Chapter 0075{Lilac Cane of Bloom}
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“I never cheated, but you broke the rules, so, do you have any more excuses?”, I asked

Her face reddened with anger,” Very well, I admit I broke the rules, so I will compensate, I will provide you with the number of stones that would have been required to perform such a spell, how about it? you would have the advantage in the rest of the two tests?”

“Sigh, you still do not seem to understand, you just cheated, why should I even bother competing anymore? You already lost, just admit it”, I replied

“I lost?” She completely lost her composure. When suddenly she thought of an idea, her eyes widened, “No, I did not fail, the competition was about who catches the most mutated fish, but it seems there were no fish in the pool, the tower’s staff must have forgotten to keep any fish in the pool. So this competition thus becomes invalid.”

“Really? You know there is a limit to how much shameless a person can be? Sigh, There were fish present in the pool, and I was the one who killed them, so, don’t try to deny your cheating.”, I replied with an indifferent tone

“Ha, you killed the fish means you must have used magic, see, you cheated you lost”, She replied with a low, sinister smile

Yep, totally saw that coming.

“Again, it’s not always about magic, you see my blood is a like an antibacterial, but for the mutated organism, that’s it”, I replied

“Eh? What kind of nonsense is that?”, she frowned, “You expect me to believe it.”

“Why not? I can prove it if you want.”, I exclaimed with confidence

No matter how much she tried to deny it, it would not work. When she looked at the facts that could be the only possibility. In her eyes, Azrael had taken the pill, so there was a very low possibility of him using Magic. There was no way the pool lacked any mutated fish.

But she had not given up yet.

“Very well”, she stretched her hand in front. Light began to gather in front of her hand.

A bright gold cane with a purple gem on its head appeared in front of her hand. “I admit defeat on the first challenge, but to keeping the competition going, I bet this cane. It’s an epic-tier weapon. Only a few weapons of such high class are available within the kingdom. So, How about it.”, Fiona asked


Lilac Cane of Bloom

Type: Sorcerer’s Cane

Tier: Epic

A cane made around 300 years. It was created by a human by sacrificing his kin. Possess the spirit of the creator. Powered by a purple mana stone, it can increase the user’s affinity towards the elements. Can only possess one owner. Once the owner is recognized. It remains the same until the owner dies.

Owner: Fiona Jades

Speciality: 100% Magic Amplification, Increases affinity towards Blood Magic and Curse Magic

“I see, that’s a nice cane you have there, Very well I accept.”

The Magic Amplification should help with my low mana capacity. Well, It can have only one owner, and I can tell she doesn’t plan on giving it to me even if I win. It should not be a problem if she is dead.

Let's see, killing her within this tower is very difficult.

I don’t have to worry about the witness if the other tower owners were indeed watching then she would not have dared to cheat. The competition between the tower master’s is well known

The member’s of the tower do know I am competing with her if she dies the suspicion would be placed on me,

So, I would need to kill her silently and then revive her without anyone knowing,

No inside this tower she is no less than a god I need to get her out, somehow

Let's just see whether I get any more chances in the further tests

“But this time it will be different, both of us won’t hold back, we will compete like real sorcerer’s”, Fiona exclaimed and threw a pill towards Azrael.

“Eat it, your Magic will begin to flow again, I will show you the difference between you and me.”, she exclaimed confidently

Again, she snapped her fingers

The room changed

It was a dark room

There were two cylindrical white pillars. On top of one pillar was Azreal and on top of another was Fiona

There was a 30-metre gap between the pillars. The diameter of the pillar was around 2 meters

“The challenge is simple, you just have to make sure you don’t fall off the cliff, I will use my abilities as a sorcerer, not as a tower master, So, there is a chance even I might fall off. The one who remains standing win ”, she explained

“But what if both of us never fall off? The test would never end.”, I asked

“I assure you, it that won't’ happen.”, Fiona replied with a quiet smile


Hearing the sound of the water, I looked down

The room was being filled with water.

That too, at an extreme rate.

Suddenly the water reached their level

It was not just simple water.

It was not colourless; instead, it was transparent blue.

The water level rose above their head

The water had extreme viscosity level and Pressure.

It was trying to blow me off the ground

I managed to remain in the pillar by using gravity magic and increasing my weight by more than 50 times.

The water began to form a whirlwind.

Pressure increased again.

Gravity magic uses too much Magic. I formed a spherical air barrier around me

Using a combination of Air magic and Water Magic I was maintaining my posture/

I looked at her. Even in the dark, I could see; clearly, She was using the same techniques as me. She had also formed an Air Barrier around her

I could see her lips moving, she was speaking silently, I could not hear her, but I read her lips; she was saying, “It has just begun.”