CH 5: I Can’t Handle This Bare P*ssy
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Its Saturday. Finally, I got my day off. Although, it's not like I have a plan or anything. Hizaki usually work his part-time job in the weekend. I go downstairs to do my laundry. Hmm. No one is around. Like usual, Chitome Panties is all over the place. *Sigh*. It's hard doing laundry like this. I bend down to put the laundry in the washing machine. I keep staring on Chitome panties. I look around one more time. *Glup*

"What are you doing?" A sudden voice from behind shocked me. It's my little sister.

"Fufufu~. You dirty Onii-chan can't take off his mind from my underwear huh?. No wonder you're a virgin. What a loser" She smirked.

"Su-Shut up!"

She pulls down her panty and hangs it on her finger.

"Since you liked it that much. How about this one. Fresh off my pussy. Today is a Hot day so I've been sweating a lot" She extends her arm.
"Really seal in the flavor. <3 How about it. Come here little doggie. Come here" Calling me out like a dog. *Glup* The thing that she said is making my head blurred. This bitch is messing with me. My eyes linger from her eyes to the panty and to her bare pussy. It's pink and fluffy. I can't believe that my first time seeing a pussy would be from my little sister.

"Ara~ What is this. You have a boner?! Ha Ha Ha. What a loser!" This is my first sexual experience and she is toying with me. How could I not react to that? What would be the appropriate things to do? I can't help but stare at that pussy. My mind telling me to look away but my body is not reacting. She pull up her skirt and holding on to it.

"Since you're being so honest about it. I'll tell you what. If you crawl to me from there all the way here. I'll let you smell my bare pussy" She is looking down on me like I'm some kind of a pet. That evil smile of her is from the devil itself. *Glup* Don't be intimidated Tokinaga, She is your little sister. Beside, I have a girlfriend now. I'm suppose to be doing that stuff with my girlfriend. But, Haru is a sweet girl. She might be saving herself until marriage. This could be my ONLY CHANCE.

"Hurry up loser!. at this point I will just walk away" She turn around until

"Wait!..... I'll do it!" *glup* at that moment I don't care about anything else.

"HaHa. Now you're talking" She turn back to me and lift up her skirt one more time.

*glup* What am I doing. I don't care anymore. I already shit my pants once. Acting like a dog is nothing new to me!. I crawl to her slowly. Taking one step at a time. As I crawl, more and more of my sweat are dripping into the floor. I kept my head Lock into the target. My heart is beating like a rotary engine. It's Here. So close. Yet so far away. I want it. I want it. I WANT IT!. I DON'T WANT IT!, I pull my head back and headbutt right at Chitome little pussy. WTF. She falls to the ground. I stand up and look at her.

"WTF. Are you doing?!" She looks at me from the ground.

I can't believe I just did that. She will definitely hate me more.

"I'm sorry! I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry!" I bow down several times while repeating the same thing. In a panic state I run upstairs and locked myself in the room.

Chitome licks her finger. "Hehehe. Don't worry Onni-chan. I will make you mine sooner or later."