Ch 1: When I didn’t Care
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Anish, 10 years old and 2nd child of Duke Asher and Duchess Alicia. I have an older brother Harry, 12 years old and a younger sister Chloe, 9 year old.

My older brother just turned 12 and has gone to the most prestigious Magic Academy in our country [Magicia Academy of Royalty]. The one who named it must either have poor taste in words or just got stuck naming it, so decided to name it whatsoever. 

That aside, my brother has been supremely talented. As for me, I am average at best. I have never liked to hunt monsters. The elders in my family always say that I was probably a weakling or coward in my previous life. Guess what, they are probably right. The 1st time I went hunting I actually vomited at the sight of a dying monster. It's the same case with my sister. So, all hope of succeeding my father is placed on my big brother.

But, just because I and my sister are weak, doesn't mean that we are treated poorly. All of us love each-other very much. Also, it might be too much for me to say it, but my big brother is a little on the dumb side. As for me and my sister, we have always been praised for our big brains. Our grandparents always say, "If only we had a little more guts...".

I feel a little bad about my lack of talent and thus I and my sister decided to do our best. For our Family. Thus, today we are following our father for a hunt. I have been practicing sword and magic these past few days and I think I can finally take down a wild rabbit cleanly with 1 hit. I do hope so because I don't think I would be able to hunt it if I don't do so in a single hit.

We were following our father and a few soldiers, but suddenly we came across a herd of Orcs. But why? They shouldn't be in these parts of the forest. My heart started racing and I was a little panicked. My father noticed me panic and thus asked me to take my sister with me and run home as fast as we can to be safe. He asked me to call for reinforcements once we reach home. I obliged.

And so, we decided to run. Run as fast as we can. 
Suddenly, I heard a sound. I turned and saw that my sister fell down. Her leg got caught up in a branch. She seemed to be in a lot of pain. I had a worried expression on a face, seeing that my sister assured me its okay. She tried to stand up, but


She fell again. Apparently, she had sprained her leg. Not only was it swollen, but it was bleeding too. It seems like a stray branch pierced into her skin. I was worried. I asked her to be calm, but truth be said, she was probably much more calm than I was. I carried her on my back, and this time we started walking back home.

But, it seems luck was not on our side. As I was walking, suddenly I noticed presence of a wild beast in front of us. But it was no normal beast. Having a horn on his head and 4 eyes which gave him a wide view of the surroundings, it seems unlikely that I can escape the eye of this beast.

What is it's name again? I am quite sure I have read about this beast, but at a critical moment like this I don't seem to recall anything. 

My heart was beating wildly. What do I do here?? My sister seems to be sleeping on my back. Should I just continue? Will the beast attack me. It wasn't attacking me now, but there is no guarantee it won't if I get closer. 

Usually, I am cool-minded, but I am losing my mind right now. This is a life and death situation. Ah, my legs are shaking. 

But, I didn't listen anything. My mind was preoccupied.
[Brother! Brother!]

Ah, its my sister. What happened? 

[Brother, that beast's name is Perko. I am kind of surprised that we came across such a rare creature. But there is no need for us to worry, they won't attack us unless we attack them.]

Hearing my sister's explanation I started to calm down and suddenly I remembered reading about them too.

[Ah, now that you say that I remember reading about them too. As far as I renumber they really like fruits, especially lemons.]

Hearing about that my sister suddenly smiled and said excitedly,
[Hey Brother, do you remember that mother packed lemons with our lunch. If we give it to this beast, it would just eat it and we can pass by the other side.]

[Woah, that seems like a great idea. What would I do if not for you!!]

[He-he. You have the best brain among the 3 of us. But, you panic a lot. Don't you?]

[Ah!! What can I say? Not a suitable Big bro, am I?]

[Come-on, don't put yourself down like that. Let's cut the chit-chat and put me down. I think I would be able to walk now]

And thus, we put some lemons near a tree and signaled the beast Perko with eye contact. We withdrew from that point and waited a few seconds. Perko came and started eating the fruit. With relieved faces we started crossing over. But,


What was this sound? We turned around and saw a soldier who injured Perko's leg using a bow. It seems like my father sent him to look after us because he was worried. The intentions were good, but, this soldier just made a mess here. 

I don't think that this soldier even knows about this beast, because if he had he would have never made this terrible mistake. Perko is known to be among the strongest beast in the continent. The very next moment, the soldier's leg was gone, and then his arm.

I turned around, grabbed my sister's hand and we started running, no we were dashing. Ah, this situation was a disaster. My sister was definitely struggling to run with her injured leg. But I was doing my best to support her. But it seems like our best was not good enough because the very next moment my sister fell again.

[Be-beat, beat-beat]

I can hear my heart beating like crazy. This situation was no good, it was the worst which could have happened. Shit! Shit! Shit!

Miracle, I need a miracle here. I checked over my sister and picked her up in my arms. I started sprinting. As fast as I can run, I ran. My legs were screaming, my sensations were getting dull second-by-second. But, at this moment I cared for none of that. I just need to run, and thus I kept running.

With a bit of hope I turned around. There was no way that I could have outrun that beast. Still, there was a faint, faint hope that it stopped following us. But what I saw shocked me. The beast not near us, rather it was still by the tree eating the lemons. I was shell shocked. The beast never followed us. Did it understood that we meant no harm to him?

Well I have no idea why it didn't follow us but I don't care. The good thing is that we will live to see another day. I saw my sister and apparently she had fainted, there was no injury mark on her so I was a little relieved. The moment the panic subsided, I lost all strength in my body and started to slow down facing the sky to thank the god.

Oops, I thanked the god way too early, because in the next moment my leg got caught in a branch and I started rolling down the hill. In a moment of panic, I curled around my sister  to protect her and then it seems like I lost my consciousness.

When I finally woke up again I was told I was unconscious for 2 days. But for me, it felt like an eternity. I actually thought that I was dead but it seems like it was only a dream.

'Only a dream? ', I felt something was off.