Chapter 0074{And how exactly did I cheat?}
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After saying that Azrael sat back on the sofa and began to relax, he started to read the book he was carrying.

The woman was confused,

“Why are you not doing anything? And why did you pour your blood in the pool?”, she asked but got no reply

“Humph, did you decide to give up?”

“I did actually, but still, I won't lose.”, I replied

She looked in the pool. The blood Azrael had poured now looked non-existent as it thoroughly mixed with water and disappeared

What did he do? She asked to herself.

Should I try and catch a fish? No, what if that was an act to make me reveal the method? Right, he could not do anything, so he gave up? Yes, that’s it, No it cannot be that simple. I will wait for an hour

Her thoughts were jumbled, but she decided to take no risks.

Time passed

Seeing Azrael relaxed, she got more anxious.

The time was being measured by an hourglass.

Now, only a few minutes were left,

She decided to act,

The plan she used to catch the fish was simple. She created those mutated fish. While making them, she used certain chemicals to make them addicted. When they came in contact with the chemicals, they would react. And from the reaction of the fish, they would be separated. Then using water magic, she would catch them

This way, she would not have to waste any mana to use investigation magic while her opponent would give to use some kind of identification spell to separate them.

She soaked her hand in the water. Her clothes contained the chemicals. From her hands, the colorless chemicals spread. Their opponent would not be able to notice the chemical spreading as it was colorless.

When in contact with the chemical, the skin of the mutated would temporarily change from gold to reddish. However, there were 1000’s of fish. Out of them, only 10 would have a colored change. So, Fiona’s opponent who would not be using any mana would not be able to see them while on the other hand, she being a tower master could use the tower’s mana,

Previously when Azrael was pouring his blood, she did not use any mana to enhance her sight since there was a chance she could be exposed. Hence she did not notice some of the fish had turned into dust

But now Azrael was not even looking at her. So she used the tower’s mana to enhance her sight and looked throughout the pond.

She planned to used the rock’s mana to catch the fish to avoid any suspicion.

But to her surprise, she could not spot any reddish fish

“What? Why did not any one of them react?”

She looked back and noticed Azreal was not even looking behind, She secretly took out a small bottle of portion and poured it into the ocean.

The amount of the chemical increased within the pool, but the fish still did not react.

Now, she did not even care about being exposed and enhanced her eyesight to the maximum. Her eyes began to brightly glow like a sun.

Naturally doing this would mean her opponent would find out she was using the tower’s mana. As such a high-level enhancement could not be used just by using a regular mana stone, but she had gotten too anxious.

Now, she could spot the internal difference between the standard and mutated fish.

Thus she realized,” There are none, there are only regular fish here”, she panicked

“Don’t tell me? Did he already catch all of the fish?”

“No, I was there, there were no fish in his hand.”

“Then, where did they go to?”, she whispered

The hour had passed.

“You what did you do to the fish?”, she asked furiously

“Oh! What do you mean? I have not done anything”, Azrael replied

“Don’t lie? There are no mutated fish in the pool, where in the did they disappeared to?”, she demanded an answer

“And how do you know there are no fish ?”, Azrael asked

“How? I searched for them, there were none.”

“I see, but all of your’s mana stones are still in the table, so how exactly did you search for them?”, Azrael asked


“Without the stones, you could not have used mana, but how is it that I could see your eyes shining and emitting such fierce magic?”, Azrael asked with a sharp gaze

“Humph, I used the tower magic’s after finding out you cheated, I used it to expose you”, she tried to use the situation against him

“Ho! And how exactly did I cheat?”, Azrael asked optimistically

But the problem was she had no idea what happened to the fish. If Azrael has used any sort of magic within the tower, she would have found out about it. But he had not used any magic. To take control, she had to prove Azrael had used magic without the use of the stone. As he was the one who cheated first, she could then have the right to claim she used the tower’s magic to expose him. But if he did not, then it would be only her who used magic that defied the rule

She began to think intensely, then she remembered he had sliced his wrist.

“Hehe, no matter the person but if a cut on a wrist is left untreated, then he would certainly die, you even spilled most of your blood in the water. Hence you used healing magic to treat your wound, but your mana stone is still of the same size. So then how would you explain it?”, she asked thinking she had gained a card

“Oh, I used this”, he showed a small potion bottle to her,” It’s a healing potion.”

She recognized it, “Wait, that’s mine, how did you get your hand on it?. You used magic, did not you?.”

“Of course not, not everything needs to be done with magic, I call it sleight of hand, in other words, I simply stole it from your robe when we walked towards the pool together, it was before the competition even began so, I don’t think it could be considered cheating.”, Azrael replied

She was puzzled