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Later that day he woke Mike woke up in an infirmary with an irritating headache. He looked around and the only person he saw was the doctor and he said to him, " The high frequency that Trixie produced almost raptured one of the veins that supply blood to your brain. Just rest for a while and you will be alright. Though, what l can't understand is why the blood vessel was not raptured. This kind of miracle may only happen to someone who has ever been exposed to high frequency waves for a really long time. Your body has shown that you might have been living in an environment with such kind of surging frequencies."

As he continued to elaborate this to Mike, the doctor was interrupted by one of the patient's visitors. The visitor had come to see how Mike was doing. It was his girlfriend, Mariana. Mike and Mariana had been together for about 2 years and all seemed well between them.

As the doctor was walking out, Mike called out to him and asked , " Did the police catch the criminal, Trixie? " 

"Yes. But she still had some power left to prevent light from reaching her face and that means the police do not have her identity yet but they will find a way to fully dampen her power."

Mike sighed in relief and turned to Mariana and asked "Have you had dinner?" "Oh I did. Let me get you something to eat."Mariana said.

Before she could leave, there was a detective standing at the door way of the patient's room. He might have had some questions for Mike since he was in touch with the criminal at the bank. Mariana stepped out to let the detective do his work.

While Mariana was out, she couldn't stop thinking about the incident at the Bank today. Since this seemed like a terrorist attack, anyone would be afraid of such an incident but the look in Mariana's eyes made it seem like a personal reason. 

Meanwhile as the detective questioned Mike , the former posed a question inquiring what kind of job the latter did at the Bank and he answered,"Oh... I invented a tiny tracker that I was installing on the money in the bank before the robbery. Trixie found a way to jam the signal so my technology is almost useless against her"

Mike owned an averagely small but growing technology company. For a 28 year old with an intelligent mind and bright ideas, he looked most likely to succeed but who his entire life would change after this dreadful encounter at the bank.

Evening past and morning came. As usual, Mike had to continue in his struggle to build and boost his company, but this time, he had only one thing in mind. He had to create a tracker that was resistant to Trixie's frequency diversions.

If he hit this, his company would  have a huge break through but since Trixie had been caught, there was no need for the upgrade on his invention. As Mike stepped out of his office for a break, he notice a news headline that stated, "THE TRUE IDENTITY OF THE CRIMINAL TRIXIE REVEALED."

Mike glared at the newspaper with excitement. He reached for it and hurriedly opened it. To his surprise, the sight he picked with just a glance at the newspaper made it seem like his girlfriend, Mariana was the famous criminal Trixie.

He posed his smile at the sight of this article but later started to giggle cynically as though the article was just a mere joke to him. He then rushed to his office and picked up his phone to call Mariana but she wasn't answering.

A flash of fear began to form on his face so he ran out of his office and tried to exit the building through the elevator but it was jammed. He felt like he was not thinking straight but without doubt he knew that Mariana was not involved in anyway.

He decided to take the stairs but before he could take another step, he heard a banging sound of a lady's shoe heals coming up the stairs. He lost his breathe for a second when he saw Mariana runny towards him.

She looked all worn out and scared  with tears running down her face. Mike placed his large manly hands gently upon her checks, brushed off her tears and stared straight into her eyes.

With this consolation, she decided to out her heart to rest and tell Mike what was wrong." I need you help. " she sulked. 

Before he could utter a word, they heard a mass amount of footsteps coming up the stairs. " It's the cops!" Mariana said. She had already become a prime suspect in the investigation. Nevertheless, Mike couldn't let her handle this situation on her own.

He held her hand and they ran up the stairs so as to reach and hide on the roof. Mike reassured himself that no one goes to the roof therefore the police couldn't find them.

The wailing sound of the sirens kept both their hearts racing at the thought of being imprisoned or worse, being shot. The police kept on searching the building while communicating with each other at a radio frequency Mariana could coordinate to know what they were saying.

"They are coming to search the roof." Mariana said. Mike looked at her with a lot of suspicion but there was no way she was at both the hospital and the interrogation room at the same time so he put his heart to rest.

Baaam. The door to the roof was burst open drastically thereby stopping Mike from asking Mariana how she knew they were coming. A whole squad of about 10 officers surrounded them at gun point giving them nowhere to hide.

Mariana turned to Mike and made a whisper that was to decide his next action at this point. Mike grabbed Mariana's hand and they together ran and jumped down from the roof of the high building.