Chapter 3 Part 5 (Updated)
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What each and every one hope for to the nigh First Trial



It was eerily quiet. It has always been whenever Shinra Mavirus is left alone. With no words to speak nor thoughts to share in this distant place he solely stares and reminisce the past.

A bird chirping outside the pale window seemed to hum a cheerful tone, yet the Tempest student before the bird looked a bit off. What kind of thoughts could have been playing inside the mind of Shinra Mavirus? However, the songbird did not stop humming a cheerful tone until it had gotten close to the glass pecking it intently. Finally, the student had noticed him! For what seemed to be a valiant effort for the little bird would not matter when a black crow swooped in engulfing the entirety of the little chick.

Still, nothing could change the blank face of Shinra Mavirus in this very moment. Not until---

“Can I come in?” A girl’s voice was heard faintly inside the room.

“It’s Mika, are you there Shinra?”

Shinra slowly extended his hand towards the doorknob without uttering a word for a few seconds.

“Yeah, I’m here. What’s up?” As the door opens Mika could see the normal Shinra she had come to know.

“I just came by to talk with you and it seems Kan is not yet here...?” Both walked towards the vacant chairs in the living room.

“You can sit there Mika; I’ll just prepare some tea.” Mika took a keen look inside the place Kan and Shinra are living in.

“Looking at it now, this place is quite big. You have two rooms for bed, one spacious room for living, dining, and kitchen, one for bathroom and laundry, and a small room at the entrance.”  There wasn’t much stuff in the living room they are currently in.

“Yeah, Principal Cainne persistently told us to use this room. You should come live with us here you know?” After preparing the tea Shinra placed it down the wooden table.

“Well, I wonder.”

“You can also get closer to Kan this way.” A slight remark from Shinra made Mika unusually flustered.

“Wh-who would want to get closer to that idiot!” The flustered student immediately took a sip of the tea.

“But that idiot is the reason we are here and can converse with each other.” Both of them reminiscence their first encounter with Kan.

“I guess that’s true...”

“Anyway, what did you come to talk about?” Getting to the main topic Shinra carefully listened.

“I’ve noticed but it seems Principal Cainne, and Tania-sensei wants us to get stronger quickly. Suddenly they wanted to train us.”

“There’s also Inerva-san and Sheila-san.” Shinra pondered about it.

“Stop it...”

“Stop what?”

“Stop calling her Sheila, she’s Cecilia Merue.” There was a deep resentment within Mika about Cecilia.

“Oh, right. I’m sorry.”

 No one dared to speak for a few minutes as their thoughts run wild.

“Do you think there’s a purpose they’re training us?” Shinra opened a pack of biscuits and laid it onto the table.

“Isn’t it because we’ve involved ourselves in the matter about Vanque and the other guy?” Tracing through her own hands, Mika remembered the past few days.

“It may be so, but I think there’s another reason.” Shinra leaned onto the table. “This is only my guess, but I have heard of a strange word from Tania-sensei back when she questioned me. A word called, ‘continent’.”

As if remembering something, “I have also heard them say about the Continent War or something along the lines?” It felt like they were realizing a hidden motive.

“Do you think if we ask them, they’ll tell us?” Mika thought about it.

“They might but we still don’t know anything about it. I think we should gather more information.”

“Hmm, I think that we should be careful.”

“Shouldn’t we tell Kan first about this?” Shinra stood up to refill the tea.

“Well, he’s probably out training or something.” Mika remembered their conversation earlier.

“Oh, did he tell you he was practicing?”


The matter seemed to burden Mika about what could Kan be doing.

“Nothing will change if you just think about it you know. Why don’t we head out to?” Shinra walked to his room and took out a coat.

“Where could we find information regarding continent? We can’t go in the library neither the teachers.” It felt like every place they could go to would be useless.

“I know where we can get information, but I don’t know if you’d be okay with it.”

“Is it, Cecilia Merue?”


Contemplating with the thought of no other option, Mika gives in to the idea.

“Fine, let’s go Shinra.”

Walking out of the door neither Mika nor Shinra seemed to enjoy the idea of talking with Cecilia Merue. When the thought of it is enough to pressure them. Mika could only feel hatred towards Cecilia.




