Chapter 4 Part 1 (Updated)
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The kind of magician I want to be


“What are you saying Mika?” Kan immediately retorted tilting his head in frustration.

“Well, would you accept my favor or not?” A slight change from Mika’s mana flow became evident to Merue.

“If that is what you want then I accept your favor.” Cecilia emphasized the favor of Mika to what seemed like a mock fight.

“Wait, you can’t fight!” Once again, Kan tried to stop the situation.

“You are in no place to say what is right or wrong, Kan Uolo. If you so desire to stop Mika, then why don’t you fight as well?” Her words struck Kan like a full blown-out attack. Unable to say anything Kan glanced at Shinra.

“There’s nothing we can do if this is what Mika wants, Kan.” Hoping for Shinra to help him, Kan was reminded of many things, one of which is that talking is not the best solution in this situation, but force is.

“I’ll also fight you, Cecilia.” Shinra started to expend gradual amounts of mana.

“Both of you can come at me at once, but it looks like the two of you wants a one-one.” Cecilia flicked her fingers to cast a veil nothing of the likes by the intruder last time, it was more refined and impossible to break through easily. “Oh yeah, you can just watch there Kan Uolo or go outside it’s your choice.” Kan remained standing still rendered at the course of what the situation is slowly transpiring towards.

Mika lunged forth throwing herself out in the open blinded by her rage, “Revolutionary Shock Waves: Hundredfold!” the attacks were always at full force, yet not one is connecting.

“You’re too focused on your power, Mika Torri. Even if you had an instant kill ability if your execution is clear as day, it won’t hit.” Merue flawlessly dodges Mika’s shockwaves in an outstanding manner.

“Roaring Thunder!” Shinra jerked his right hand as sparks of thunder scattered across Cecilia’s position. As if hoping for such a response, Shinra bolted like a spark of lightning closing the distance. “Great Magic: Paralyzation!” He then casted immediately before she could detect, “Revolutionary Shock Waves: Two Hundredfold!” Mika poured most of her mana in this one attack.

 Streams of attacks were continuously firing off in a fight that appeared to be a deathmatch rather than a mock fight. Forcibly trying to break their limits, in the face of a limitless enemy it would never prove to be fruitful.

“Parallel World: Mirroring.” Cecilia’s defensive spell was for naught as Mika’s attack transcended space. “Aaarggh…!” Mika shouted adamantly putting her all into it.

“That was not a bad attempt, brats.” Unscathed, Cecilia looked to finally fight back.



Shinra Mavirus POV


It was supposed to not hit, yet Mika’s attack had transcended space itself. “Aaaarghhh...!” As she shouted with all her might. I once again felt the heaviness; this condescending pressure...

“That was not a bad attempt, brats.” ‘She’s still unscathed?’ Like a trigger, I was reminded of the person we are fighting with is not just someone, but one of the Six Calamities...!

“Blinding Light! I cannot let the two of you fight while I just watch! Let’s go, Shinra and Mika!”

“Yeah, let’s pour out everything, our frustration, worries, anger, cries, and our strength!” Suddenly a surging wave of calmness filled my heart. ‘I’m not fighting alone this time...’

“Stop blabbering!” Cecilia ignited her right-hand charging ahead in front of us.

“I’ll momentarily stop her, Shinra support Mika’s attacks as she is the only one that can land a hit.”

“Right on!” Kan jumped forward and extended both of his hands. ‘A spell?’ The ground suddenly started moving in a jagged manner. Cecilia pounded the ground with such force rendering Kan’s attack.

“Kan’s magic did not go well. I’ll go now, find me an opening Shinra.” Mika pounced sideways casting a spell. Kan was still set on stopping Cecilia’s attack. Once again, it seemed like Kan was controlling the ground. This time dozens of pillars sprouted from the ground as Cecilia dismantles them with ease.

“I can’t hold on for any longer this is the last one. Get ready guys!” Perhaps it was because of the heat of the battle but no one noticed a small orb was forming atop Kan. “Gusts of the Frozen Palace!” Like a miasma a surging breeze of ice tucked the ground in an instant.

Bursts of blue flames sprawled across the grass plains, “Ignition: Blue Flames.” “You’ve done well but this is not even close to defeating me let alone winning the first trial. You haven’t tipped the shallow iceberg just yet.”

It is said that fire is the most powerful element there is. For centuries, no one has ever achieved blue flames outside of the Royal Family Fierna. Seeing it up this close reminded me of how little I know about fighting and magic. I should not let Kan and Mika do everything.

