Chapter 1- The small house
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A guy that seems to be 15 years old is lying on the table as the teacher explains his lesson. Even though the guy is sitting on the front row, neither his classmate or teacher dares to disturb his nap.

"Now, I will distribute your score on the recent puppet making mission. I will start from the highest. And as expected of the genius from our clan he got the highest score, Riki got a total of a 998 points. Riki please come in front and take your rewards from the elders." As the teacher announced who got the highest, all the students present turns their view on the guy sleeping. "Ken, please take his rewards and put on his table so when he wakes up he can see it." 

The teacher continues announcing the score of each students. They weren't many in the first place, so, when he finished announcing, the bell signaling that the school is finished rang.

Riki was the last to get out from the room, he plug his headset as he goes to the rooftop. He plans to practice a new martial art he downloaded from the internet, to others it may seem to be about simple movements but by thoroughly studying it there is actually a very profound martial arts hidden on it. 

As he was browsing the forum he paused for a moment upon reading Starkill martial art, he thought that 'What if this martial art is also part of the Star martial art collection?'. So even if it was a scam he downloaded it to see if it was actually a star martial art, and he didn't regret it. Hidden on those random movements was actually a true star martial art. 

Just by browsing a forum, Riki found a Star Martial art. He is really a guy blessed by the heavens with his heaven defying luck.

At the age of 15 Riki already mastered five star martial arts which are: Moonstar martial art, Burning Star martial art, Falling Star martial arts, Heaven Star martial arts and Hell Star martial arts. In only about 3 years, he is already at an expert level in each of the martial art. If others were to know that there is someone capable of mastering 5 arts in only 3 years, they would really question what they were doing for their whole life. Especially those elders in seclusion, for years they hide from the society just to have an insight about their martial arts and meanwhile there is a young lad learning those martial arts as if he was walking leisurely on his backyard.

Collecting martial arts became a hobby after Mr. Pier introduce Riki about it, from then on he started collecting martial arts especially those martial arts with a star on its name. The reason he was able to identify each star martial art is because each of the martial arts have the same origin of qi, the only difference is the movements present.

After finishing a round, Riki decided to go and visit the abandoned building. He didn't visit it again after learning Moonstar martial because the authority enclosed the area for some reason. 'There must been a dungeon born on it.' this is what most of the people thinks and even Riki thinks so. 

'It's July 26 now, I must think of a way to enter.' Even if Riki is curious about what happened on the abandoned building, he didn't dare to disobey the authorities because he is a law abiding citizen. He had been waiting for the time that the authorities clears the area so he can enter.

Behind Star school Academy the once abandoned building is changed by a small house. Riki clearly remembered that the building was at least 100m in height, but now it is just a small house. 

'Did the authorities came here just to demolish and construct a small house?' Riki thought to himself.

Standing in front of the door, Riki attempted to open it but he was unable to do so. He thought of using his Moonstar fist to open it, yet the door remain still. The door was wooden, it was supposed to be broken after experiencing a great force of the Moonstar fist, but it just remain still.

Riki didn't get discourage and used all his powers to open it. 'This must be locked with an artifact, otherwise why it has a tough defense.'

"Hey, what are you doing?" A young man with the Star School Academy uniform asked to Riki. "You are disturbing our music rehearsals with the ruckus you are doing."

Even if Riki heard so, he didn't stop using his Martial arts to open the door. 

"Hey! I am talking to you!" The young didn't have a good temper from the start so he decided to settle this on with strength.

He delivered a punch exactly behind Riki, when Riki suddenly disappears leaving the guy dumbfounded. He just changed his position by only one step.

'How can he dodge my fist? It is reinforced with the elemental power of fire. No one have ever dodge it with being hurt with my fire.' The young man feel lost, he had been practicing this move for 2 years that no one in his school can dodge it. 'He is just a middle schooler judging by his uniform, how can he be so formidable. The schools only teach elemental powers on Highschool, unless... He didn't used it!'

The young man continues to deliver some blows, stronger and faster than the previous one. Still, Riki can dodge even if he is facing his back. 'This guy... Am I his enemy?'

'How is this possible?' Even if the young man already used his most powerful move, Riki still dodge it very simply. 'Gonna escape here soon, he might kill me if he delivers a serious blow to me.' The young man left Riki.

Riki stopped for a moment and look at the young man. 'Was that guy talking to me?' He saw a wallet on the floor, he look at it then his sight goes to the young man walking away.

"Hey, you!" Riki was trying to call the young man 'cause he seem to have forgotten his wallet, but he just run faster and faster with his powers.  

When the young man was out of sight, Riki was thinking to follow him but the door of the small house opened. Slowly Riki enters the small house. Each of his step make a creapy sound as if walking on a very old house, yet this small house was just built.

*Boom!* Suddenly a loud sound was heard at the inner part of the house. 'This house must be enhanced with a space artifact, it look so small but very huge inside.' Riki thought as he walk through the house.

"Riki, nice meeting you here!" Appearing out of nowhere, Mr. Pier suddenly appears in front of Riki. "Why are you so stiff? You didn't even flinch when I appeared out of nowhere."

In reality Riki was startled but due to being trained to not let other see the emotion on the face, he remained poker face. "Mr. Pier where were you in this 3 years? And why this was enclosed by the authorities after you taught me?"

"*Ehem* You know the rules. 100 gold coins." Mr. Pier bowed while holding the cap as if a magician on street asking for money after a performance. Riki took from his bag a pouch of exactly 100 gold coins and put it on the cap of Mr. Pier. "Answering your first question, I actually travelled around the world after I taught you Moonstar martial art because my job was done. As for your second question, the authorities came here to check the preliminary area so that no one will came and tampered it."

"Why are you here?" Riki's curiosity was not yet satisfied so he ask a question again.

"You will find out on August 03. Now, you were not supposed to be here so Shoo! Shoo!" Riki got outside the small house and returned home.


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