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Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Transformers, Ben 10 or Marvel  in this story! Transformers belong to Hasbro and to its rightful creators and owners, same with anything Marvel and Ben 10 . I also do not own anything I reference in this, such as ships, robots, technology and or characters from other franchises. All I own is my OC.

Story is rated M. Due to strong language, fighting, and that I want to be careful.

Summary: A guy from our side of the Multiverse gets dropped into the MCU with a special made watch. Luckily he knows how to use it; okay, so I was lying he knows the basics of the watch he was given.

Authors Notes: This is my second Fanfic, with it being inspired by DesertChocolate’s Dial and a big thanks to BraedimusSupreme on Wattpad for letting me use his version of a certain piece of tech.

Please read, review, and I seriously hope you like my second story.


September 24, 2020, Orlando FL, Earth Prime Source


I was writing, late at night like I do almost everyday. I was writing a chapter for my first story, my whole body was sore, especially my back was in considerably more pain from leaning over my laptop for more than a few hours. It had been a very proactive day though. I mowed my front and backyard, finished burning a large pile of logs and branches that have been sitting there killing the grass underneath them.


After a nice refreshing shower and getting my big plastic container of Cheeseballs out of the pentye I sat down at my desk. I tapped away at my keyboard writing the adventures of my cybertronian character and searching up useful things my character could use. I would probably go to bed in a couple more hours. Maybe four or five hours actually knowing me and my messed up sleep schedule.


A sound started up behind me startling me from my trance of writing. I jumped up from my chair and spun around to find the sound. There, right in front of my bedroom door, a portal started to form. It was as big as a gallon of milk and looked to be a mixture of green and blue. After a few seconds I finally noticed the portal was getting larger as the seconds ticked by. It finally stopped growing when it reached the size of my door, blocking me off from the rest of the house.


I stared at the portal for a couple of seconds in shock, it’s not everyday that a portal opens up in the doorway of my room. It was the sound of the portal settling in place that snapped me from watching it. 


I ran and jumped into the crevice between my bed and the wall while grabbing a pillow to cover my head if the portal blew up. After a few seconds of no explosion’s or earthquakes, I cracked an eye open and pecked over my bed to get a bead on the portal's situation.


My room showed no change and the portal was just anchored there in the air spinning in place. I stood up and walked around my bed to get a better view of the whole portal. I made sure to stay at least five feet away from it the whole time.


I took a look around my room to see if anything changed, after a quick mental checklist of everything in my room nothing looked to be missing or out of place. I grabbed my container of cheeseballs and decided to throw a few into the portal, naturally from behind my bed as cover. I lined up the throw and once I let go of them I dove behind cover.


After a few seconds of no explosions I popped my head up to take a look, the portal showed no change whatsoever. I walked back to the portal and took a closer look, I still saw no difference in it at all.


“Now what?” I knew as soon as I uttered those words I messed up, the portal started to sound like a plane taking off and pulling me toward it. I tried to spin around and grab my desk to use it as an anchor, but the portal already had me in it’s grip. 


“Oh Fuccc-” I screamed as the portal pulled me in, with all the air in my lungs getting sucked out. ‘I shouldn't have tempted the universe with those words’  was my last thought before I got sucked in.


I fell into the void of green and blue swirling colors. My body felt like it got stretched to the other end of the multiverse and squished into something as small as an atom all in what felt like eternity. My mind had the infinite understanding of the multiverse and at the same time I knew next to nothing.


As my mind went through that, my body was being filled with pain, so much pain. It felt like a mob of people were slicing my skin and chunks of muscle from my skeleton. Then all of the sudden I was one piece again fully healed. It started up again, over and over again, after each time it felt like I was watching it on a tv instead of experiencing it. This could have gone on for eternity without me noticing, all I knew when it was over I was still screaming and my whole body was uncontrollable shivering.


I flew into a sand dune creating a small trench after getting shot out of the portal. I layed in the trench convulsing in pain and letting out small screams of pain every minute all the while crying my ass off.


The sun was setting when the portal shot me out and it had gone down by the time I had finally calmed myself down. I slowly started to pull myself together and sat up, the first thing I saw was the night sky and the moon shining down on the beach.


“Wait a minute, the beach?” my vision zeroed in on the beach, as soon as I did that my neck muscles clenched and I started to get a headache. A minute after waiting for the headache to die down I got up on my knees to see around myself. 


I looked to be kneeling on a sand dune with the ocean in front of me and a parking-lot behind me. A cool breeze hit me and it still felt warm. I look down to see that I’m wearing my Nike shorts and Red vs. Blue long sleeve t-shirt, with my black flip-flops.


