Chapter 3- Riki’s parents
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Riki entered his classroom in a discreet manner. He wanted to be invisible among his peers in order to avoid communicating with them. He doesn't need friends because he alone is enough.

He put on his headphones and lay on the table. The first thing the teacher did as he entered the class is checking out all the student, his eyes falls onto Riki. The teacher caught him sleeping!

"RIKI! Sleeping early in the morning I see! Well, just go outside until the end of the class." The teachers of the middle school don't know that Riki came from a noble clan, they always thought he was a commoner. Even if Riki is treated harshly on this school, he didn't mind as he can have more time practicing some Star Martial arts.

He goes to the field trying to find a place where he can practice his martial arts peacefully. He found an inconspicuous place under the tree behind the highschool building. 'This is a perfect place!' he thought.

Taking out his phone, he opened the PDF file of Starkill martial arts. Beforehand, he already deleted the slide containing the wrong movements so he would not get confused while practicing.

While practicing the piano on the first floor of the highschool building, Yitzak heard some thumping and swish sound. He first thought that it was just some demonized cat and dogs fighting with each other behind the building, yet the sounds continues on for the next 30 minutes. He started to get annoyed as he can't find peace of mind in order to be able to play the piano, so he goes out behind the building to check what is happening.

He walked as silent as possible in order to not get startled whoever is there behind the building. He arrived near a tree and the sound becomes stronger. As soon as he hid behind the tree the sound stopped, confused he sneak a peak but what he saw was a a white uniform right in front of his eyes.

Having a heightened senses, Riki noticed someone walking behind him. He stopped practicing and check who is it. Arriving in front of the tree, he saw the owner of the wallet he returned earlier.

Yitzak widened his eyes because of shock, the one making noises behind the school building was actually the one he encountered yesterday! 'What a bad luck!' he thought to himself. 'I'm finished, he is going to beat me up soon.'

"You... You are the one yesterday, right? I hope you got back your wallet." Riki asked him.

"Wallet... Wallet... Ah! Are... Are you the one who found my wallet?" Knowing that Riki is not going to beat him up, he relieved a sigh. Riki just gave a nod as a response and returned to practice Starkill martial arts.

Confused on why Riki he is here he asked him what's he is doing behind the school building. "Aren't the middle schooler supposed to have classes right now?" 

"The teacher kicked me out form the class." Riki didn't stopped his practice as he answered.

"O... Kay" Yitzak awkwardly said. "By the way, I'm Yitzak, what's your name?" 

"Riki" Realizing that Riki is not a guy that wants to talk, Yitzak just left him there.

'How come I forgot that we actually attend the same school? He was wearing his school uniform yesterday so... he must be having the special classes for nobles! But... why I don't see him in every noble gathering if he is a noble? Anyway... I escaped unscathed right now. Let's leave here faster.' He increased his pace and left hurriedly this place.

Yitzak arrived at his practice room in order to practice the piece he is going to perform later the afternoon. He didn't mind the sounds Riki is doing because he is more afraid to anger him. He continued to practice making some mistakes from time to time.

Noticing that Riki reached the apprentice level already, he stopped for a moment and fixed all his things. He check the time and he noticed that there are still 10 minutes before the second period will start. 'Should I go and attend practical classes? The teacher will be measuring our strengths today. Fortunately I just learned Starkill, I will be going to use this for later.' he thought to himself.

He took all his things and returned to his classroom. As soon as he came in his classmates were line up outside, the teacher simply glanced at him and didn't say anything. He put his things on the classroom and lined up together with his classmates.

"All of you will be going to the gymnasium and measure your strength, as a very important event we invited your parents to see you. Please use all your power." The teacher said in a monotonous voice as if disinterested to the topic.

'Parents? Maybe some stand in parents will like every year.' Riki thought as he just put on his headphones.

Arriving at the gymnasium there were many rows of men in black in which each of them are holding banners that says. 'Riki goodluck on your event!- from your parents'.

Riki's classmates were confused on who's Riki are they referring to, 'Maybe Riki from another class' this is what everyone thought.

Yet, when Riki arrived in front of the 1st man in black, that guy suddenly bowed and said "Goodluck young master Riki!" Like a domino effect, after the first one talk the others are bowing one by one.

All of his classmates were speechless! For two years, Riki remained low-key about his status, they didn't know he was a noble.

Entering the gymnasium shocked his classmates even more! Also the always calm and collected Riki is also shocked! The gymnasium was full of men and black with the banner like the one outside!

When Riki entered, all of them bowede and said "Goodluck young master!" Soon enough the whole gymnasium was filled with their voice. On the highest platform there were two people treated like royalties, Riki recognized them. They were his parents! Even though he saw them rarely, he still recognize his parents.

His parents saw him, his mother stood up. Using the elemental power of air to enhance her voice she said: "Riki! Why didn't you told us that you will be measuring your strength today?! If the school didn't call Butler Jak, we might not know about this at all!"

If Riki is a person that want to be low-key as much as possible, her mother is the opposite. Born on a noble family she like being high-key especially since she married one of the heir of the 4 major clans. She was proud about her status. She was also against the elder decision about letting Riki experience hardship, it pains her heart. So everytime Riki has an event like this at school, she wants to make a grand celebration. This is one of the reasons why Riki wants to be low-key, his mother's exaggerated celebration made him hate to be the center of attraction.

One time when there was an even on his grade school days, her mother enclosed the whole city's road to make a parade! He sat on a horse like the medieval times, it is like he won a war! As he was seating he saw the spectators face, it is like they were mocking him! So from then on he hated being the center of attention. 


If there is a confusion about the power ranking, here is the ranking:







Why Riki attend 2 school?

-- Everyone is required to attend regular school so he attends middle school on Star school academy

-- The school he attends on the weekends is like an extra lesson of learning how to play piano in real life. This is the school in which his family built on in order to teach the younger generation of their family's skills.

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