CH 1: I Can’t Handle My Little Sister !
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Her eyes sparkle like an emerald. Her skin is the purest white that I have ever seen.

"From today, this will be your little sister" my dad said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

I don't know what is going on. 

My name is Koda Tokinaga. I have always been the only child to the family. One day my father remarried with a widow and now I have a new little sister. 

"Nice to meet you, My name is Tokinaga-desu" as I flustered, trying to unload how this is going to change my life. I feel like my entire life I have been nothing but a loser. I don't have good grades and I don't really talk much with my father. Maybe my everyday boring life will change.

"Shut up" she shouted out of nowhere. I was taken back.

"Listen, I will not acknowledge you as my brother. So don't come close to me. UNDERSTAND ?!" she shouted. With that arrogant voice of her she flip her gold blonde hair.

What is Happening ?


Few days later.. 

Our parents are living outside of Japan and work overseas leaving me and my little sister living together. Me living one roof with a beautiful blonde girl?. If it's not for her attitude my life couldn't be even better.
"TET! TET ! TET!" 
My morning alarm woke me up. Its Monday. Another day another miserable life. Maybe she has an attitude because she is tired from moving. Maybe today will be different. 



I walk downstair to cook breakfast. There I saw my little sister Chitome drinking coffee.

"Good morning Chitome"

She ignored me. Huh, guess it won't be that easy huh. 

"I'm going to cook breakfast, anything you want to eat?" 

Without saying anything she goes out to the front door and goes to school. Even though she is my little sister, we still goes to the same school. In fact, her classroom is just below mine. Is everyday going to be like this? I just want to be on good term with Chitome. Hmmm. What should I do? 

I walked to my school where I stumble into Hirazaki, my best friend and also my classmate.



" Hahaha !. you got it hard huh?" He said as I told him what happen.

" Right ? I don't know what I'm suppose to do"

" well isn't it fine like this?. its not that you two are related, is she Hot? you don't have dirty thought about her at home right? errrr Im so jealous of you"

"Hirazaki !!, not related or not she is still my little sister you know!"

"Hahaha, Im joking"

Classroom finish as always. Back home I noticed her school shoe on our bracket. She's home early. As I walk up the stairs I heard the bathroom water is running. I can see her shadowing figure from the door. I can't lie, part of me wants to peek on her. Dammit! Why is she have to be so beautiful?. I take a step forward to the door. Wait a minute. What am I thinking?. She is my little sister. In Fact, I should be a role model for her. I shouldn't be doing stuff like this. I quickly jump on my bed and goes to sleep.

The next morning. "Wake up Onichan ~"

I slowly open my eyes. Mmmmmm. WHATTT!??. To my surprise, Chitome is waking me up. This is unusual. She usually playing hard to get.

"I made you breakfast, go change and let's eat breakfast together" She said as her eyes sparkle exciting.

I sit on my kitchen still confuse. What is going on? Chitome is serving me breakfast?. My breakfast tastes a little weird. But I'm more confused about the situation. She stared at me the whole time smiling while humming a song. Is she finally opening up to me after all this time?. I didn't give it much thought. I go to school like always.

I met Hirazaki on the way to school and told him what happen.

"That's nice. Your sister making you breakfast huh? I'm so jealous. She finally recognizes you as her big brother then?"

"That would be nice Hirazaki. But I'm telling you, something just not quite right."

"Maybe next time she will invite you to bath together"



Classroom started, what subject is this again?. Oh, it's Math.



Suddenly out of nowhere, my stomach rumbling like crazy. Almost like being hit by a baseball. I'm sweating. WTF is going on? And that's when it Hit me. The breakfast that I ate this morning. CHITOME!!. did she put something on the food?. My stomach hurt. I raised my hand.

"Sensei? May I go to the bathroom please?.

I ran as fast as I could, I can't hold it no more, Can I make it to the bathroom?. I take off my pants at lightning speed. It's not coming off.  my buckle seems to stuck. This can't be happening. 

That's when I saw it. My life flashes. I'M GOING TO DIE.