In the corner of my vision I noticed what looked to be a black gym bag, with a few unsteady steps I reached it and fell to my knees to keep my balance. With a small hum I unzipped the bag to reveal a pair of sneakers and socks with my phone half way in one of the shoes on top of a few things, I took those out to reveal.


“Money?!” I screamed into my fist to not attract attention to myself. After taking a couple deep breaths to calm myself down I slowly reached into the bag to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating the pile of money. It felt solid in my hands. 


‘Now the smell’ I brought a bundle up to my nose and took a sniff, it smelt like I just took it from the atm at the bank. ‘Okay someone gave me what looks to be a few grand or so in fresh bills, my phone, shoes and socks, now the question is there more stuff?’ With that I took all the money and stuffed it into the shoes and used the socks to cover them, putting those down next to me I pulled the bag toward me and peered into it.


After a few swipes of my hand I felt a corner of paper and pulled it out of what appeared to be a small pocket. Taking a close look at it showed it to be a thick envelope sealed shut, with a feeling of curiosity I began to slowly open it without ripping it. Inside appeared to be a few pieces of paper stapled together and two cards, with open curiosity I began to read.


The first one appeared to be my birth-certificate with all the correct information except the year, the second one was all my finance’s which appeared to be nothing and all the properties in my name which were also nothing. Now for the freaky part, the third one was my background, that for some reason said that I was an orphan that grew up in Miami and that I cashed out all my belongings to make money to move out of Florida to a different state. 


“The fuck did I just read?!” taking a quick look through and getting the same answer “This is all wrong, what the fuck happened that made me have a drivers from like 2010 when I was 15 and me being 20 all of the sudden when I should be 25?!” I started to lose control of myself by starting a small panic attack. 


I started to mutter Deep Breaths to myself in an effort to calm myself down. After doing that a few times I tried to think rationally, but there was too much in my head. “Screw this, I’ll think about this in the morning right now I need a hotel and a bed” with that said I stuffed everything back into the duffel bag, but slipped a bundle of cash into my pocket and my ID.


A quick look at the hotels on the beach and I started tugging in the direction of what looks to be the cheaper one of the hotel’s named Quality Inn Daytona Beach Oceanfront. 


“At least I’m in the same state” as I head toward the office in the front. Pushing in the glass door leading into the lobby, that had a brunette lady behind the front desk that looked up from the front desk computer at the opening of the door.


“Hello there sir, can I help you with something?” she asked once I got up to the desk.


“Hi I’m here for a room” I say, she looks down at the computer and does what sounds like pulling up pages.


After a few seconds she looks back up at me “We have a few rooms open, are you looking for a room with a small kitchenette or basic bed and bath?”


A few seconds thinking things over “I’ll take a room with a kitchenette for the next week” with her starting to type in the information needed.


“That will be 420 dollars and your name please” she asks as I pull out the required amount to give to her.


“Chris Whitmore” I gave my name and slip her the cash. A few seconds later she slides me the key to my room.


“Your rooms on the third floor, the numbers 42 and we have a free breakfast at 8 that lasts till 10 for late risers.” she rattles off to me and we exchange goodnights as I head up to the room.


‘Room 40, 41, there you are’ as I came up to the door I slid in the key and opened the door up to a cool blast of A/C that made me feel a lot better. Flipping on the light I’m greeted with a queen size bed on the right side and a dresser with a flat screen bolted onto the wall opposite it. Further in is the kitchenette with a door between that and the bed more than likely being the bathroom.


After shutting the door, turning the tv onto the local news, and turning the lights off I flopped down onto the bed. Getting into a comfortable position I started drifting off and was out in a couple minutes.


Next Morning


After waking up and heading down to the lobby connected to the office for a couple bagels and a cup of coffee, I head back up for a shower cause I stink. As I’m pulling off my shirt it gets caught on my left arm, after a few tries of getting it off and finally succeeding, what I saw stole the breath from my lungs.


I stumbled back a few steps and ended up leaning against the bed. I just couldn’t believe it.


The Ultimatrix. THE Fucking Ultimatrix from the tv show Ben 10 Alien Force is on my wrist. A few calming breaths later and I’m still in a daze. This looked a little different compared to the tv show one. For starters it had a fingerless glove part with a piece of it covering the back of my hand and instead of being half the length of my forearm it’s almost covering all of it.


The only way for me to have this is that the Multiverse theory is true, if it is and my information says I was born a different year and have a driver’s license that means “I’m more than likely in a different universe” I say aloud with shock in my voice.