‘I won’t lose...’

Soon streaks of blue lightning became visible around me. Controlling this kind of magic does not only exert a lot of strength to remain conscious but also an incomparable concentration to not strain the body more than what it can take.

“Come!” Cecilia did not falter and leaped straight ahead in front of me never once backing away.

Just as earlier I tried to scatter the lightnings so that no matter how she tried to dodge it would still hit.

I was careless...

Imbuing the blue flames in her right hand a wave of heightened flames coerced through my lightning unaffected as every passing millisecond becomes a million times hotter.


Snapped back from reality my body instinctively dodged sideways and charged head-on. I subconsciously slammed the ground as the pent-up lightning streamed through the floor, as I yelled “Now, Mika!”

“Auriora Thirteen Series: 4th Series, Luminous Rays!” One after another, countless rays continue to aim towards Cecilia blazing through across the veil.

“This is the end! Ce---” As if something was unshackled, everything stopped abruptly... Nobody could move not even one inch. “It seems I have been too lenient...” Restricted completely by the sight of Cecilia’s eyes I tried shocking myself with lightning, yet I still cannot move. An unexplainable force glued my body towards the ground. ‘Gravity Magic?’

“Aaaarrghhh...!” Excessively straining his body to withstand the pressure, Kan mustered up the strength to stand up as another weight of pressure completely unlike the first one instantly destroyed any hopes of us breaking free. To which then, a cracking sound…some of his bones were quickly fractured.

“We have come this far...!” No matter how much Cecilia try to forcefully shove it into us that it is impossible.” ‘Kan... why do you go so far to be a great magician...?’ “Was everything--- aaarghhh...!” ‘Damn it... why do you remind me of her...?’ “Was everything we’ve aimed for was a lie...!? If not, then, muster up every strength, courage, breath, mana, and remember everything because everything is always at stake in fighting towards your ambitions...! That’s why we cannot give up...! Oaaarghhh...!” ‘Kan Uolo you truly are...’

“Are you done giving your heroic speech? I won’t kill the three of you, but I’ll make sure to let you experience a clear sheer example of what a true fight is.” Raising her right hand, Cecilia aimed at Kan.

‘What keeps me from protecting the people I care in front of me right now?’



Mika Torri POV


Every attack is pointless against her... ‘Is this the end...?’  “We have come this far...!” Seeing Kan try so hard, desperately clinging on, and believing on us... ‘Whose ambitions are shallow now, I wonder?’ Ever since I met you, I mindlessly tagged along I haven’t even known you deeply enough to entrust my back. ‘Moving forward would you let me know you well enough so that one day, I might believe in you to save me... Kan?’

“Was everything we’ve aimed for was a lie...!? If not then... muster up every strength, courage, breath, mana, and remember everything because everything is always at stake in fighting towards your ambitions...! That’s why we cannot g—give up...! Aaaarghhhh...!” With his wretched body, Kan... Your strength is something that cannot be mimicked easily.

“Fuego del infierno de Nova...!” Like a rising fireworks countless embers of fire sprawled upwards as each one harbored intense heat capable enough to cause second-degree burn.

“Great Magic: Songstress of the Wind...!” Shinra managed to break free from Cecilia’s gravity magic once she gravitated her focus towards her fiery attack. Despite not being in the best of shape to fight, he can still expend such enormous amounts of mana.

Effectively healing the wounds and restoring some stamina because of Shinra’s spell, I could finally use a new form of magic. There wasn’t any time to experiment if it would work or not. Right now, in this fight against Cecilia Merue I must learn this kind of magic and land a strike.

“Thanks, Kan and Shinra...” As the passage of time goes no one could hear any whispers in this field.

“Auriora Thirteen Series: 8th Series, 1st Bloom: Dance of the Moonlight...!” It was barely evening, still in the place where we’re at is filled with bright gleaming lights from the flames Cecilia casted.

Once again, the same occurrence happened back in the fight with Vanque, my mana pool is forming strangely as if it was meant to be this way in the first place. I began to sense numerous senses and visions I normally wouldn’t see. It was frightening... As if the world around, me is a distorted blank space and I was the only person walking in this messed up shattered side of the world.

A new rising power became apparent to me...

“Centurial Shockwaves.” In a span of a second, countless shockwaves swerved through space and silently skim through the air putting out the flames of Cecilia.

