CH 4: I Can’t Handle Okamoto-san
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I take my bike out and dash through the door. If I stay in that house for one more minute I'm going to lose it. I keep on going and going without an actual destination. What clear is that I want to go as far away as possible. I was going fast down the old neighbourhood road. As I was going down the road, I could see a familiar face out of the corner of my eyes. I immediately stop and that sudden movement almost throws me to the front. I glance to the right one more time, burning what I see into my memories. "Okamoto......Ha-Haru??" Its Her. Its definitely her. Sitting at the children park bench.



 What is she doing here at night still in her school uniform?. Should I say something? but, It may make me look like a creep. Maybe I should just go. I position my bike right, and ready to go.


I froze. Slowly, I turn my gaze to her

"Its Toki-kun right? What are you doing here?" she said smiling.

I let down my bike and come closer to her.

"Dont worry about me, You're the one that I should worry about, What are you doing here all alone?"

"Me?.. Hmmm. I will tell you under one condition"

"Whats that?"

"Sit next to me and for the next hour you must accompany me here"

"Wait one second please"

I go to the vending machine in front and buy two can of orange juice. I walk up to the bench and sit next to her.

"Here, Orenjiii juiiisuuuu"

She takes it from my hand and I can feel our finger slightly touch each other. She didn't really react to it. She opens the can and drinks it. She closes her eyes and takes a really deep breath.

"You know Toki-Kun, When I came home this evening. Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. They're yelling at each other.... I said to myself I wish things will be different.......I can't take it anymore that's why I ran from home. Before I know it, I was sitting must be funny to you right? At school I was this perfect highschool girl that everyone admired. But actually, I was just putting on a fake smile for everyone" 

She pauses to look at me. "Thats why this morning, when I see you going back to the classroom looking down. I can see you're sad, and I wish that I could do something because I know how it feel to be sad. To feel like everyone else is against you, To be alone."

My eyes twitch at the sudden realization. So that's why she suddenly speak to me back then.

"Are you an Idiot?, Okamoto-san, I do feel angry and sad but I don't feel that I'm alone" I said in a serious manner. "I have Hirazaki with me, even though the most embarrassing things happen to me today, he doesn't even talk about it. he is still my best friend" 
"You too Okamoto-san, When you tap me on my shoulder and says that I could reach for you help. It really meant A LOT to me!" 
"So Okamoto-san, If you ever feel alone, Please know that I AM HERE. Me! Koda Tokinaga will always be here for you"

She burst into laughter. Her face is cute, laughing while rubbing the little tiny tears coming out from her eyes.

"Haru !" she said to me

"wa-what?" I said confused.

"Call me Haru"

My face turn red, "Okay, Ha....Haru"

She continue to laugh out loud. She rub her eyes one more time and turn to me.

"Arigatou Toki. Since you say it like that then you must live up to your word"


"hahaha. Toki, this is the second time that you save me"

"second time?"

"You might not remember this but, a long time ago we used to be childhood friend. One day a group of boys were pulling my hair and taking my candy. But you stop them and even gift me one of your candy saying you don't need it. Well after that we moved to a different neighbourhood so you probably don't even remember me"

"Wa-What. Im sorry Haru. I don't remember"

"Hahaha, It's okay. Its was a long time ago. I just hope you don't forget about me this time"

"What are you talking about. Of course, I will not forget you Haru"

"Then prove it"

"Prove it? How would I prove it?"

Her eyes Gleamed, Sparkling like the stars in our sky. Her cheeks are bright red. She is blushing.

"Kiss me."



My heart Stop for a moment.


"Kiss me. Toki. That way you will always remember me"

"Are you sure you're okay with this Haru?"

"Yes, This is my first kiss and I want to remember than I gave my first kiss to you"

I swallow what it seem must be a 2 Ton worth of Saliva. Gulp!. This is my first time too!. Slowly I put my lips closer to her. I close my eyes. And suddenly. There it is. I feel the sweetness sensation. Like Strawberry. The plumpness of her lips pushes together to mine. I could almost eat it. I put my arms around her back. When I stop, I move my head back and a string of our saliva is connecting our mouth together. She smile, her eyes are almost closed.

"Hey Toki, Do you want to go out with me?"

"Su....Sure Haru. I would love that"

A slight hesitation comes out of me. Why did I hesitate?.