I scramble over to my bag and unzip it, reaching in for my phone and unlocking it. I hook it up to the Hotel’s Wi-Fi and open up safari, I type in Recent News and press search. I scrolled through the stories , some things jumping out at me as weird, but one took my breath away.


It was seeing a picture of the Iron man armor taking off with the faceplate up showing Robert Downey Jr. with a smirk, Iron man's actor. The headline made me light headed.


‘Tony Stark Continues on with his one man war against The Ten Rings terrorist organization’


With a start I realize where I landed, the MCU or as the earth is called Earth-199999.


I just lay on my bed for the next hour in complete shock, coming with terms that I was in a different universe. 


As I come out of shock I start looking up other things to make sure such as Captain America, Hulk, and Stark industries. The first search comes up with a wiki page that’s about him and the Howling Commandos, with him reportedly dieing putting down the plane. The second talks about a huge creature that’s spotted around the globe causing massive destruction around it and stark industries leads to a website that shows their products, contact information, and jobs.


“I need to find a place that I can test out the Ultimatrix, somewhere like a junkyard” I mutter to myself as I look down at the watch or is it gauntlet. Whichever one it is, I look up local junkyards near me.


The closest one to me was 5 miles away and sense this is Florida the temperature is probably going to be like 95 degrees outside. With that thought I’m definitely going to take the bus there, so I decided to get up and start to put on my shirt only to get a whiff of my armpits.


“Yeah I’m heading there after my shower” with that statement I undress the rest of the way and hop in the shower.


10 Minutes Later


“Ahh, that felt nice” I say, towel off my hair. I finished putting my clothes on and putting the new shoe’s on “So junkyard first and then on the way back hit up a clothes store” I say as I put my phone, money, and ID in my pockets and head to the office to ask where the nearest bus stop is.


Within five minutes, I’m on the way to the junkyard. I spend that time reading the latest news going on around the world and surrounding Iron man. I even looked up the fanfiction net website, no avengers and nothing else Marvel at all, nothing on spacebattles or any of the other sites.


The bus pulled into the stop that was closest to the place, about a fourth of a mile away. I hopped off and started heading to the yard.


A block away I saw the sign that read ‘Holly Hill Salvage & Junk, part-time DMV’ and knew I was at the right place. I head into the lot through the gate and see the main building.


Entering the office I found it looked to be a small warehouse and there was an old man leaning on the counter, watching a small flat screen tv, who looked up when I entered. “Morning young’in, what can I do for you?”


“I’m looking for a vehicle I could buy or fix up and buy cause I’m leaving the state soon” I explained to him.


The old man replied “Have you considered a motorcycle? It’ll stretch your gas budget about tenfold and let you go places cars can’t”


“No license” I admitted to him.


“It’s easy to learn and since I’m also the DMV clerk for this place that no one comes to I can get you licensed in minutes.” He said.


I perked right up, like most guys I’d always wanted to have my own motorcycle. “How much do bikes run”


“From cheap to expensive ,” the old man replied. “Of course the best deal is my five hundred dollar build your own deal.”


“Build your own?” I ask with curiosity.


“I’ve got everything you need to build a bike scattered across my ten acres. So go find the bits you need and build your own. Heat and boredom get most people, so I end up with half built bikes and they buy one of my completed ones.” The old man explained to me.


“I don’t suppose you have a map with every piece listed?” I ask with little to no hope.


“Nope, though you can buy parts from me if you can’t find them, and if you give up you can turn in a partially completed bike for a five hundred dollar discount on one of the bikes I have for sale.” He explains and gets me thinking.


I laughed once I got it. “So it’s a chance to build a bike and if I fail I really haven’t lost anything but a little labor and time, and you get a half finished bike you can finish and sell?”


“Exactly” the old man replied cheerfully .


“Can I borrow a truck or golf cart to drive around the lot in?” I ask with hope knowing Florida weather, one minute it could be sunny with no clouds in the sky and 30 minutes later the sky is gray and it’s pouring down rain.


The old man grinned. “Would you believe most people don’t even bother to ask for that?”


I smiled. “I use to work at a wrecking yard as a summer job”


The old man tossed me some keys. “Flatbed truck in the back with tools”


As he heads back inside to get out of the heat and I head around the warehouse to the truck. I hop in, start it up and put it in drive taking off to look for the parts.


4 Hours Later


A few hours after starting I would say I have about a quarter of the parts needed for the bike. I found the frame, tires and a gas tank that I’m going to have to clean up before putting any of this together. I wonder if the old man would let me use his shop to clean this up and paint it.


“Okay I’ve been putting this off long enough” with that said I turn the truck off and hop out walking a small distance away.


