Chapter 0076{Trap}
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Splash! Splash!

I felt a sudden change in the water's movement.

The pillars began to shake

I was safe from the water pressure, but the entire Piller was not.

The pressure outside my air barrier and the pressure inside my barrier were constantly clashing.

I crouched down and touched the surface with both hands.

[Initiating Water Golem Creation]

The spirally rotating water slowed down

I lifted the air barrier since the pressure had now decreased. My legs were partially attached to the surface. Hence I could stand properly.

I could not afford to spend much mana on golem creation. The pillar I was standing on had now turned into a half golem. It had no consciousness. Its shape was still the same.

But it could now adapt underwater. The plain white pillar began to change its color. The surface hardened. The pillar started to absorb water. It's internal and external structure began to change.

Now from outside, it had a rough grey surface, which was surrounded by spiral blue water from the inside.

At the same time….

The water pressure had affected Fiona too.

She took out a cane from inside her ring. The staff was made of a golden metal-like substance, and in the middle, there was a bright blue gem.

"Blessing of the water."

The pillar she was standing on began to emit white light. She was more of a fire witch, so the underwater atmosphere did limit some of her abilities.

The room they were in was a trial room created by ancient humans

Even if it did not suit her, she chose this room because the advantages outway the struggles.

When the ancient humans created the towers, they engraved some rules on it.

For a candidate to be a tower master, they would have to pass through various trials. After passing through them, they would be able to be a tower master.

However, humans being humans, the rules were not fair for everyone.

The 8 different towers were made by 8 ancient sorcerers.

The rivalry between the sorcerers was prevalent.

No matter how powerful they were, they knew they could not escape from their own demise.

So, they decided to leave the towers for future generations.

But if someone unworthy became a tower master, they would degrade the tower without a doubt.

No sorcerer wanted to have their creation destroyed by someone else, be it even their own kin or descendants

So, the trials were harsh.

But it was also the time when humans believed in unity and equality. It was because of the constant war with other species.

The king of the kingdom was benevolent.

He had ordered the sorcerers to leave their heritage in such a way that only the one who possesses enough skills would be able to inherit it, not just their bloodline.

Hence, after a tower master dies, a series of trials would be held inside that tower designed by ancients humans

But the ancient sorcerer's were stubborn.

If they left the trials to just skills, then there was a chance someone from their rivals' bloodline might inherit their tower.

That would mean all of their research, treasury, and weapon would benefit someone else rather than his/her own descendants.

How could they let this happen?

They made the trials in a way that would benefit their own bloodline

Anyone would be able to participate in the trials.

Once the participants enter the tower, the investigative spells placed on it would begin to take effect.

It would analyze their strength and weakness.

It would seem like the trials would be random for most people, and they could only blame their own luck for failure, but the tower would give the prosecution that would eliminate most people based on bloodline.

The room they were in was one of the trial rooms.

Fiona was one of the descendants of ancient humans, while Azrael was not.

The trial was made to eliminate Azrael, as he would have to confront his weakness while Fiona would simply have to endure the conditions.

Fiona was a fire witch, but still being a sorcerer, she had control over all elements and grasped various spells.

Remaining underwater was not difficult for her to do, and after blessing the tower, she was safe.


When Azrael created a water golem, the water golem gained control over the water around it.

The tower noticed it,


I was surrounded by water; there was little to no pressure.

Using golem, I decreased the water pressure, but being a half golem, it should not have enough control to completely stop the rotating water

Underwater I cannot breathe.

He started to feel cold.

Extremely cold

The temperature inside the water was gradually dropping

I did not panic as it was not too big of a problem.

"Blessing of the fir…….", suddenly my legs gave out, and I fell on the surface.


My hands began to shake.

Slowly my whole body began to shake.

I realized I could not use any spells

I felt an indescribable feeling from inside that urged me to get out of water.

My body started to shiver

His body was made from the cells of a human and a high elf.

Humans fear many things.

The human Azrael used to make a replica has an extreme fear of water.

The high elf used to make the replica had frozen to death. Trapped under an extreme ice spell. He had been frozen under the ice for years until his will gave out and died

When a person creates a replica, he gains both the strengths and weaknesses of a replica.

Unknown to Azrael, the drawbacks were slowly taking effect.

Found out by the tower, now he was trapped

Also, since he separated the fruit from the replica, the replica was no longer immortal.

Underwater, there was no way to breathe.

His body was reaching its limit.