Chapter 0066{Discussion in the Roundtable}
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“Nice an imperial edict, I refuse.”

The expression of the knights turned sour, “What?”


The door was suddenly closed,

I turned back, Lazarus asked, “Wasn’t that, treason?”

With a grim expression, I replied, “What treason? The timing was awfully suspicious, we just arrived here minutes ago, and they come here, disturbing my peaceful time, disturbing me is a greater sin than treason.”

Knock! Knock! (In the background)

Lazarus asked, “Wouldn’t refusing just make the matter worse?”

Knock! Knock! (In the background)

In a confident tone, I replied, “Nope, what can they do? Everyone knows the rise of the demon king, and in such times, healers are highly needed, and I have already proved myself to be one of the best, they should rather be begging on their knees, and asking for my support.”

Knock! Knock! (In the background)

“Can’t you do something about that noise, it really irritating”, Crimson frowned

After thinking for a while, “Ahh, whatever I will go”, I again turned back

While waving her hands, Crimson said, “Good luck, try not to kill anyone.”

I opened the door, in front, knights were glaring at me, with their veins popping out of their forehead, they shouted, “How dare you refuse and shut us out?”

“Calm down people, I was simply joking, let’s go, I accept the invitation.”

Ignoring their words, I simply walked forward,

“Hey, stop right there, you think this is a joke”, the knight’s kept on mumbling, 

I arrived in front of the palace, most recognized me, so I was able to enter pretty easily,

One of the knights grabbed my shoulder “Hey, wait, you cannot just barge in there, I will guide you.”

“Whatever, Very well.”

We arrived in front of a room, I could not hear any noise coming from inside, the room was soundproof,

The knight beside me was trying to maintain his posture, clothes, and breathing, he was hesitating to knock,

Seeing his actions, I figured some big shots must be inside, but his hesitation irritated me,   


Without knocking I directly opened the door,

The knight beside me panicked, “Why did you do that, you fool?”

I walked inside without hesitation,

There we 9 people in the room and a round table was in front,

Out of the 9 I recognized only two of them, one was the prince who was in charge of this discussion, and next was one of the head knights whose wife I had saved,

With a pragmatic tone, I said, “Hello, everyone, I received an invitation, so is it alright if I joined you?”

One of them, stood up, with a red face, muscular body, Viking like look, he glared at me, and spoke, “You, think you could just barge in here, without even knocking, just because you received an invitation.”

With an indifferent expression, I replied, “Of course.”

“How dare you?” he shouted and tried to rush toward me, for some unknown reason, but a loud voice was suddenly heard, “Enough, Triston, calm down and get back to your seat, Azrael maintain some decency, guards arrange a chair for him”, he commended

“Oh, there is no need for that”, I gently replied,

Using the wood inside my spatial dimension, I created a chair,

Others saw it as like the chair was created out of thin air,

In one end of the round table, there was the prince, while in the next end I was there,

“Now let’s continue, the army of the demon king is spreading in a rapid rate, the neighbouring kingdoms are asking for help, but we refused them, as it would only delay the inevitable, considering the number of kingdoms in front of us, the army of demon king should arrive here in around half a year, we need to prepare, if anyone has suggestions, they may speak.”

 “I have few suggestions”, one the knights spoke, his name was Lancelot, “New knights and mage are being recruited every day, but to further the number of troops we have, we should stop the adventures from leaving the kingdom, especially the S class and A class, they would greatly benefit us.”

“I see, I think that would be effective, anyone else”, the prince asked

“Yes, I have few”, next was a young-looking woman, she was wearing a typical black robe, modelled by the sorcerers, and a black hat, she had a seductive look and a persuasive tone, “The number of new mages, joining the wizard tower is increasing day by day, but mostly they are low-end mages, to improve them from a mage to a wizard, and then talented wizards to a sorcerer’s it requires tremendous resources, so I request extra funding.”


One of the knight’s punched the table after hearing that, he had a slender body, and a powerful presence, in anguish he replied, “You witch, you dare still demand funding, most of the resources of the empire are being wasted by your wizards' tower, and you still have the face to ask for more, what results have you brought, knights academy produces excellent knights every year, but what has your wizards tower ever done, all you have are useless mages, less than 10000 wizards and barely 1000 sorcerer’s”

Taking a sigh inward and maintain a high look inwards she replied, “Yes, we might be low in number, but the arch wizards and arch sorcerers are the pillars of this kingdom along with the knight’s, and if not for us wizards, you knights would be dead long ago.”

“You bitch”

“You dare call me a bitch, you useless knight.”

“How dare you, bitch? I dare you to face me head-on.”

“A brute knight like you doesn’t even deserve to stay in the same room as me.”

Suddenly the knight’s and sorcerers started arguing,