Chapter 0065{Time to waste?}
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Sometime later…………………………………

Leaving the spiritual world, I finally returned. in front Lazarus and crimson were just waiting, while sitting on the half-destroyed benches, in an undertone crimson said, “you finally returned, just how many hours does it take to have a simple conversation.”

“Well, it was not really simple.”

Lazarus asked, “So, did you get your memories back or whatever that you wanted?”

“No, I did not get my memories, but I did get some extra burdens, here both of you hold my hand we are going to the human kingdom.”

In an aloof way, Crimson said, “But why though?”

“I will explain when we reach there.”

The two of them held my hand, as I had previously already been to Camelot kingdom, I could directly teleport over there,

We arrived in front of the villa I had in the kingdom, graciously, I exclaimed, “Behold, this is my house.”

This private villa was built on 2000sqm of a cultivated tropical garden. The villa commands astounding views of the mountains

In an indifferent tone, both of them said, “It's cute.”

“That’s it, no more reaction.”

Both of them walked, I followed, we entered inside,

We entered the living room, the rooms included couch, chairs, tables, lamps and painting,

After relaxing for a while, we started discussing while sitting on the couch,

I was on the opposite side to them,

Taking a sigh, Lazarus said, “Ahh, the demon king.”


“And you want to protect the humans.”



“Because I am a nice guy.”

Rolling her eyes crimson said, “I will pretend I like I did not hear that”

“Well, it not exactly about protecting, like I said, there Is a sword within this kingdom, it a sword that chooses its wielder, I want to find the person, who can wield it.”

“But why?”

“Because that sword is the only thing that can kill the demon king.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Like I said, the demon told me.”

“And you trust the words of a demon.”

“No, but he said that while we made a deal, demons cannot lie on the terms on which they made a deal.”

“But still what if he is still lying?”

“Even if he is lying, what’s the loss? We will wait 5 months, after that time the demon king will arrive, if by then a person who can wield the sword arises, then good for us, he will kill the demon, if not and the demon king kill’s all the of humans. I will turn them into undead and kill the demons, as for the demon king if he really cannot be killed, then we will seal him, defeating him, shouldn’t be hard for the two of you, once he is defeated and down on his knees, that’s when I will arrive and seal him.”

“So, we will be the ones doing most of the work then”, Crimson replied

Lazarus asked, “Wait, but you said the sword protects the humans, so how is the demon king going to invade this kingdom.”

“Haven’t you noticed it yet? The protection the sword protected is no longer there. Just think about it, Crimson, a calamity dragon, entered here, without any consequences. So could you a vampire. According to the demon, his theory is, the sword is now preserving its strength, and waiting for someone to pick it up. The demon king woke up from his slumber when the protection of the sword ceased to exist. The neighbouring kingdom will be able to stand against him and buy 5 months’ worth of time for us. then this will be the only remaining kingdom with humans.”

“Then, why did we arrive here so soon, there are still 5 months left?”

“Like I said, there is someone I need to find, but also, living peacefully while also preparing them for 5 months sounds fun.”

With a direct eye, contact crimson asked, “Then what about your grand plan of traveling the world.”

“About that, I got bored. Also, my replica is too weak, we will continue our journey after doing two things first is killing the demon king, and second is killing the king of the elves.”

Lazarus asked, “So, we are going to live among the humans for 5 months.”


“We can do whatever right.”

“Yes, except the killing of course, what do you want to do?”

“Gambling, of course, it’s my hobby.”

Crimson asked Azrael, “What are you going to do?”

“I will meet the knights and make some connections, also I think I will take an apprentice.”

“What? Why?”

“Taking an apprentice is like a backup plan.”

“For what?”

“Say the humans do manage to live, and the demon king is successfully killed, then I plan to use the humans against the elves. I cannot become the king of humans myself, it too bothersome, I will need a king, I can easily control,  I plan to take one of the royal kids and make him my apprentice and later use him.”

Knock! Knock!

A sudden knock on the door was heard,

All there of us looked at the door for a second,

Crimson said, “Someone is knocking the door.”

“I can hear it.”

Lifting her eyebrows, she said, “Don’t you need to open it?”

With an appealing tone, I asked, “Lazarus, would you mind opening the door and seeing who is there.”

“Why should I do that? It’s your house, open the door yourself.”

Knock! Knock!

“Come on, you two are older than me, you should help the young.”

“The young should learn to walk on their own footstep, the door is right there just walk or teleport and open it”, Lazarus replied

Crimson asked, “You have someone you know here.”

“No, but the people know me, there is no one I particularly know closely.”

“Then who is it that knocking the door.”

“I don’t know I can sense around 5 people over there.”

“Should we just ignore it?”

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

“It’s getting louder.”

“Ok, ok, I will go”. I hesitantly said

I opened the door, there were 5 guards, all of them wearing typical knight clothes and armor,

All, of them, glared at me, with little veins popping out of their head, maybe it was because I made them wait too long, but they were the ones who came here uninvited,

One of them took out a scroll and opened it and said, “An imperial edict was given, you have been invited to join the royal discussion.”