I grabbed the dial and twisted the face of it. The triangles opened up and I felt a little shock as I saw the watch lit up. A image floated above it, a small hologram of what looked to be a robot colored black and yellow. “It looks kind of like Bumblebee”


With that, I slammed my hand onto the dial. A flash of green light came from the device, before it enveloped me.


My bones and body grew taller, as they did that they dissolved and came back together forming into metal. Flesh turned yellow and black, with my blood becoming blue. My organs started to shift into gears and such with and a chamber grew in my chest lighting up with a ball of energy. My mind changed, like I was hooked up to a computer and my thought process sped up. In all, the change must have taken less than a second, only a blink of time.


When it ended, I stood up tall like 20 feet, stretching my body out and looking at my hands. My body was now yellow with black highlights and gray under that. My feet looked like I was standing on three stabilizing stands, one large one up front and two smaller ones on the back allowing me to stand stable on the ground. I knew, if I looked at myself, I would have seen a circle head with two blue eyes and a speaker for a mouth. The Ultimatrix was located on the front of the grill on my chest where the Autobot logo usually is.


I sighed once the change finished. My voice sounded different now, kind of like it was coming from a radio with bad reception.


“Tradition and all that, right?” I reared back, crying out one word as proudly as I could. “Bumblebee!


“Wow,” I said in that radio voice. “This is so cool.”


I felt so powerful, like I was a thousand times stronger than before. After looking my body over for a few minutes I changed my hand into a Plasma Cannon and discharged a shot into the ground on accident.


“Oops” I say looking over the piles of junk to make sure no was coming to see what the sound was. Seeing no one coming I decided to try out my alt-mode. With barely a thought my body started folding into itself with the usual sound of the transformation. 


A few seconds later the final piece folded into position, with my body being a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro with the yellow paint job and the black racing stripes. I rev my engine and put myself into drive taking a few laps around the junkyard.

After doing that for about half an hour I headed back to the spot that I first transformed at. Once I got there I changed back into bot mode. “Looks like if I don’t waste energy shooting or rapid transformations I could stay in bot mode for an hour tops.” With that said I tap the Ultimatrix symbol and in a flash of green light change back.


“Better get back to looking for parts” I hop in the truck and start searching again.


2 Hours Later


I leaned back in the truck seat after parking it behind the warehouse, I was exhausted from being out in the sun all day long. I locked up the truck and headed around to the front, waiting there was the old man in a rocking chair with a polar pop.


“You're done already?” he asked with curiosity.


“No, I found at least half the parts needed, I was wondering if I could continue tomorrow and if I gave you another hundred dollars could I use all your tools to clean and paint the parts?” I ask him and he takes a few seconds to think that over.


“You can continue tomorrow and use all my tools to finish the bike if you wash and vacuum the flatbed as payment” he offers up to me, holding out his hand for a handshake.


“You got yourself a deal” I say, shaking his hand sealing the deal. “We’ll I have to go do some shopping, see ya old timer”


“See ya kid” he yells back as I head to a clothes store nearby. 


2 Hours Later


After spending a couple hours going to clothing stores and getting myself a few changes of outfits I headed back to the hotel. I passed by the lobby and grabbed a few water bottles out of the vending machine on the way up.


Upon entering my room I put the clothes in the dresser and the water bottles in the mini-fridge other than the one I’m sipping. I bring out my phone and browse the web for a little, looking over the news and such.


After getting bored of that I turn the dial of the Ultimatrix and look through the line up of aliens. It looks like out of my starting ten aliens, five of them are cybertronians and the others are Ben 10 aliens.


“Okay let's try for a small one” I mutter as I go stand in the middle of the room and slam down on the dial.


In a blinding flash of green light my skin, bones and organs started to shrink. My skin turned grey and my head started to grow sideways. My mind changed, things that I used to know barely make sense now and growing more than that, connecting to the world in ways that I didn’t understand.


When it ended, I stood up from my crouch, stretching my body out and looking at my hands. My body was now six inches tall, my skin was grey and I was in a black and green jumpsuit. My feet were separated into three toes per foot and four fingers per hand.


I signed as I stretched out my body. My voice sounded more high-pitched then normal.


Rearing back and crying out one word as proudly as I could. “Grey Matter


My body felt weaker than usual, but my mind felt like hundreds of times more advanced than before the transformation. Like I could take apart a few cars and build a spaceship for this form.


In a strike of realization and from the thought of a few different fanfic’s, I felt a smirk grow on my face. “Let’s do this.”


I hop up onto the bed and grab my phone, opening safari and opening tabs every few seconds. I start giggling to myself in happiness and muttering to myself over and over again “come on”.

To Be Continued...