Chapter 0067{4 Royal Children}
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Taking a sigh inward, the prince commanded, “Silence.”

Everyone calmed down and took their seats, he spoke, “Right now, we don’t have time for arguments, knights, wizards, adventures, all of them are precious soldiers of our kingdom, only if we move as one, can we win this war, we don’t have much time, there would be no further increase in provided resources, it will be distributed equally.”

Most were disappointed, but this was the expected outcome,

There was an old guy, standing behind the prince, he was most likely the counselor, he wore a black and gold rode, and gold innerwear, he whispered in the prince’s ear.

He listened to the councilor while closing his eyes, “I see”,

With a grim expression, he said, “I take back the order about distributing the resources equally, rather most would be distributed towards the blacksmiths and craftsmen.”

Most were taken back by this decision, some started to object,

In a commanding tone, the prince replied, “The time is short, even if we recruit more troops, there won’t be enough time to train them, our kingdom has stood tall for so many years because of the protection we had, but now it is gone, we have tall walls, but they are not durable, we have weapons in high quantity, but they lack in quality, so, most of the resources would be invested in the reinforcement of the city defences, and improving the quality of weapons.”

The seductive women spoke again, “Well, that sounds reasonable, but what about the mana stones? only with a large number of mana stones can we mass-produce weapons and armors, if you want to reinforce the walls, using the mana stones, then there won’t be much left to make a wizards cane or a knight’s sword.”

The prince had a grim face, “Yes, we have no choice but to compromise, many parties were sent to search to for magical ores, but to no avail, also the reinforcing of the wall, there is no telling how long that would take, sigh, we have too many problems at hand.”

Well, one thing I could clearly see was they had no chance of survival unless,

“How about I lend you a hand”, I politely spoke

The gazes suddenly turned towards me, I could see they did not have much expectation from a healer, at least with the current situation,

“Oh, and what can you do?”, asked Lancelot with narrow eyes

I said proudly, “The walls, I could reinforce it without the help of any mana stones.”

With a sarcastic tone, Triston said, “Of course you could reinforce the walls without mana stones, but then we later find out, even a goblin could break the wall with a single finger, would that not be hilarious.”

I smiled and replied, “I see, you like to look down on people, then how about this”

I touched the roundtable with my hand, and planted magic encryption,

 “I just reinforced this table, I wonder if you would be able to break it, Afterall even a goblin should be able to break it.”

“it’s magic encryption, as for what it does, hmm”, the women spoke

 “You brat, you dare think I won’t be able to break it”, Triston spoke with confidence, opened his fist wide, and raised his palm

The women realized, “I see this encryption, wait, don’t……”


He slammed the table with high force, suddenly,


His hand got thrown back, his entire body was blown back, and he crash-landed on the ground,

The rest were puzzled, but,

“The magic encryption, allows the object to absorb physical force and repel it”, the women exclaimed.

I replied, “Exactly, aren’t you quite knowledgeable?”

“Oh, no it took me some time to figure it out, but this encryption, only repels physical force, magical power would be able to break it, how do you plan on solving the problem”, the women asked with a quizzical smile.

“The encryption I just used was just a normal spell I used to prove a point; I have different plans for the wall, so how about it?”

“you bastard”, Triston stood up with bulging eyes, and popping veins from his forehead, “I challenge you to a duel.”

“Really? A knight challenging a healer, I see you must have no pride”, I replied sarcastically

 The rest smiled quietly, Triston gritted his teeth and quietly sat down, unable to act any further.

“The kingdom already owes you, so this time, I shall trust you with the reinforcement of the walls, your contribution shall be remembered”, the prince replied

“But it is peculiar, a healer being able to perform magic encryption”, the women asked

“Well, I am not exactly a healer, I am more of a sorcerer, and you seem to misunderstand, I am not exactly reinforcing the walls for free, I except a compensation”, I replied

The atmosphere changed again for some reason,

“The future of entire mankind is on the line, in such time, everyone should cooperate, help each other, we don’t even know if we will survive and you still think about gaining profits?”, the prince asked

“Humph, truly shameless”, Triston whispered

“What? even if I die, I rather die rich, besides this time I won’t ask for any treasures or wealth.”

“oh, then what is it that you want?”, the prince asked in a keen tone

“4 royal children, that’s all I ask for”, I gently replied

“What?”, everyone started whispering

“You think children are tools that could be traded, and what exactly do you plan on doing with them?”, asked a knight in a pragmatic tone

“Oh, don’t worry I won’t harm anyone of them, I will simply take them as my disciples”, I replied with a gentle smile