Getting outside of the room, the two students head towards the main hall.


“Do you know where to find her, Shinra?” Gazing up towards the vast clouds Mika could discern some lingering mana particles from back then.

“I have a hunch, but I think you’ll understand when we get there.” Leading the way Shinra steer clear of the crowds.



“Isn’t this the library?” After walking for a while Shinra stopped near the rearside.

“From the back room, I still have the key given to me back then.” Looking for the back door of the library Shinra used his spare key and opened the door.

“My, my... it’s unusual for visitors; especially those uninvited.” Only one thing came to their mind as soon as they saw Cecilia, it wasn’t the right time to talk to her.

Taking a small peek of the room there was a strange orb levitating right at the dead center as Cecilia wasn’t wearing a tempest uniform instead a magician’s outfit and black jeans without the robe. What caught Mika and Shinra’s attention was the strange marks and lines from Cecilia’s arms and face, upon closer look, her eyes were a striking dark red with a tint of violet.

“What are you all standing there for? Just come in before I rip your faces off.” Whether it was a threat or joke they could only follow and try to withstand the atmosphere inside.

Cecilia casted a puppet that placed tea at the table.

“Now tell me what business you have that involves me?” It became hard for Mika or Shinra to speak looking directly at Cecilia’s uninterested eyes.

“We, w-want to know about the word continent...” Mika bit her lips to gain control of herself.

“I see, where have you heard of this?”

“From the principal and Tania-sensei.” Shinra likewise did the same and he managed to speak.

“Those guys, huh? Your reason is?” At long last they managed to pique her interest.

“This matter seems to affect the Principal and Tania-sensei's motive to help us; to the point of training us. We want to know what the reason could possibly be, remembering that they have mentioned it a couple of times and it seems to be a big factor towards their actions, at least that’s what we think...”

As every second passes the pressure seems to fade until Cecilia spoke once again.

“So, you came to me because there could possibly be no way for me to be involve with them? Is that it?”


Mika could barely look at Cecilia unable to hide her bitterness.

“What do I get from telling you what continent means?”

“Eh?” As the thought sank in, they haven’t thought of this occurrence at all. Such a linear and naïve way of thinking for the 1st years.

“You must already know; I don’t comply with favors.” They then remembered the deal Cecilia made with Principal Cainne.

“That’s...” Unable to gain a foothold in the conversation it seems their last option was all for naught.

“Well? What would I get in return?”

“We can’t give you anything in return today but in the near future you can ask us a favor.” Shinra replied whilst biting his lips once more.

“Pfft, hahaha. What kind of joke is that?” Humored by Shinra’s answer Cecilia let loose of her pressure that made it easier for them to gain composure and think thoroughly. “I don’t need favor for anyone, especially to you two. If both of you don’t have one, then why don’t I make a deal for you right here?”

Even if it seemed demeaning to agree to a deal with one of the Six Calamities, it was the only option for Mika and Shinra as of the moment, they nodded in reply.

“Very well, I’ll tell you about the continent and other things you might be thinking about but as of this moment I cannot tell you anything. This matter is not something to take light of especially in our current situation in the world.”

“What does that mean?” Mika curiously asked.

“It means you’re trespassing an unknown territory, one that is too early for you students. If you so badly want to learn of it then prove yourselves to be worthy of it. As this information heavily involves your generation. I won’t say anymore but I’ll give you a deal as you’ve already been deeply involved with this matter so early in time.

“Listen, you must first get a place in the First Trial only then would you have the chance to know. After that get a high rank in the Founding Festival and at the end, you must win in a mock match against me.”

“What’s the purpose of all of this thing? We came here to get an information about continent and not get challenged.” Mika twitched as she stood up displaying her annoyance.

“Have you been listening at all, or do you just hear the words that are convenient for you, Mika Torri?” Cecilia’s eyes gaze upwards towards the furious Tempest student. “Even if you come to know what the continent means you cannot do anything. Now, if you don’t like what I offered you then go and find someone to tell you about this, I doubt you’d find one and tell it to you wholeheartedly, let alone get away for knowing this kind of information.”

