Vol. 4 – Chapter 49
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***(Graeval's POV)***

A large number of carriages had been assembled in front of the academy, able to carry four or even six people. Compared to the carriages that were usually used by the nobles, these were more spartan and did not have any kind of heraldry or particular decoration. Well, it makes sense since they will be used to transport students to the city of Ila Serine, the destination of the educational trip.

"Ready to go?" I asked

"Sure! I can't wait to find out what this trip has in store." Bassilla said cheerfully

"I see." I stated and then turned to Ishgat “I remind you that she is in your care. Don’t do anything stupid."

"......You have very little faith in me, huh?"

"I remind you that if something happens to her, we will both have to answer for it, you more than me."


"Because not only will you get a reprimand from the royal family... but also from me, and I assure you, it will not be pleasant at all."

"*Gulp!* I-I'll be careful."

"The way you greet your superiors is rather... direct we can say."

When I shifted my gaze, I saw Arryn approach us with an expression that was a mixture of amused and renounces.

"Only with some, I am so 'direct' as you say, Lady Lianelis." I stated with a slight bow

"Fufufu. I imagine." she stated and then turned to Bassilla and Ishgat "The carriage is ready if you want to follow me."

"Thank you so much. So..." Bassilla began and then turned to me "we are leaving."

"All right. Have a safe trip....... Oh! And before I forget..." I exclaimed taking a wicker basket that I had by my side "in case you get hungry during the journey."

Bassilla took the basket and lifted the tablecloth that covered it. With a slight surprise in her eyes, she smiled softly. She looked around for a moment and handed the basket to Ishgat who was beside her.

"Thank you so much. *Chu*” she thanked me by kissing me on the cheek and then turned and walked happily to the carriage followed by Ishgat and a surprised Arryn.

I admit... she surprised me too. I thought as I watched them walk away.


After making sure they left without any problems, I headed to my room, gathered up the few things I had brought, and packed them in my suitcase.

Since Bassilla and Ishgat's educational trip would last for about five days, I could go home to my beloved Lilith to spend those days with her.

Before returning, I stopped by the market for a souvenir to bring to her. It was not an easy choice to make also because if I had bought her another precious one, I think she would not know what to do with it. As a result, I decided to wander around each store looking for something she might like, but it wasn't that easy.

As I wandered around, I noticed a certain presence not far from me. More than anything, I felt that its eyes were fixed on me and it gave me the impression that it wanted to kill me with its gaze from how much-concentrated bloodlust it gave. I’d better take care of it... it’s been following me for a good hour.

Following that course of action, I looked for an alley or at least a little-frequented street. When I found it, I went in and waited. Five minutes later, an imposing figure appeared in front of me and covered by a cloak, it gave me a feeling as strange as it was familiar for some reason

“You've been following me for an hour. How about you cut it out and- Woah!"

He didn't even give me time to finish the sentence, that I saw a blade come down on me... the blade of the sword held by the guy in front of me. Quickly, I moved to the side avoiding it but immediately afterward he tried to cut me in two horizontally. I dodged again and when I saw that the horizontal slash was returning I blocked the attacker's arm

“Hey! I didn't mean this by cutting it out!" I exclaimed before punching him on the cheek “Ach! How the fuck are you so hard?!!"

Even though I hit him, I felt like I hit something metallic. Anyway, I think he heard it as he moved his head slightly to the side due to the blow. However, even if this were the case, he did not move and even put more force into the arm that I had blocked by pushing me away.

This one here is not just any guy of this world... well, even if it were, I don't care.

I took off my travel cloak and threw it at him blocking his view in the meantime, opened a portal behind me, and threw myself inside, closing it immediately once I passed.

What? Did you think I was going to fight? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I wouldn’t have gotten any good at it. I mean, it would just attract unwanted attention.

Anyway, right now I am in a deserted area... or rather, on an island south of Thirus. A quiet place where I had a few picnics on the beach with Lilith in the summer. Oddly, instinct told me to move here. Or at least, if the opponent was able to locate my position on my first transfer then it would make sense to mislead him, but this is not the case......... ok... I take it back in this precise moment.

A sudden pillar of red light appeared not far from me and that same figure as before appeared as the light dissipated. This feeling...

"You are a deity, aren't you?" I asked without receiving an answer "Are you an acquaintance of that moron Aphy?"

When I mentioned her name, the figure shivered slightly

"How did you define her?"

"Oh, you can speak."

"How did you define her?"

