Chapter 18
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A/N: So like any good fan boy I’m celebrating star wars day today, clearly this chapter isn’t finished yet but I figure its star wars day so here’s a preview. Also I’ll be releasing regular chapters for this soon so think of everything before this as the first arc and ill edit this into a full chapter once I start updating again. Hope you enjoy and may the 4th be with you.


“A Restraining bolt? I didn’t take you for the type.” Anakin stated with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not.” Atin replied, “This is just a temporary solution to a problem I plan on fixing.” Seeing that Anakin was still skeptical he continued, “He was about to cripple me. Would you want to face the Jedi council injured and helpless when there’s a chance they might order that your father be arrested?” Snapping his new arm on with a grunt he continues, “because I don’t, they’ll see me standing tall.”

“Calling yourself tall seems like a stretch though.” Anakin replies with a chuckle.

“Tsk,” turning away from Anakin, Atin speaks to Floaty, “Floaty help me put my legs back on, we’ll continue the check-up just before we leave this planet.” Receiving silence in reply he speaks again, “Floaty?”

“Maybe you broke him?” Anakin interjects.

A frown on his face Atin tries again, “AZI - 137?” Floaty turns around in silence and stares at him waiting for orders. “Assist me in attaching my legs.” Floaty works in silence, patiently and precisely doing his work as per Atin’s orders, watching him work in silence Atin feels a pang of guilt and the beginnings of a lump forming at the back of his throat. “Dammit.” He mutters to himself as Floaty tightens the last screws.

Seeing the look on Atin’s face Anakin speaks up, “what’s the problem?”

Casting his gaze down Atin replies, “I didn’t think it would feel this bad putting that bolt on.”

Giving Atin a smile Anakin replies, “If I’m being honest, I’m kind of glad you feel guilty.”

“Huh?” Atin replies with a confused look on his face.

“It proves you’re not a heartless bastard, Most wouldn’t bat an eye after putting a restraining bolt on a disobedient droid, let alone feel guilty about doing it. The fact that you do is actually a bit refreshing for me,” Anakin explains.

“You meet a lot of people that use restraining bolts?” Atin questions.

“Mostly since the clone wars started,” Anakin answers with regret written on his face, “people are trusting droids less and less since the war started. Cant exactly blame them though, when the largest droid manufacturing company in the galaxy keeps sending them to try and kill us.”

The two sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes before Atin spoke up again, “Do these meetings always take this long?” it had been just over an hour since Obi Wan went to talk with the council and there hasn’t been a sound from the communications room.

Almost as if to answer his question, Obi wan enters the med bay, he was as pale as a sheet and had a look of shock written on his face, “Well, What happened?” Anakin questions as soon as he sees his master.

Hearing the question obi wan breaks out of his stupor and replies, “I have no idea.”

“What do you mean you have no idea? Are you still a Jedi or not?” Anakin replies in frustration.

“What? I think you might have misjudged the seriousness of this situation Anakin. This isn’t the first time the order has had to deal with members having children and its probably not the last, it’s not as serious an offense as I think you might believe. In all honesty my only punishment for this is a few months on guard duty with the sentinels, and that’s hardly a punishment at all.” Obi wan answers.

“Then what did you mean you have no idea?” Anakin replies.

Looking toward Atin, Obi wan gets an awkward expression on his face. “It’s about him.”

Seeing the focus of the conversation turn to him Atin questions, “What do you mean?”

“It’s better if you hear it for yourself.” Obi wan replies and points toward the communications room, “you’re up next.”