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[Date: 2017/12/19 13:20]

Episode 38
I had been living like a deceased person for four days, but when I was about to face such a collapsed life on the fifth day, my feelings changed. It happened when I was trying to make a supper with a zombie-like face as usual. Sudden changes often occur suddenly. It may also be due to the recent eerie silence that Yuma Oshisuke didn't speak at an unusual level.

Anyway, I was awake.
I have awakened.

I've noticed it.

I won the battle with Shikigami, so I don't have to give up on Kaon-sama, it's probably transient that everyone including her is salt-friendly, but it's stupid after a while. I'll forget about one student's eccentricity, in fact no one has mentioned that I screamed because of Yuma during class. Yes, forget it. Because, human beings, everyone. Not a shikigami. In other words, I will continue to do my best to escape from this idiot's position, crawl up to the point where I can see Hanane-sama, and my doggy is about to fall off the stairs. I don't know if there's anything like that), and it would be nice if Hanane could create a situation where she would look straight and pure and say "Kyoto-kun ..."? Isn't this my decisive victory? You can't see Yuma. If you want to study, you're a transcendental motivated type, YDK, and if you take advantage of the privilege of making me look like Hanane, you'll still have a chance to recover, and you'll have the opportunity to enjoy youth!

The conclusion was suddenly drawn in my brain, just very smoothly.

I may be able to go.

Re: My love enemy was a hateful shikigami [See 2000! ] (No.84)
Date: 2018/01/11 13:02
Name: Mina (ID: Djfn6fKO)

Episode 39
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
"Wow !!!!!!!" An

estimated 16-year-old boy in the kitchen of a certain F family surrounded by eerily silence. Suddenly the scream of. There is a housemate who shrugs and suddenly gets scared when he hears the roaring beast-like cry. Yes, that's me, Yuma-kun.

I was amazed at the blunder of Kyoto at school and the irresistible attitude of crying as soon as I got home. I thought that there was a person who was devoted to shikigami like other people. That's why I got tired of taking care of my daily life, or rather, I felt like I should do at least cooking and cleaning the room because the test was over, so I was washing only the laundry in Kyoto. Other than that, it was left alone. I also thought that I was tired of chronic fatigue. I didn't say anything anymore.
Because I'm saying various things with kindness, but I'm just denying the existence, such as "I'll erase it", "I'll erase this bastard", "I'll erase your existence annoyingly". I don't like this one either. There are times when I get angry, because it's a shikigami. It's a good bullying to deny existence. I'm too great to endure without crying. Compliment Mr. Katsu. I want you to pop your head. Desperately.

But, well, when I was feeling that sentimental, I heard a deafening scream.

"What did you do?"

I opened my mouth to Kyoto for the first time in a while.