"Who? Aphy? I called her a moron* from 'deficere' which means 'lack'. In her case, a lot of common sense into that head she has."

*you should know that in Italian "moron" translates "Deficente", a word that derives, in fact, from the Latin word "Deficere"

At the same moment that I instinctively moved to the side, the God struck another blow on me.

"Not only do you dare to steal her from me, but you also dare to insult her?"

"Steal her?" I asked doubtfully “What the hell are you raving about? Woah! Look out!!"

Another lateral thrust forced me to retreat so I wouldn’t be cut in half. Ok. If you don't want to talk then I'll stick to your rules! By putting myself on guard, I changed my muscle fibers by turning them into living metal and at the same time thickening them. Avoiding a lunge, I approached him and hit him twice in the stomach and once on the cheek... but the sensation I felt was the same as when I hit him the first time. He has really tough skin! Even Ishgat would suffer from these blows. The time to finish this thought that at the last I could see his fist. Somehow, I managed to protect my face but the blow was so powerful that it not only made me retreat several meters, but excruciating pain rose from my arms. Did he break my arm bones?!

"It's all your fault."

“?! Gah!"

When the guy spoke, I found myself with his fist on my cheek and he made me kiss the earth. Immediately afterward he planted his foot on my chest and pinned me to the ground. And with that, I can say goodbye to the jaw and some ribs. I thought as I concentrated on regenerating the broken bones.

"If you had never existed, Aphy would be only mine." he continued to speak “Your sin is to exist. If you hadn't existed- "

"But keep her for yourself!" I replied interrupting him “She does nothing but give me one headache after another. You would just do me a favor!"

"...... It is natural that you lie." he began "After all, it is obvious that you are willing to sell your soul too to save yourself."

"Do you think I'm lying?!"

"Do not worry. I'll be generous and finish it quickly." he stated raising his sword

"You have some fucking problems with your ears and eyes!"

"When I kill you, I’ll make sure your offspring reach you."

Damn! This one is a Yandere through and through! Holy-!!! that was my thought just before he made that last statement What the fuck did he just say?!

"Die." he stated lowering his sword

Concentrating all my powers on my left limb, I blocked his sword by grabbing it with my hand. The God's expression was surprised, the expression of someone who didn't expect such a thing. He tried to retract or move the sword, but my grip was so firm that it didn't move an inch.

"Let it go!" he exclaimed kicking my breastbone

"Hey." I said coldly "Can you repeat what you just said?"

"I told you to drop my sword!" he stated again

"Before this."

"Let it go! So I can kill you and then have your offspring join you, so Aphy’s love doesn’t move on him."

My offspring......? Are you going... to kill my children? And since he or she's not born yet...... you want to kill Lilith?!

I no longer felt any pain. I didn't give a shit about the pain anymore. Everything was crystal clear... everything focused on a single sentence said by the God who was going to kill me: I will kill your offspring too.

Planting my feet on the ground, I got up and moved the God who at that moment was holding me on the ground with his foot. He looked at me in amazement.

"If you wanted a slow and painful death..." I began coldly "just say so."

All I know after making that statement was the sensation of my right fist in his stomach... He had his eyes wide open, he spat blood, and the next instant, after a roar of destruction arose behind him, he seemed to disappear. He reappeared about forty seconds later behind me... with his face kissing the ground and my foot above his head.

***(Lilith's POV)***

"Here's your tea." Jayla said

"Thank you so much, Jayla."

After thanking, Jayla bowed to our guests and left. Why bow? Well, they were Sarity and her husband Jack, her highness Laila and the little Acrisio.

Bassilla informed them that I am pregnant and so they decided to use the day they had planned for an inspection of the territory to pay a visit. Their motive was to congratulate with me

"I am happy for you that you finally succeeded." Laila said taking the teacup in her hand "How many months?"

"We are now close to the sixth month." I said, gently stroking my belly "Hearing the baby kicking is a source of joy for me, but I'm starting to feel the negative effects of the pregnancy."

"You don't know how much I understand you." Laila said with a nostalgic expression

"Is the baby kicking?" asked Acrisio curiously

"Of course. Especially when he's happy." I said with a smile. “Also, his father should be back soon and- Oh. Acrisio, come closer."

when I called him, he got out of his chair and approached me. Gently taking his head, I made him rest his head on my lap and his expression became surprised

"Have you heard?"

“I heard a thump. What it was?"