“Mika, let’s calm down.” Shinra shifted his attention at Cecilia. “Could we take some time and talk about this before we can give you an answer?”

“By the end of today, give me an answer, if you cannot do so then don’t bring it up to me again.”

“We understand, will we find you at this place again?” Shinra also stood up.

“I’ll be at the back of Tempest in the grass plains where most of the things started.”

Shinra regretfully bowed and took Mika’s hand as they left the room.


Exiting the backroom of the library Shinra let go of Mika’s hand as they started walking.

“You were a bit heated back there.”

“Aarghh… I’m sorry, I was trying my best to hold my anger towards her.”  Shinra could see that she was restraining her quivering hands.

“Well, should we go back to the dorm, Kan might be there already?”

There wasn’t any choice anyway as they stroll back it was clear these students still had things they were quietly burying deep down. They decided to put their hopes to the nigh first trial as a step forward towards their undetermined ambitions and goals.


“Yo, senpai it’s nice to see you’re doing well. Can you help me with a few things, ehe.” Setting aside the crowd from an unfamiliar side of the school a small crowd of students seemed to catch Shinra’s attention.

“Ahh, I’m actually quite busy due to the coming finals of ours.” A voice of uneasiness was easily distinguished by Shinra Mavirus.

“Oh, come on we all know you’re gonna fail again. How many times has it already been?” Another student barged in. “It’ll be the 4th time, senpai. What use is there to things you cannot achieve?” Laughter from the 2nd year students echoed towards the corner of the hallway.

“Instead, why not help us 2nd year your kouhai, I’m sure everyone would be happy that way, right senpai?” As Shinra looked to peer into the troubled 3rd year student, Mika intervened unable to direct her anger to anyone.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?” Faced with tremendous surge of mana coming from Mika Torri, the 2nd years helplessly run away.

“I’m not done yet!” Mika continue to let loose unbelievable pressure for a 1st year student, getting the chance Shinra helped the 3rd year.

“Are you alright, umm.”

“I’m alright, thanks for helping me. I’m Lumie.” Shinra extended his hand and helped Lumie get up.

“I see, it’s nice to meet you Lumie-senpai. I’m Shinra and my friend over there is Mika.”

“Oh, are you Shinra Mavirus and Mika Torri?” A sudden realization came from the 3rd year student.

“Yes, is there a problem?” Baffled, Shinra questioned immediately.

“Oh, it’s no problem it’s just I heard about your doings during the attack of...what was his name again?”

“Vanque Milios.” Mika stopped expending her mana as the 2nd years were nowhere to be seen anymore.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’ve heard rumors about that you two and another one tried to fight the attacker but ran away to get help from the principal.”

“Haaah... where did you hear that?” Once again, Mika started releasing mana to which Lumie screeched slightly.

“Hey, stop Mika.” Shinra managed to stop Mika early on and Lumie calmed down. “Can you tell us where you heard about this, Lumie-senpai?”

“I heard about it from some students who came to also hear it from Fleusoar and other squads. I’m sorry for asking such a sensitive thing but I just wanted to say that I admire you for trying to fight the attacker and protecting Tempest.” It wasn’t exactly as how Shinra and Mika expected Lumie’s response.

“The thing is, Lumie-senpai. The rumors are only about half-right.” In which, Lumie felt a little embarrassed to look at the 1st year students and apologized frantically.

“We did indeed fight Vanque but never did we run away.”

“I see, so it was like that. I’m sorry once again for believing such rumors. Still, whether the rumors are true or not I admire your actions Shinra and Mika, back where I faintly saw your figures up in the sky, I was amazed, although if it was me in your spot, I would have definitely run away...” There seemed to be more than what is seen in the surface, yet Shinra nor Mika tried to ask Lumie about it.

“It was great meeting you, Lumie-senpai. We have to go now; can you manage now on your own?”

“It’s alright, I'm fine now. Although I wish I could talk with you guys more, both of you are really amazing magicians.”

“If you want you can come with us, we don’t have anything to do right, Mika?” Shinra suddenly looked at the shocked 1st year giving cue signs.

“Y-yeah...” Unable to decline, Mika gives in.

“Eh, really?”

Lumie happily walked up to them and headed towards Shinra and Kan’s room.