Chapter 0064{The Sword In The Stone}
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“You know, when a demon lectures you about life, one should realize something is wrong, but the thing is I am too young to think about the complicated stuff like that, and I also don’t bother too, so lets just not waste any more time, so, let’s just get to the point, how were you able to get here? Why are you here? “

“Of course, getting here was no big deal, as, for why I am here, I am here to purpose, a deal.”

“I just got scammed by a spirit, you think I will randomly make a deal again?”, Azrael frowned

“Well, from your actions, I have already understood, in this world, you are like a frog, in a well, to learn one must take risks that’s the way of life, but this time there is no risk at all, it important, so let’s form an alliance”, he exclaimed

With a scowl on my face, I replied, “Alliance, against what?”

He replied with a gentle smile, “Against humans, of course”, I was surprised after hearing that, after a moment of silence, “I am sorry, I think I misheard, against what, humans? You mean those weak creatures? You have an army of high elves and elves, alliance with the vampires, you are both a demon and the king of elves, and yet, you want to form an alliance against the humans, isn’t that an overkill?”

“Well, the humans are exactly not the problem, the problem is the demon king.”

“I see so, you want to alliance to kill the demon king.”

“No, there is no use in doing that he cannot be killed anyway, his purpose is to make the humans extinct.”

While grinding his teeth, Azrael replied,” Then what is it that you want?”

“I want to kill the humans before him.”

“But why, though? He is doing your work for you; you should just relax.”

After taking a sigh, he replied, “Like I said, a frog in the well, remember a few moments ago, you deduced yourself, that the power balance needs to be maintained.”


“In this world too, when different races were created, they were created in a way which maintained the power balance between them, the balance could not be broken by anyone from outside, even gods, but as various races grew in number, the balance was soon broken when two or more made an alliance and attacked the rest, in the beginning, there were a total of 12 species, but now only a few remain, because of the incident, it was known, those who were already in this world could do whatever they wanted in this world.”

“Oh, but how did you find out that the gods could not interfere?”

“Like once you said, I am not from this world when I was outside, I could not interfere with the activities inside here, but now that I am trapped here, I have no choice but to interfere, so I know others would not be able to interfere.”


“Yes, to me, this world is like a prison I have to survive in, but I am not alone. If this world is a prison, there are 6 prisoners, in this world, more outsiders appeared, you know the vampires, right? They were not included in the 12 races that were first created, but rather a separate race created by a single vampire, the demon, they were also the same, there was just a single demon in the beginning, but the one demon soon spread its number, I am different, I was a high elf, I did not have to create my own species, they already existed, taking the throne from their king was not so difficult, even the undead sorcerers are the same, most people only know they were the result of a failed experiment, but what they don’t know is, the skeleton the necromancer was researching on was also an outsider. Hence it was able to revolt.”

“So, how are humans even involved in this? Or is it one of them is also an outsider?”

“NO, that’s preciously the problem, humans have no outsiders, yet they survived till now, they are the only species that have not been associated with any outsiders.”

“Ho, they don’t look that strong.”

“They are not that strong but have you ever heard of the sword in the stone.”


“that sword is the very reason the humans survived, but the thing is most of them do not even know about it, the sword protected humans, along as they remained united, the demons, elf, or any other species would not be able to even go near them, but the humans soon separated, they spread far and wide, started war with each other’s, when that it happened, the sword then surrounded itself with stones, and entered a deep slumber, but even in its slumber, it protection remained, the land where the sword lied in, was protected, no other species were able to invade it, some humans noticed it, they were weak to go fight against other species, so they decided to make a small village near that sword, soon more and more people gather near the sword, one village then became two, two became three, after years it became a kingdom, the humans of other kingdom could not interfere with it, as they were already busy trying to survive in ongoing wars with different species, the kingdom was known as the Camelot Kingdom”

“What”, hearing that made me surprised in multiple ways, Camelot kingdom, it was the kingdom, where I had first met humans, it was also the kingdom where I became known as the divine doctor, many questions suddenly appeared in my head.