Ch 2: Am I dead?
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I remember my heart beating violently, I was running as hard as I can. Escaping from something, carrying someone in my hands. But whom was i carrying, whom I was escaping from. Even more, who am I?
I can't remember anything. But what I do remember is the terror I was in. I am glad to escape.

But, where am I? I tried to remember, tried to remember any detail I can but alas, I can't! I am getting frustrated. I am panicking, not good, not good. Even  if I don't remember anything, I have a gut feeling that the situation I was in before was because I must have made some bad decisions while panicking.

I don’t seem to remember anything about me. But let's not panic. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. And then I decided to inspect my surroundings. The floor was made of stone, interesting. I could feel cold air swaying my hair, a device which can change air-flow to this degree!! What kind of sorcery is this? But, I didn't panic. I knew that if I want to get out of here I need to remain calm and composed.

And thus, very quietly, I started moving. I tried to cast stealth magic on myself, but somehow I am not able too. Is there a device which is cutting my magic flow? My heart started to race. No, I need to calm myself, I have decided not to panic, not to repeat my mistakes over and over. The first priority is to escape this place.

And thus, I kept moving. Suddenly, I heard some whispers. I know that I should avoid it and just mind my own business, but the curiosity won over me. I started walking towards the sound slowly and quietly. I can hear sounds of various people. There are also sounds of kids just like me. Are they also kidnapped like me? I had no idea such people might be roaming in our territory.

Our Territory?? Wait, who am I ? Was the person in my arm also kidnapped? Who was she?

Ah, my head has started to hurt again.

I decide that it is not the time to think about such things, I need to escape and that before they discover me. With that thought, I turned around, but suddenly the door opened. I quickly hid behind a partition created out of wood. I have not seen such refined craft before, but it's not the time to think about that.

"Ah, I have not slept for days!!", a woman's voice. She seems to be really frustrated.

"It's only 24 hours, my dear", came another taunting voice.

"And what about you? You sleep every night in peace. Today you need to watch over the kids." She seemed to be very angry.

"Okay, okay, dear. Now calm down. Drink this and go to sleep." A guy brought something in a glass and gave it to the lady.

"Ah sorry, its just that I am so tired and ...."

"I get it, okay. Don't feel bad. I will take care of the kids, so just calm down and go to sleep."

Suddenly, it feels a little strange. Aren't they caring a little too much about some kids whom they have kidnapped? Ah, the guy has started walking, I need to escape quickly. I quickly got up and start to escape, but


I fell down with a bang. Ah shit, it's over. I am going to die, my heart started racing again, I quickly try to think, but no matter what I cant think. I am just panicking. Just a few minutes ago I decide not to panic, but here I am panicking again in a disadvantageous position.

Whatever, I am dead. I resigned myself to fate and close my eyes. I waited... and waited.... But nothing happened, nothing!
I opened my eyes and the guy was just walking around without noticing me. I got curious.

No Response
 I shouted, but again there was no response.

I can't understand this situation, I stood up and walked in front of him, but he wasn't even noticing me. He was looking at something in his palm [Author: Seriously, another Mobile Addict!!]
I tried to wave my hands, but no response. I don't understand. Is he ignoring me? Trying to make fun of me? While I was thinking that, suddenly the guy started to move.

Oh wait, what is he doing he will collide with me. Wait. But, but... The collision never happened, he passed through me.

And I thought, "Am I dead?"

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