CH 2: I Can’t Handle My Shit !
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Oh my lord, If you are out there, Please help me just this one time. I'm about to shit my pants. My eyes are twirling. I'm covered in sweat. I can feel the time is moving slow. My brain is processing one hundred times faster. All this scenario keeps playing in my head. 



What should I do?. What if I shit on my pants? The whole school will laugh at me. I will become a virgin for the rest of my life. Should I just rip my pants? Wait, that's not going to work. Maybe I should just shit my pants and text Hirazaki to bring me a new set. But what if my buckle is never going to open? I will be living with a shitty pants for the rest of my life!. 

The whole panic situation has clearly making Tokinaga crazy.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom. Hirazaki phone vibrates and a text appeared. "I'm in the second-floor bathroom. Bring PANTS". Hirazaki seems confused. He brings his gym clothes with him and goes to the bathroom. "Toki-chan! are you there?, urgh! Nasty, did someone died here?" he said as he pitched his nose. "Toki-chan! where are you?"

Suddenly, a pitch-black darkness of aura coming from the middle stall. Gulp!. Hirazaki can't help but to swallow his saliva. slowly and carefully he open the door. WTH. There he found, Tokinaga sitting in the toilet helplessly like a corpse. "Hiiiraaazaaaakiii" I said like a zombie. 

I came back to my classroom wearing Hirazaki's gym pants. Everyone is watching me with their cold eyes. I feel like my heart are being stab in the back. I hear whisper in the background. "Ne~ Tokinaga was just from the bathroom right? and now his back wearing Hirazaki gym clothes" "Ewww that's so weird" "He must shit his pants" "16 years old and still shitting his pants?" "what a loser". 

I walk quietly to my desk. looking down the entire time. Suddenly, I feel a tap of sensation on my shoulder. "Hey! Toki-kun, are you okay?". I look to my right side. There she was, Our class Idol. Her eyes shine as the wind blows her dark blue hair peacefully. As I lay my eyes on this beautiful figure, her sweet smile makes me forgot about the Hell that I've just gone through.



"Eh?" I flustered.

"Eh. I'm fine Okamoto-san"

"If you need anything you can always count on me Toki-kun"

I don't know how to respond. Its not like we are close or anything. But why does Okamoto Haru, the most beautiful girl in our school talk to me? or maybe she is doing this to keep from the whole classroom talking shit about me. But why this timing? Hirazaki looks at me and smirk.

I'm finally back home. This has been literally the shittiest day of my life. As I enter the door, Chitome is watching TV in the living room. 
"I'm home" I nonchalantly address myself to her. 
"Welcome Home" she pause "Mr. Shitty Pants".