Chapter 0063{Filler}
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“Like I said, I am showing you, your way of thinking, so, shall we continue, A small kingdom was surrounded by their enemies, their food supply was stopped, in front of them, their enemies waited for them to starve, behind them was a river they could not cross, in the sides there were forest where wild vicious beasts resided, they had nowhere to go, the citizens were starving, there was no escape, even the king of the kingdom knew all hope was already lost, in such a situation the king had to make a crucial decision, either he could surrender, open the gates, and let their enemy slaughter them, or could wait until everyone of them died from starvation, but the king choose not to make any one of those decision, the king ordered the guards to poison the water, the guards understood his intention, and did as he ordered, the people in the palace accepting their fate decided to kill themselves, the citizens even after noticing the water was poisoned still drank it, as what choice did they have?, they were already starving, the only thing they had to drink was water, soon everyone within the kingdom was dead, the king while staring down at his kingdom drank the poison and finally killed himself, some might say the king and his men were cowards, they did not choose to fight until their last breath, some might say he is selfish, he made the decision to poison the water without considering the citizens opinions, well in the end it was a tragic story, what do you make of it?”

“Cowards? In the eyes of those who cannot make a decisive decision and just move forward driven by their instinct’s, those who can make decisive decisions will always be cowards.”

“Selfish? Why should a king ask the opinions of the people when making such a decision? No one is free in this world, death stares down at as all, when you bound yourself within a system, those in the top then obtain the rights to decide how you live and die, besides if the king had informed the people, then what would have changed. The primary instinct that drives a human is that of survival, not that of sacrifice, most people would have revolted, they would have started to beg the king to surrender, after all, even in such situation they still want to cling to little hope they have, thinking even if there is a little chance, the citizens could survive if the king surrendered, the nobles and royals would be killed. Still, there was a chance the citizens could be spared, but that’s just wishful thinking.”

“Tragic? I don’t see how that is tragic? They all died a painless death without much suffering, what so tragic about that?”

Taking a sigh, he replied, “that is something you will not understand, now the final question, once there was a king, the king was taking a stroll, he then saw a starving tiger trying to eat a young kid, he went and stopped the tiger, but he did not try to kill the tiger, seeing the tiger starving, he cut out his own flesh from his limbs, hands and legs, and gave it to the tiger, he returned the kid back to his parent’s and headed home while bleeding, covered in his own blood, what do you think about this story”

After a moment of silence, “Well, what can I say? Guess the king was a good man.”

“Now the king was a good man? You never cared when the bear was eating the child, why? Because you think its natural, the kid just died Afterall, in nature the strong eat the weak and survive, that’s the concept of food chain, be it humans, elf’s or even demons no one is exception, I too agree on that but you, your ideal goes beyond that, when you were in the kingdom of the elves, I observed you through the elf king, in the beginning I noticed, the look on your eyes when you looked at the elves and high elves were the same, I though, so he doesn’t discriminate huh , but even when you looked at me the look remained the same, I was puzzled, how could one look at a king and the commoner or nobles with the same look on his face, then I noticed more, the look never changed, then I thought you looked at the people like profits and losses, you would treat those who bring profit and those who bring loss in a different way, but I was wrong again, even when you won, and got the crown, your look remained the same, even while escaping when you were cornered your look remained the same, most expression you make on your face, is just to fool others, but the most surprising thing was something I noticed while you battled against the undead sorcerer’s”

“Observing? I see, I never noticed.”

“Of course, I can see everything, the thing I noticed, was when your allies arrived on the battlefield, your look still remained the same, I hated that the most, every living being be it human, elf, vampire or even god himself you look at them the same, the way you look at an ant, and the way you look at a person is the same not in terms of power or strength but by way of life and death, you know love yet you don’t love, you know hate yet you don’t hate, no matter who dies you won’t care, I doubt you are even afraid of death, Afterall you have never truly lived”