Chapter 0062{A Wandering Spirit}
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I see that’s disappointing like I thought it was the system that gave me immunity to light attribute, not him.”, Azrael mumbled to himself

“Huh it that it, your reaction? Or have you now lost your grip on reality?”

“What? You expected me to panic, so what if you used me? In this world, everyone uses each other, that’s the natural way of life, but thanks to you, I just found out some very crucial information.”


“In this world, gods do not exist, and that is something I am going to think from now.”

“Have you gone mad?”

“Old Man, you think I still wouldn’t have noticed, you are not a God. You are just a wandering spirit, but seeing how this is a place where the goddesses reside. Yet, you can enter means you must have some connection with them, the most logical explanation is you were a former god, now reduced to a simple wandering spirit, no wonder I did not feel any divinity from you. I can even guess why you gave me that task, as long the creations of the god remains so shall the god, if those three had remained in the kingdom they would have been turned into undead. Their spirits trapped forever. Still, since they were with me, I simply killed them, and since they were only three in number, I did not bother turning them into undead, allowing them to escape and enter the cycle of reincarnation, isn’t that great? ”

“That’s impossible. No mortal should know about that; how did you find that out?”

“Ahh, that is not something you should worry about, but I really do wonder, how is it that you found out about my real body’s weakness to light attribute, but I don’t really care, since even if all the gods know about me, what can they do? They cannot even interfere in the matter of this world, the reason I was not able to meet the goddess my simple, speaking with me would have been considered interference.”

The divine retribution I once faced could not have been created by the gods. I mean, it was my replica that faced the divine retribution, what use could anyone have destroying my replica? And the divine retribution came when I destroyed a kingdom, but then when the undead sorcerer’s destroyed an empire, why did not they face any consequences? Was it because I was somewhat different? No, The reason was that I had tried to create something that disturbed the nature of this world, the divine retribution was like a natural reaction, nature trying to protect itself, its objective was not to kill me but to destroy the object I was creating, if I had succeeded then I would have disturbed the power balance of this world,

Since my new replica contained high elf shells, I could now feel the spirits surrounding nature. They were the ones that maintained the power balance of the world, mostly inactive, but dominant when something tries to harm the flow of nature, it also explains why the system did not allow my original body or the guardians were not able to come in this world, the balance of power would have been disturbed, the results would be catastrophic,

“If the gods acted, they themselves would break the flow of nature, then power balance would not be maintained. Thus they are powerless. If the gods can do nothing, why should I even bother to think they even exist?”

The old man slowly faded away, saying nothing after that,

“Well Said”

A familiar voice came from behind, “The gods have no place in this story.”

I turned behind, “Now, who might you be?”

“How rude, after taking away my crown, you say don’t even remember who I am?”

“The one whose crown I took away was that of the king of the elves, but you, who are you?”

His appearance was exactly like that of the elf king, but high elves resonated with each other. I could also be considered as a high half-elf. The presence I felt from him was not that of a high elf, but that of a demon

“I see you could tell the difference, but I am indeed the person who you had beaten in that chess game.”

“Now, what a surprise, it seems the elf king had once made a deal with a demon got a parasitic demon living within his body.”

“Parasitic demon, humph don’t compare me with such lower-class demons, but it does not matter what you think, right now I am here to make a deal.”

“A deal? Do you want me to spare your kingdom of elves?”

“No, that’s not something I am worried about, I expected you to say something like that knowing about your way of thinking.”

“My way of thinking? You think you know anything about my way of thinking?”

“Yes, I do, for example, let me ask you a question if you see a bear attacking a human, what would you do?”

“Ignore it.”

“If you see a human attacking a bear, what would you do?”

“Ignore it.”

“One elf and one human, both are lying on the floor injured and on the brink of death after their fierce fight. Who would you save?”


“A man lost the love of his life, the only reason he found meaning in his life was because of the woman, the woman was everything to him, but sadly he lost her, he thought about dying in this meaningless world, but soon he decided to bring her back to life, he gained strength, searched for a way to bring her back, after struggling for many years. He found a way to bring her back. He sacrificed all the strength he accumulated over all those years and brought her back. He went from becoming an overlord to a normal person but lived his life happily after with that woman. What do you think of this story?”

“Pure nonsense, why are you even asking me such questions?”