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Hello, it's been a while since we've made our presence known. Despite of a long silence we were rereading and rewriting the volume 1 of An Incompetent Magician. Today, we're happy to tell you it's finally done or it's more than presentable enough for you to read it once again. As such, we'll be re-updating the chapters and you'll be surprised that some of it would be unlike of what was written in there. The reason for that is we added some new contents as we deemed necessary. The last two special chapters as well will be uploaded once everything is completed. Also, the matter about the cover we are still working on it. And now, the question about the continuation or the volume two of the story. It would be extraordinary for us to post somewhere in the middle of this year, 2022. That's still a speculation as we have other things to do rather than make the story, we're only doing this on our free time after all. In conclusion, expect for the chapters to be rewritten while some parts were still the same and not altered. Thank you for everyone who would read this and is interested in checking it out, see you soon!