CH 3: I Can’t Handle This Panty !
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My eyes widen. THIS BITCH. She did this. Just as I'm about to unleash my fury. I Stop. The thought of Haru smiling at me crossed my mind. Well at least I get to get the school's Idol to finally interact with me. I take a deep breath.



"Chitome. Imouto-yo. Did you put something on my food earlier this morning?" I said calmly. Rather than just being mad at her, I was actually more disappointed. I finally thought that my little sister has a change of heart. I always feel jealous of Hirazaki and his little sister. I always wonder what it would be like to have my own little sister. Every time I watch those Anime shows on the Internet, I always feel empty. I want to have someone to look up to me too. Someone that I can share my memories with. Someone that I can protect. Someone that will need me. Often time I imagine that my imaginary little sister that would hold to my hand because she is scarred when walking on the road and the dog is barking. That she will cry because she fell. I want to be that someone that can rub off the dirt on her clothes and tell her, Its okay. Onii~chan is here. Instead, I got this little devil reincarnation.

Chitome gave off an evil smirk. "I don't know what you're talking about. Well Whatever, I'm tired, I'm gonna go take a bath"

She stands up from the sofa and slowly walks up to the bathroom. She pulls off her panty and leaves it in front of the door. She looks at me before entering the bathroom. What's with that act?. I usually do the cleaning around the house, I immediately go to pick up her panties. She is not a little kid anymore, she should at least put it at the washing machine. Wait. What is This? It Can't be. I must be mistaken. I can visibly see a thin wet line on her panty. Glup!. I can't help but to touch it. I rub my finger on the thin wet line. It's slippery. clearly not water. It has a kind of texture to it. Before knowing it, I was smelling my finger. NANI KOREEE. It smells weird. But the thought of it coming from my little sister body excite me. I want to smell it more. I want to put this panty on my nose and take an extra deep breath.  



As I picking it, My sense of reason suddenly came back to me. F*ck!. I was really trying to do that. What the hell is wrong with me. I immediately throw it inside of the washing machine. Then, Chitome came out from the bathroom casually minding her own business. Its my turn to take a bath. Once inside I notice that the water in the bathtub hasn't been cleared yet. This means that this bathwater has part of Chitome sweet body in it. Glup!. I put my leg into it. The thought Chitome using this water excites me yet again. Ah! Chitome!. Chitome!. I want to drink this bathwater than you use!. POP! I get back to my senses. All this year of being single has really made me gross. STOP. I don't want to be the creepy dude who get excited thinking about his own little sister.


I pull out the plug and bath normally.

As I walk out from the bathroom I walk up upstairs to my bedroom. As I was about to change to my pajama, a texted appeared on my phone. It was from Chitome. 
"Do you like my little present Onii-chan?~ <3" 


For my next chapter. It will started going to be more aggressive. Which one would you like the most
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