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I saw a bird.
With wings like fire.
And legs like toothpicks.

I saw a bird.
Eating a worm from the earth.
And I wondered.

Does the bird know the worm?
Does he see him?
Crying with pain.
Screaming with despair.

Do i know the bird?
That is behind the Steel bars.
Do i know the bird?
That eats the food from the little bowl.
That i put before him every day.

The bird imprisoned.
What wakes him up every day?
What makes him sing?

Does he hate me?
Knowing i’m what keeps him there.
Does he hate me?
Knowing he can’t fly away because of me?

I don’t know the bird.
I keep prisoner in my home.

I wouldn’t sing.
If i was in prison.
I wouldn’t sing.
If I was able to fly.
And now I cant.

Don’t cry like me.