Episode 34
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Episode 34
"Ah! Help Yuma! Why did I do that ?!" When

I got home, I cried out loud to Shikigami, no, this is my pride. I consulted with Shikigami to stop it because it would hurt me.

"I told you to be careful! I don't know anymore! Even Hanane had a very scary face! For whom Kyotan did his best this time! It ’s your own business! "

Hanane-chan, I wonder if I hated me ..."

Yuma mercilessly screams at me, who is seriously worried.

"... It sounds like I used to like it before." "... Then,

Hanane-chan, I think I'm already out of my eyes ..."

Out of my eyes ... I used the words of a great time I felt it was done.
It is noteworthy that the Fujii family is infected with their parents' habits when they panic.

Yuma sighed with a big sigh.

"I think the Death Note description is confirmed, not out of the eyes." I

felt like I was hit with a hammer on my head.

"So, that's ........."