Chapter 0071{Captive Stone}
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The 8 Magic towers, said to have endless floors, is mostly made up of illusion magic,

From the outside, it looks like there is no end to its reach, but that’s just an illusion

The towers are all connected through high-level spatial magic, the spell was made by ancient humans,

The 8 towers all work together to use and combine 8 types of different magic to form an octagonal barrier that surrounds the kingdom,

Its area was around 20M square kilometer, that was also the size of Camelot kingdom, it was a kingdom that occupied a large area, the population was relatively small compared to the kingdom’s length, with the population of around 100 million,

Even tiny houses have vast gardens,

The people of this kingdom had participated in a war before, but no other kingdom was ever able to enter through the borders,

It was a relatively peaceful kingdom,

“Now time to find the right tower”,

Well, the guards gave me a letter of invitation from the sorcerer’s, but why could it just not be a simple invitation?

Along with the invitation, there was a gem, and the thing written on the invitation was, solve the mysteries behind the gem and find the correct tower,

It was an artificially made gem,

“I see, so they wanted to buy some time, by wasting my time”, Azrael whispered to himself

“Too bad for them, it's not going to work."

"Since it’s not a living being.”


Captive Stone

Type: Magic Gem

Class: Discovery

Tier: Rare

An artificially created magic gem, made up using various other class gems such as frost, wind, shadow, to make it difficult to trace its attribute and use, also encrypted with over 1000 small different magic encryption,

After decrypting the spells, one would be able to use the stone

A set of two stones, Owner stone, and Captive stone

Owner: Fiona Jades

Captive: N/A

Special Ability: Tracing the location of the owner and captive, works both ways

“Hehe, what a gem they made, to use it, one would have to decrypt the spells engraved on it, pass through the illusions, and then find out its function. Once they use it, they would be registered as captive, only after being a captive, one would be able to sense the location of the owner.”

“I see they wanted me to be a captive, then find out the location of the owner and go to their tower, too bad for them, since I know the owner's name, finding the tower won’t be hard, Humm, Fiona Jades, If I remember correctly, I once read most of the books in this kingdom’s library, she was the owner of the tower of fire, well then, that’s was easy, time to head over there.”

In the Tower of Fire,

“Miss, why did you send such an invitation? Do you think he has a chance against you? And besides wasn’t the competition against a normal sorcerer, so, why are you competing with him instead?”, A witch asked,

It was a vast room, 2 people were inside the room, one was an assistant witch, she was wearing a black robe and round glasses, next was the owner of the tower, she was a 200-year old woman, yet her face and body had the appearance of a person in their mid-20s, she was wearing a red robe, white innerwear, leather boots, and a middle-sized cane,

In front of them was a gigantic white core, the rest of the room was empty, the two present in the room were inspecting the core

“You should ask only one question at once, I sent the gem with the invitation to test his abilities, and for a sorcerer, their preparation is everything for them, we are not knights or warriors that charge straight into a battle, we prepare, take precaution, study, and never underestimate an opponent, he healed nearly half the population once, and also was somehow able to sneak inside the palace and meet with the prince and the king, I was present in the palace at that moment yet I could not detect him, so, this time I will face him completely prepared, while he tries to solve and the find out about the gem, I will prepare a competition impossible for him to win”, Fiona replied with an optimistic expression

“I see, the miss is wise but have you thought of what kind of challenge you will prepare”, the assistant witch asked

“No, not yet, but there is no need to hurry, he should not even know what that stone does, besides there are nearly 1000 different encryptions uniquely created in this tower, each of the encryption is unique, and there is also illusion magic engraved in most of them, solving them all and being able to use it should take him at least 10 days, I will prepare in the meantime, Carlos was naïve, so he lost, I will win and make him answer all the questions I have about him”, Fiona exclaimed in a Narcissistic tone,

Both of them left the room, continued their work for a while,

Knock! Knock!

“Strange, I ordered not to disturb us, unless it was an emergency”, Fiona said silently

The assistant witch ran towards the door and opened it,

The male sorcerer had arrived with a notice,

“Why are you here?”, Fiona asked

With a scared expression he replied, “Miss, the divine doctor has arrived in our tower, and he said he wants to meet you, I refused him politely because of his reputation, saying you were busy, but he had an invitation with your signature on it, so, I thought I would inform you.”

Fiona’s eyes suddenly expanded, she did not know what to make of this situation, her expectations had now been completely overthrown. She took out the owner stone from her ring, she could not feel the captive’s location, meaning it had not been used yet,

“Then, how? Just how did he find out where I was?”