29th Episode
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29th Episode
test of Kyo汰have been returned all.
All you have to do is wait for the grade average to come out properly.

At Kyoto schools, grade averages are posted on the class bulletin board along with a list of top performers.
By the way, the best performers are listed with the total score from 1st to 10th, but Hanane is a regular member.
So-called talent and talent itself.
That's why it's becoming more popular.
It seems that it is also the target of girls' longing.
What about the result of Kyoto ...

The table of grade averages and excellent grades will be posted at 13:00 on this day.
Until now, Kyotan, who had been indifferent to the announcement because his grades were too low, was different this time.
I'm holding the answer sheet of the exam strongly, even with a quick speech, just in time for 13:00.
... It seems that everyone, including Hanane-chan, is confused by the behavior of Kyoto, which is too different from usual. No wonder.

I wanted to reveal it right now and explain the situation to everyone, but I shouldn't be surprised by the sudden manifestation of Shikigami and fall down by a girl student, so I decided to keep an eye on it.