VOL ONE/CHAPTER ONE: Legend of a Saintess
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Jiranx Kingdom


 A young man with chestnut curly brown hair and brown eyes, also wearing a golden crown and draped in purple, royal robes, stood at his study room window that faced a beautiful star speckled sky. He was King Gladius Kensiq, known for his strict but fair rule. His subordinate and most trusted advisor, Morez, stood before his desk holding a scripture that had been around for thousands of years. In this scripture was the legends that has been passed down through many generations of his royal lineage. It depicts the knowledge of a Devine power passed to a young girl known as the Saintess. This girl was always someone with unknown origins that appear and would save the world of all that is evil. This was something that happened every three hundred years, and it never failed to come true. 

As a little boy he always wanted to be apart of the time of the Saintess, and now his dream will come to light. It's been two hundred and ninety-nine days since the arrival of the last Saintess; Saintess Marina. She was the reason why he loved the idea of The Divine Powers of a Saintess, though according to some of the scriptures, there might be more to her legend than meets the eye. "According to the scripture, the Saintess will only appear if we bring in a Mage with the ability to summon her." Morez explains. If only he knew ahead of time that it was going to be more to it, perhaps then he would be ready. "What Mage do you know with that ability?" King Gladius asked turning towards Morez with a frown. 

Morez shakes his head, "the last Mage that summoned a Saintess mysteriously disappeared. There is no Mage like that to my understanding." He says sitting the scripture on the desk. King Gladius sits and takes a look at it. All he could think about was how close they were to summoning a Saintess, just one more step to completing the magic circle. And it had to be lack of a powerful Mage. It seems it was going to be a long and difficult night. He frowns as a thought came to mind, "why not use that guy?" He asked. Morez's brow furrows, "Your Highness? You can't possibly mean that crazy lunatic from Koven City, right?" He asked feeling slightly afraid. 

His Highness Gladius nods, "I do mean him. What is his name again?" He asked letting the scripture go so it could re-roll on its own. Morez sighs to himself, there was no way this will end well but it was clear that they had no other choice. "Ulyasuss, Ulyasuss Igrium." He tells him immediately regretting even letting the King know. King Gladius smiles, "have him summoned here. I will have the Saintess Summoned if it's the last thing I do." He orders. He stood and they made their way out the study, around a few corners, and to the throne room where everything for the ritual was set. 

He sat on his throne chair and waited for the arrival of the Mage he had summoned. 


Meanwhile in Seoul


My whole life I've been a person bullied, but I never could control my temper. Whenever someone talked about me or tried to do mean things, the other person never ends up with the better end of the stick. "Seriously, Junim? You beat the girl up for calling you fat?" My older sister, Runa Hari, asked as she came to pick me up from the school's office. My name is Junim Hari. Because I'm a bit on the heavy side, I'm constantly getting into fights with my classmates. Not that they didn't deserve it. "What? Was I supposed to let her continue to talk crap about me?" I asked not looking at my sister who only gets mad at me.

Honestly, I doubt she cares about my situation. She's always mad at me and yelling at me for defending myself, nothing good ever leaves her mouth. If it were mom and dad, they'd have been on my side. Thinking about it only puts me in a depressing mood. Once we got home I dumped my bag on the counter and turned to head to my room. Runa grabs my arm, "wait, aren't you going to explain this to me? What if you get kicked out from all your fighting?" She asked. I yank my arm back, "what does it matter to you, huh? If I get kicked out of school you won't have to constantly nag me for fighting, right?" I asked her before stomping to my room.

"Junim! Jun..."

*SLAMS* [Sound of door closing loudly.]

I throw myself onto my bed, the sound of it cracking a little and then breaking caught me by surprise. I roll to the floor and laid there on my back for a while. Great.  I fight with my sister and this is what happens. My bed breaks. Is this a sign, perhaps? I groan out loud and then used that moment to grab one of the pillows to scream into. After a awhile of lying on my floor I finally felt myself drift into a deep sleep. After all I was extremely tired and had a long day. After sleeping for a long while I jolted awake from suddenly having a weird dream that I couldn't seem to remember.

I sit up as I noticed that it had gotten darker, meaning I've been lying asleep for three hours. Damn to think I had been that sleepy! I also noticed something strange, it was brighter than usual even though it was night. I blink trying to clear my fuzzy brain, what on earth? I blink again as my vision becomes clear and the light suddenly burst out around me. What is going on?! I shield my eyes to keep from going blind, I couldn't utter a single sound. The light finally dies down, but I was still seeing bright dots in my vision. "What the..." Your Highness I believe this Mage did something wrong." A voice says.

Huh? That voice did not belong to her sister. It was a man's voice, one she could not recognize. Suddenly her vision finally cleared and she could see that she was not in her bedroom, so where the hell was she?