Prologue – What happened in the past?
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Prologue Chapter 0 - What happened in the past?

"Good night sir, are you feeling well?" a voice sounds soft as the hunter open his eyes slowly. the place looks dim, wet with lots of candles everywhere and there's a distinctive smell that maybe everyone already knows where they are now. Suddenly there was a crowd running, the louder they might run here. After his eyes opened he saw an old man offered him a drink followed by the appearance of many people behind him.

"Are you one of them? who's your name?" the old man began a conversation and the people behind him started swarming the man he asked waiting for the answer. "them?" the man responded with astonishment and confusion while drinking the sweet thick green liquid that the old man presented he began to think. not long after that, someone from the crowd added "The Hunter, a covenant of hunter that trying to save Andeript from its conflict so that no more soul will off".

"shhh! you don't need to tell him about that, he already knows it, right sir?" a child from the same crowd cut his word and start looking at the man. "I... I don't know about that, is that a kind of God covenant to save the world? or... or something like..." the old man stood up and started the story, now all eyes are on him.

"Loong time ago this world the world we called Andeript was a gentle world, there is no racial different before. I remember when my first love Qeny is a demi-human I like her web, so soft and tender she likes to sew me a sweater in the winter. but, our love does not last so long when the undead come, they slander many races made them hostile and eventually start a civil war. From there, the originally peacefully world ended up being like hell. They first opened a portal in the south of the andeript where the werewolves lived, attacked as they were off guard then ate all their people which would give them the skills to imitate their form, Upon entering the great cities they finally destroyed the city from the inside and created fake news that made every race that was originally peaceful into war. but the great attack was eventually discovered by a covenant that eventually led them to go down to war, Hunter of the blackmoon that's how they call it, the war was reconciled but the damage, as a result, was incurable. Some say that undead is still hanging around out there so be careful when you're going to step outside. I think I have another story about this world but I forgot most part of its story, pardon me. what was your name?" The old man sat back down and re-presented the sticky green drink that had been.

"J... Joel, Joel Xpector" Joel stood up and bowed to the old man Then he went back to sit down and drink his drink. "why you all lived here? there's a better life in the city, the human city" "Too dangerous out there, especially if we're swarming we are human the lowest race of any other race, we have no claws or fists that can destroy walls, we are just human beings" a little girl replied with a little shouting.

"if you want to go outside just go, we'll be fine down here," said the old man taking back Joel's empty mug. "How about the kids? do you ever thinking what would they be if they kept down here?!" now all eyes pointing on Joel who is angry. the old man patted Joel's shoulder and gently said: "don't need to worry, we already survived so long before you came and now you underestimating us?" Joel stood up for the second time and apologising while bowing.

After feeling healthy enough finally Joel prepares to go to the outside world to begin his journey, the atmosphere gets sad when the kids at the sorority see Joel getting ready to walk up the stairs leading out. "Will you come back, sir? we don't have any guests before, you are the first and the only". "of course I will, I promise with my honour and life" said Joel while patting the crying kids." take this before you go outside" a shiny gem the size of a fist is given to Joel, "the gem can turn into a weapon according to the personality of its user, but it can only transform once, remember any form it turns to it will become a replica of yourself" another word added from the old man.  Then Joel went up the stairs carefully through the vertical hallway that was fit for one person until finally catching a glimpse of the light, the moonlight struck his face shining a small smile that formed after seeing how devastated the world is now.

in the sewer, the old man, kids and other people turn into their true form. The old man was their leader, they are wearing the same attire coat-like made from leather with a tricorne hat, but each of them wields a different weapon. "are you sure with him?" asked one of them the staff user. "he is The Foreseen, silly magic-user" mock someone of them who wields a greatsword.

"what do you say Rozarts?" asked another of them who wields katana, "no doubt, he has a lot of spirits in his souls, The interesting Forseen Mr Xpector"