"Fufufu... it was the children happy to know his father is coming back."

"Anyway, I didn't think he agreed to leave." Sarity said taking another sip of tea "Now that you're pregnant with his child, I thought he would stick to you even more than before."

“That was his original intention. But in the end, I convinced him to leave... there are particular reasons behind it."

"...I see."

"Anyway, he's late." I said looking out the window "He said he would come back-"

Suddenly, the earth began to shake slightly... and not just it. The earth, the trees, the leaves, the flowers, every single blade of grass, and even the air itself... the whole world began to tremble, accompanied by an overwhelming, murderous thirst. Every fiber of my body intimidated me to escape and yet my heart was calm. I saw the expressions of my guests who immediately became frightened and I saw Sarity clinging in trembling. This thirst for blood is...

"W-what's going on?" Jack asked scared

“Somewhere…” I began looking out again “someone has been foolish enough to make Graeval seriously angry. What we instinctively perceive is his thirst for blood."

"What?! How can you tell?"

"Because he is my husband and I am sure of it... his thirst for blood is not something you can forget once you try it."

***(Ishgat's POV)***

The carriage proceeded slowly towards the town of Ila Serina and the landscape flowed just as slowly.

As I looked out bored, I could hear Bassilla cheerfully chatting in the background with the other noblewomen who shared the carriage with us. They didn’t talk about anything in particular, but they were mostly talking about shops, rumors, and gossip. Things I couldn't care less about

"Something wrong Lady Rember?" one of the other passengers asked me

“No… nothing like that. Only, I feel out of place given the topic you are dealing with."

"Oh! We ask your forgiveness." another apologized

"You don’t have to." I said with a slight smile "After all, I have long since lost my femininity."

"It's not like that at all, Ishgat." Bassilla said "After all, I have heard that there are still many who are attracted by your charm."

""""Ooooh!"""" Exclaimed the surprised elves

Well... it's not completely untrue. After all, I am always a member of the House of Archdukes who have always ruled the Dragonkin Principality, the Principality of Kreryn. While it bothers me, I can't deny that I still hold some political weight.

Uh? Didn't I tell you? Well, my sister is the current Archduchess of the principality and although she has blessed my departure from home, I have not severed ties with my family. Moreover, our blood is highly coveted by the royal families of the entire continent as, regardless of our companion, our offspring almost certainly will be dragonkin.

“The only thing they are attracted to…” I began “is the blood running through my veins. All of them without exception."

"Oh... it must be tough."

"Not that much." I said after giggling "By making the condition that I would marry only those who defeated me, it also acts as a deterrent to these people who are only interested in their interests or, as they claim, of their nation."

"Isn't that a bit harsh of a condition?" asked another elf "Only the Hero, Lord Lingxing, would be capable of such a feat."

"To tell the truth, not even my cheeky pupil was able to defeat me."

"The Hero wasn't... shocking." another affirmed "So, it's an impossible feat."

"It's not." I said turning to her "After all, someone has already beaten me."


"What are those surprised expressions?"

Not even doing it on purpose, they began to bombard me with questions about who he was, how he looks like, and so on. I certainly did not intend to answer all those questions also because, if I had answered some of them, I am sure my head would have been detached from the body.



Suddenly, the carriage stopped abruptly and the horses began to run wild. Scared... no, terrified of something. The coachmen and the escort went out of their way to try to calm them down but nothing seemed to succeed.

I felt it too... the girls and Bassilla felt it too. That bloodlust is so intense that it’s suffocating. That same murderous rage I felt on my skin the night I faced Graeval. It was distant, yet so intense that I felt like I was just a few steps away from it. I came instinctively. I curled up and tried to hide. Why? For some reason, instinct told me that no matter where I ran, death would still catch up to me.

***(???'s POV)***

What seemed like a quiet day turned into a day whose terror would accompany you wherever you went. Every living and non-living being perceived it... even the world itself trembled because of that absurd thirst for blood that covered not only the continent but every single ravine of the planet.

On that day, whole hordes of monsters, animals, and fish fled in the opposite direction of the origin of that murderous thirst. Whole villages that were thought to be overwhelmed by those hordes of fleeing monsters, were ignored by the creatures. The villagers looked at them in dismay at first, but they too understood why when the terror visited them.

Nobody knew what this phenomenon was. Nobody could have imagined that the 'God/Demon Psyker' would be unleashed like never before.

On that day, a love-crazed God met destruction, unconscious of having unleashed a Titan.