episode 31
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pisode 31
I was quite surprised. I was so surprised that it seemed to manifest itself with too much momentum.

<Kyoto! No! What are you doing? !! >

"What? What? You won! What's wrong with my victory ... Oh, I cry when I'm soaked? Oh, sorry

. " ... No. After all, this person has a human nature at the bottom even if it exceeds the grade average. Your father is an elite ... but your son is at the bottom ...
Katsu-san, your feelings, and shikigami may also understand. Shikigami counseling, would you like to take it? I'm also injured because of Kyo.

And, as expected, a boy student who had been beaten by Kyotan without any crime before and was glaring at him looked suspicious. The girls around me ... including Hanane-chan ... have confused eyes.

After all, after all.
No matter what you think. Even if the top and bottom are turned upside down.

I believe you are a genuine idiot.