Chapter 2- Returning the wallet
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Riki returned home, after a hectic day he just want to lay on the bed and directly sleep.

Before sleeping he fixed all of his things. He took all the items inside his pocket and check his things on the bag. 

Checking through his bag, he came across onto an unfamiliar wallet, 'Isn't this the wallet of that guy earlier? I was supposed to return it but he just run away from me.' He tries to find some identity card which will introduce the owner and he found his school I.D., his name is Yitzak Key and a 2nd year high school at Star school Academy. 'Gonna return this tomorrow. For now let's sleep.'

Meanwhile, a certain youth can't sleep because he can't find his wallet. "Oh, no where is my wallet? My I.D. is there! The school will not let me in without the I.D.!" 

He has been going back and forth checking his bag then his pocket, again his bag and then his pocket. He repeat the same cycle until he realized his wallet is really lost. 

"Maybe someone robbed me... Can't believe that the super genius of the noble family Key, Yitzak is robbed... I didn't go anywhere with my wallet aside from school... So... Where is my wallet?" Yitzak has been rampaging his bag and pocket for a while, but still couldn't find a small simple wallet. "Wait... Don't tell me... NO!!! Why did I forget to put my wallet on my bag when I confronted that guy? Now he should have been enjoying my money there... Why am I so stupid??" 

Realizing that his wallet may have fallen during the time he confronted the guy making a ruckus on the small house, he immediately sunk in despair. "What should I do now? Knowing the school, they will not allow me to enter without the I.D. especially tomorrow! The inspector every Monday is sir Monde!" 

Facing such a great crisis, Yitzak was thinking if he should just excuse himself from the school by saying he has a fever so that they will grant him a rest day. But he remembers that there is an event tomorrow where he is the main pianist, so he is required to attend. What should Yitzak do?

In the meantime, the guy Yitzak is referring to is sleeping soundly in his room.

Morning came, Riki is preparing to attend the middle school department of Star School Academy. Every weekend he attends his family's school in order to learn the art of puppetry and disguise, while on the weekdays he attends the regular classes.

In the big mansion, Riki is the only one home. His parents doesn't live with him and he doesn't want any houseworker in the house, so Riki is all alone. It was already like this since he started learning skills provided by his clan. Even though his family is a noble family, Riki is not allowed to live with his parents because the elders thinks that relying onto them means that he is weak.

Among the other relatives he has, he is the only one with such treatment. The elders wants to groom him as a heartless person so that he doesn't show any weakness when he become a pillar of the clan. 

Being alone in the mansion, Riki prepares his own breakfast. After eating he took his bag and the wallet of Yitzak. As he saw that it was still early in the morning, he decided to take a small trip to the highschool department, it is just near of his middle school. Even if the middle school department and the highschool department are in the same school, they have differents entrance. 

He enters at the middle school entrance as always, and goes to the highschool department.

"Hey you! You are middle schooler, so why are you here?" The inspector of the highschool department asked him.

"Sir Monde, I'm here to return someone's wallet. I found this lost and it has his I.D." Riki took out the wallet and show it to Sir Monde.

"Give it to me, I will be the one returning the wallet to Yitzak. Just go to your department, your class will start soon." Sir Monde took the wallet and returned his view to the highschoolers entering the gate.

Riki already finished his purpose on the highschool department, so he returns to his school building.

"What should I do? Sir Monde is there asking for the I.D. of each student. Should I run fast or... No, no, no Sir Monde is very fast if I run. So what should I do?? Arghh" Yitzak was sitting near the gate. Being in a state where he is making random movements while sitting in an conspicuous manner, many people are laughing on him as they thought he became an idiot. Sir Monde notice that the students are laughing while entering the gate so he goes out to check on what they are laughing at.

Seeing Yitzak sitting on the corner, he realized that he is actually holding his wallet with his I.D. on it. He wants to see what will Yitzak do in order to enter school without his I.D.

Yitzak made himself prepared, he must be courageous to do what he wants now. He put on his hood and simply infiltrates to a group of people. He didn't know that Sir Monde was actually secretly taking note every movements he made, he even pretended that he didn't saw him as he enters through the gate.

"Hey, all of you on that group! Come and let me check your I.D." Sir Monde walked in front of the group. Yitzak was sweating very much at that point. As sir Monde check each of the I.D., Yitzak was in a breaking point at that moment. He kneel down in front of Sir Monde.

"Sorry Sir! I... I lost my I.D. Please forgive me!" All the students seeing him like that wanted to laugh out loud, the super arrogant genius of the Key family is kneeling?! Is this the end of the world? Also what lost I.D.? Sir Monde is holding on his wallet together with his I.D. This was such a scene! He was asking forgiveness because he lost his I.D. but it was just right in front of him. To the bystander it is Yitzak who gave the wallet to Sir Monde, but this was just an illusion made by the inspector himself in order to be entertained on what scenes will Yitzak do.

"What are you saying sorry? This is your I.D. go one." After saying so he gave the wallet to Yitzak and resumed the checking of the I.D.

"What... my I.D...?" He took the wallet and codly said to the bystander. "Scram!there is nothing to see!" All the students were scared by him. 'Gosh, what an embarrassing moment! They saw me in that state! My cool and handsome aura is ruined! Fortunately I found my wallet, It must have been lost in the school because Sir Monde found it.'

Seeing many people still talking about him, he just rush on going to the auditorium in order to prepare for the event on the afternoon.


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