Chapter 0072{3 Trials}
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She started to think of many possibilities,

Without using the stone, but how? The only following way is to go through all the towers and show the invitation until he finds the tower where the invitation is valid, but that should consume even more time, there are 8 towers in total, and each of them is very far from each another. Did he go through all the towers with the invitations? No, if he did that it would even consume even more of his time, the kingdom is enormous and, traveling from just a single tower to another should take weeks on a carriage, even if he ran, and was lucky enough to find the correct in his first try it’s still too early  it has not even been a day, I just watched his match with Carlos a few minutes ago using magic,

Unable to reach a conclusion she decided to meet the person,

The tower’s owner could go anywhere in an instant within the tower,

From the room, her body faded away like a disappearing light, and reached the bottom floor,

The bottom floor was filled with mages,

Tower Owners would barely leave their floor and go to lower floors, so when she arrived everyone was astonished, her face was not widely recognized, but her supreme presence and the mana she was emitting gave her identity away,

 She sensed his presence and went towards the guest room inside the tower,

It was a normal-sized oblong room, the décor was old-fashioned, the color was white, there were no windows, there were two sofas opposite to each other, a tea table, floor lamp, anime skin rug, and bookshelves,

In one of the couch, Azrael was seated, one hand on his face, one hand holding a book, he was sitting comfortably,

She opened the door and stood on the spot for a moment while looking at him,

“Won’t you take a seat? my lady”, Azreal gently asked while slightly turning his head back and looking at her

Her breathing was not steady she hastily asked, “How did you arrive here so quickly?”, she asked standing

Azreal continued to read the book he was reading, and politely said, “I will ask again, Won’t you take a seat? my lady “

She remembered the position she was in and regained her composure, her face now had a blank expression,

She took the seat, sitting opposite to him, there was a table separating them,

This time with calm composure, she gently asked, “So then, how did you reach here this quickly?”

Azreal closed the book he was holding, maintain a sharp gaze, he answered with a smile, “I believe I am not obligated to answer your question, I simply came here to compete with you, so I would like a begin the competition and not have further meaningless conversations”,   

Seeing him smile pissed her off, she gritted her teeth, she had not made any prior preparations, but still being a tower’s owner there was a hint of arrogance and confidence,   

“Very well, we will compete but remember if you lose, you would have to answer all of my question’s, like the mystery behind your healing ability, or the fact that you were able to enter inside this kingdom without being detected by the barrier”, she said with a smug face  

“You misunderstand, whether I win or lose, it has nothing to do with you, I made a deal with the prince, not you, even if I lose I could simply choose to walk away, but very well, taking pity on you, I offer a deal, if I lose, I will answer all of your questions, but if I win, you will answer all of my questions, information for information, sounds fair right?”, Azrael replied politely

Sensing how little control she had over the situation she felt frustrated, but this was good for her, as long as she won she would easily get all of the answers

She agreed without hesitation, “I agree”, she spoke with confidence,

She snapped her fingers, both the sofas and the table were teleported to another room,

She could not use spatial magic freely neither could any living humans right now, but spatial magic was imbued within the tower by ancient humans, so a tower owner could freely use spatial magic within the tower

“A sorcerer’s ability simply doesn’t lie on strength, it lies on their creativity and skillful ways of using their mana, the challenge is simple, both of us will have 3 mana stones, all three of them will possess an equal amount of mana, there will be 3 challenges in front of us, only by using the mana within the stone we would be allowed to solve the crisis, this method is used to determine skill gap between the users, the one who has superior quality spell will be able to solve the problem without much mana use, the one who solves all three of the challenges with the least amount of mana used will be the winner”, Fiona explained

“Well, it seems simple, then let’s being without much hurry shall we”, Azreal replied

Hearing those words, her eyes lit up, “He agreed so easily, is he a fool?” she thought

She was happy that he accepted this competition; usually, no one would agree to compete under such conditions, she knew what the challenges would be beforehand as she was the one who arranged it, having such knowledge, she knew the most effective ways to solve the problems while he knew nothing about it, this was unfair competition, as an exam but one of the students already knew the questions beforehand,

She wanted to buy some time to make the challenges even harder, but now she had to make do she had,

There was little hope the opposing party would agree to compete under such conditions, she had planned to argue for a while and pretend to give him some advantages, but unexpectedly he agreed without much hesitation,

“Yes, then let me show you the problems”, she spoke confidently