower his head and looked at his ring finger, which silver and with white colored ring is picked from a river when he is in four , year old, he wore it just for fun, however, the ring is difficult to take out, then the ring follow him for more than tween-ties years.

So this ring come from the future?

Wait a moment!


"I ...... I gestured you?" Zoe's face seems says it is incredibly, how can a man can gesture you? It sounds so strange?

   "I follow you for more than twenties years and saved by your gas bloody." The little girl is very seriously nods her head, "Because I am alive, that is why I can save you, so that you be here."

"Wait a moment, I am now so confuse." Zoe suddenly open his eyes,"You mean I am not still died yet?"

"You are not die, but you revival."

"What is the different between them? "

"Of course It has. It is a different thing between the death and revive." the little girl is very seriously explain to him.

Zoe does not notice these detail, and he stared his eyes:"Anyways, I am now alive, right?"

"Yes, you are alive, I save you alive. but here is not on the earth, here is  similar with the earth for more than 95%, beside the different for the culture and entertainment others is almost same."

"Here yis not the earth?" Zoe's face seems horrible, which seems being flush by the happy period of revival.

    "You are not make a kidding to me?"

 "I am not kidding to you." The little girl's face seem nonsense, "You do died on the earth, I heard someone said they want to burn you, so I take you away in a hurry. If you burned, I also will died."

"You...... you take me away? Then...... then take my whole body to here from the earth?" Zoe makes some gesture and try to let the girl understand his meaning.

You are make a kidding to me? How it is possible? Time-out shift? I am a big man, how can you make me to accept this fact?


Surprisingly, the girl nodded her head:"Yes, it is."


Zoe stared on her, and keep silent for a while and asked:"Therefore, I am appeared on this world without foundation?"


"Yes, but you are no worry, all of your ID information I made well, which is same as one on the earth, which can be checked with foundation"


"Then I am still alone in this world?"




"Can I back to the earth?"


   "I don't know."


    “What does it means for I don't know?”


  "You must can not back to the earth in a short period, and I have no power."


 "Power?" Zoe's mouth makes some action, he wants to say anything but holding and keep silent, he stand up and looks for a mirror.


His body is still the body, his face is still the face, which is no different with before.


"Here is not the earth? Here is another world?" He still doesn't believe it, and see  a computer over there, he walk to it.


This time, the virtual screen suddenly flash, the girl speaks.


"In order to help you, my power have exhausted completely, now, I have to dormant. " the little girl makes a yawn, and she becoming hazy,"Oh, I understand you want to being a super start, therefore, I took many Movies, songs and poems from the earth."


Innumerable names of movies and songs are flashing on the

screen which seems in order to prove her words.


Zoe feels so hurry, "Dormant? what it is? How long you want to have rest? Don't throw me away here, what I can to do if I meet problem?"


"The elements into the gold is able to recover my power, you can buy some gold when you have money."


   Currently, only left the names of movies and songs flashing on the virtual screen, and It can not see the little girl.


  "The gold, you eat the gold? How much gold you are able to recover? How I can save you if I have gold?" Zoe speaks for several times in the empty house, but useless.


"What is the problem on earth? I am not in the dreaming?" Zoe feel mass, he is just watching the screen but do nothing.    


After several minutes, he hit his face with his right hand heavily. 


Wow, so pain!


He noticed there is a television, and he turn on it.


"Tracy, The Cyrus director of  the Road is Uneven" becoming the super movies!


" The Queen of Song by Wesley is very hot, there are some inner information released there are some Hollywood directors invited into the new movies. "


" The subject of the Promoting Harmony from the West Television are collecting the advertising."


Zoe's eyes staring on screen but his hands controlling the TV, he signed the world do changed.


But, why such strange thing happen to me?


 He suddenly think of one TV drama named Following love by through the time air, which drama's master is completely flied from the modern world to the action world.


Somehow, the actor is flied to the old world, what about him, how is going on to him, I can become rich if I flied to the old world by using the mordent knowledge, but how about flied to this strange world......


He feels his mind is not enough to catch the current world, and he feel so complicated and working straightly to windows,  he is silent for quite a long period.


He don't know how long it passed, he suddenly thinks of the little girl's words, he raised his head and watching that virtual screen.


There are still innumerable movies and songs are flashing on the virtual screen.


He point on it with one figure, there is a "search box" come out.


He input "the True Love", and play it, then the movie playing on the virtual screen.


He blinking his eyes, and then search others movies, soon, the movies are find out.


He then find several songs, also they are find out so quickly.


No matter for the Novels or TV drama or poem, he can find them out only the Novels, TV drama or poems existed in the earth.


He become silent for quite a long time again and watching the virtual screen.


"Okay. Anyway, I am still alive although on a strange world. It is the first important thing to make that girl awake, so that she and I may think the method for back the earth."


"Gold...... Make money......"


The best and easiest ways for making money is playing into the policy and actor business. It is too difficult to him for playing the policy or as a business man.


Then, only left the entertainment business. And the girl carries so many articles to here, he is only follow this point.


He turned on the computer, and he start to understand the show business of this world.