“Such strange magic you’re wielding, Mika Torri.” The unnerving aura behind Cecilia’s presence faded since she uttered some strange word. “But I’m afraid I’ll be holding out the real lesson this time. If you all fail to land a strike in the next 30 seconds this mock fight is over.”

“Afraid you’ll lose Cecilia?” I felt a bit more strength within me that probably caused these words to come out of my mouth.

“It’s too early for that. Less talk, more actions.” Without regards to my attack, Cecilia passed through the distance in a beat. Suddenly her left hand was imbued with complex magic aiming for my upper body.

Stuck between dodging, defending, or counterattacking yet none of them would be viable. A force similar to half a ton, was suddenly pressed down against me restricting me to react. It turns out the attack coming from Cecilia was not aimed towards me but for Shinra.

“Shinra...!” I could only shout his name gaped in fear.

It was then strings of blue lightning overlapped against Shinra enhancing his speed greatly to dodge Cecilia’s attack. Still, Merue did not stop from there and vanished in thin air only to catch Shinra that used all his power to outrun Cecilia.

I could not look back nor look elsewhere. There was only the sound of lightning bolting around everywhere as if it was running away from someone.

Next thing I knew, that eventually Shinra would run out of mana to outrun Cecilia.

“Shinra...!” It was Kan. ‘What could he be panicking about?’ His voice was as if something terrible happened. Just then a tremendous force broke the gravity magic I was currently in. It was the sound of Shinra being plunged towards the ground.

“Cecilia...!” Before I could feel my body, I had already clawed forward using everything I had to erase this feeling off of me.

I faintly saw Kan’s face before I lost consciousness.



The Eyes of the World POV


Greatly using all his mana, Shinra barely noticed he cannot use magic anymore. “Lay down for a bit.” As Cecilia’s hand grappled Shinra’s face, he lost consciousness momentarily after his body got hurled towards the ground with such power that it left permanent cracks.

A howling voice coming from Mika reverberated throughout the silent grass plains. Once more, Cecilia imbued her right hand with wind magic as the force collided against Mika it was more than enough for her to get knocked out.

“So, you’re left, Kan Uolo. I’ll give you a handicap, I won’t dodge nor defend any attack you aim towards me in the next 5 seconds.” However, in Kan’s state, it was not even possible to stand up. Out of the three of them he suffered the most, still for the 1st year student who holds remarkable resolve and will. He poured out every ounce of strength to lift his right index finger. Chanting a mumbled spell, in this instance for a moment, Cecilia Merue lowered her guard unconsciously. Amongst the fights Cecilia experienced this was the first time she would lower her guard completely...

“Light of Exec---...” Then a slimmer of blinding light skimmed through space and time as it bended through towards Cecilia. It hit.

Before she could understand what happened the natural instinct of Cecilia Merue activated. The grass plains in that instance soon enveloped into darkness and eerily silence. It was no longer Cecilia Merue but One of the Six Calamities famous for being unpredictable and destructive in nature, this persona of hers became present. Incapable of rational thoughts the looming threat that is Kan Uolo in the eyes of Cecilia must be erased immediately. Lifting her left index finger a ball of sphere started absorbing the magicules in the area.

“Absolute Zero: Breath of Kuraokami...!” For who knows where Merue was abruptly stopped by an attack from the outside breaking through the veil.

“I can’t let you do that. It appears that they managed to drive you this far, Cecilia Merue, the Fourth Calamity.” Striding from the spotlight, it was Inerva Vonne, as every step were covered in ice.

“Frozen Palace: Expansion!”  In a mere five seconds the area was covered with unbreakable ice. “What’s worse than a cunning person is a beast incapable to control its own power.” Lifting the three 1st year students, Inerva peered through the darkness inside Cecilia’s eyes.

“I’m sure you’ll regain control of yourself sooner or later. In the meantime, I’ll take care of these students, see you later Cecilia Merue.” Leaving the veil as it is so that no one could sense the immense aura, Cecilia was letting out. “Oh, and by the way, one gift before I go, this is just a payback. True Ice Meteor.”

Before the True Ice Meteor could hit Cecilia, she had already gain control of herself, but Inerva and the 1st year students were already gone. This would be a striking point for the Fourth Calamity, as she suffered defeat.


Soon the wretched place that became a battlefield was restored to its original state by the effects of the veil earlier. “Shinra Mavirus, Mika Torri, and Kan Uolo, puehehehehe... hahahaha...!”

All at once, the fate of Kan, Mika, Shinra, and Cecilia would start to collide in the near future.