Chapter 0069{Honor of A Knight}
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“Well, now that’s disappointing.”

I jumped down to the ground,

“I told you it's useless.”

I looked at the prince and asked him, “You know I have a question, why is the existence of the sword hidden?”


With a sharp gaze, “I always wondered, why even hide the existence of the sword? Well now that its protection is gone, it's pointless, but before, when the sword was still active, why hide its existence? From the way I see it, for the kingdom it would have been more advantageous to reveal its existence at least within the kingdom, and next thing why were there never any candidates selected for lifting the sword? If you choose people from within the kingdom and let them try to lift the sword, then in all these years there would be a high probability that someone would have lifted the sword, then why?”

He hesitated but replied after a moment of silence, “There were candidates, when a prince is about to ascend in the position of the king then he is granted the permission to try and lift the sword, but none of the kings succeeded till now.”

“Only the king? Why not others? Oh, wait I see, the reason this kingdom formed was because of the sword, so if anyone other then the king lifted the sword, especially nobles or commoners then he would guess I wasted my time thinking about it, in the end, it was simply human’s foolishness, whatever, I will get going”, I replied

“Eh? Where are you going?”, the prince asked

Looking back, I answered, “To meet the king, of course.”

With a panicked expression, he replied, “Wait, you can’t meet him.”

“But why?” I asked

He hurriedly replied, “Umm, He is sick and currently resting.”

“Then I should definitely meet him, I am a doctor after all.”

“No, you can’t.”

Taking a sigh, I replied, “Very well, then, the competition you might want to arrange it.”

The prince relaxed, “Very well.”

I disappeared within the shadows,

And returned to my peaceful house,

Next day,

The letter of challenge had arrived,

“Hehe, interesting.”

The location was in the knight’s academy,

It was a giant sparing ring, there were even audience, most of the audience were students and some officials,

This incident had spread throughout the kingdom,

Someone had just challenged, one of the head knights,

Students were whispering,

“Hehe, did you hear, someone, challenged teacher?”

“Really who?”

“I do not know who I hope he wins, I mean I hate the arrogance teacher has, he is too strict, I was just waiting to grow up and beat him myself.”

“Yaa, yaa me too, I don’t like him too, he took away all our freedom, only says to train, I hope he gets beaten.”

Most of the students expressed hatred towards the head knight present in the middle of the stage,

This was relatively common,

Knights training was hard, and most present were nobles, spoiled by their parents until age 12 they were spoiled, but after joining the knight’s academy, they would face harsh treatment,

The treatment was not bad or discriminating if a commoner or a slave had entered the academy, he would appreciate the treatment provided in there as it would be way better then their previous environment, but it was the opposite for royals and nobles,

Only after learning about the value of power and knowledge, they would start respecting their teachers, but right now they were simply arrogant teens,

“Look, the challenger arrived.”

“Wow, he arrived”

The audience started cheering,

“Isn’t that guy handsome?”

“he is good looking, but he doesn’t look strong.”

“Yeh, I don’t think he will win.”

“What a disappointment!”

“But haven’t we seen him somewhere before.”

“I feel the same, I feel like I have seen him before.”

The whispering continued,

With his sword point towards the ground, the head knight was standing tall in the ground

He had a muscular build,

He was not wearing any armor, just light black clothes

He had green eyes and white hair

Neither arrogance nor hatred he stood there merely for the honor of a knight,

Azrael arrived in the battlefield

The head knight stood there and looked at him, with a voice that represented gratitude, he spoke, “I see, so, you are the Divine Doctor.”

The audience again started whispering,

“Wait, divine doctor, yes I remember, he went around the kingdom healing people.”

“Yes, he healed my parents, I finally remember.”

“Wow, so that’s the divine doctor.”

“But why did he challenge the head knight? Isn’t he a doctor?”

“Yes, why would a healer challenge a knight?”

The head knight spoke, “You once saved this kingdom, I am grateful for that, you even made contributions for this kingdom, I understand the reason, you challenged me, but as a knight how can I let my apprentice’s get snatched by someone else? Where would my honor be if I let that happened? But I would also not want to limit the growth of my apprentices because of my honor, so if you beat me right now, then I would believe that you would be able to give them a future better than the one I would give them, So, now let us clash swords.”

“Nice, now I feel bad that I am going to snatch your apprentice.”

The head knight thew a sword towards me,

“Eh? A wooden sword”, I was surprised

“Yes, a wooden sword, if I fought seriously with a healer, then that itself would indicate the fact that I was defeated, we will fight using wooden swords, I won’t use sword aura or awakening, if you manage to break my sword or injure me then you win”, the head knight exclaimed

“Hehe, How interesting.”