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Two days of studying and I learned a lot about the kingdom I was in. So far I have not once left this library, well except to eat and sleep. I also realized that I have caught the attention of a few servants that resides in this palace. But of course I ignored them. I finally closed the last book that explained to me everything about magic and how it worked. Magic...if I learned that, things in this world would be easier for me, right? But the book mentioned that one would have to already have a bit of mana inside them in order to use even a bit of magic. 

Since I'm from another world that magic did not exist, wouldn't that mean I don't have mana inside me? Not even a bit? I stood and walked over to one of the shelves to put the book away. I wonder where they put the book that teaches magic spells? Something easy for a beginner like me. I want to learn a bit of defensive magic to protect myself until I'm able to find my way back home. Suddenly as I was in mid thought the library doors opened to reveal a servant with a young girl who looked about twelve. It seems like the palace was more lively since my arrival here.

"Who are you?" The girl asked pointing a finger at me. I was a bit taken aback by the girls question. It seemed as though she was suspecting something, though I have no clue what. "I don't think I'm obligated to tell you. And who are you?" I asked. The girl looked at me in shock, "how dare you talk to me this way? Besides, I asked you first." She waves her finger at me and stomps her foot. How childish, why should I have to tell this brat anything? I frown at her and looked over to the servant who brought her in. She hardly looked that much older this this girl with the commanding attitude, "who is this brat?" I asked this servant girl.

She looked taken aback a bit before quietly answering, "Princess Ginger Kensiq, the daughter of the King." I watch as this brat lift her nose proudly. A princess, huh? Did she really think I cared about titles like this? "Is that so." I turn away and went back to searching for any magic books. Best to ignore people like her. After not finding the book I was searching for I turn to realize the little girl still stood there. "What are you a statue?" I asked her walking around her to where a log book sat on the empty librarians desk. 

"You're the first person to ever speak to me this way. When ever I mention I'm a princess .people usually treat me as such." The little girl was saying. I frown, is this really one of those types of scene? The I like you because you treat me differently scene in most shoujo manga? I shudder at the thought, the last thing I want is an attachment to this place. I rather stick to myself and learn whatever there is to learn about my environment. "Great, and I most likely won't be the last." I say as I closed the log book. There was nothing in there about any real magic books, it seems I may be a bit out of luck. "What are you looking for, perhaps I can be of help?" The little Princess asked curiously.

"I doubt you could help." I say, as a matter of fact she seemed as though she never touched a book in all her life. "What are you twelve?" I asked as I again stepped around her to go search the bookshelves some more. "Excuse me? I'm fourteen." She says with an appalled expression on her face. I looked at her small stature in shock, she was only two years younger than myself but so tiny, she was at least four' nine. I shake my head, well it's not like I care. "I see." I state before turning to ignore her once more. "I noticed that everything you looked at was about magic, have you tried the restricted area?" She asked suddenly stopping me in my tracks. I turn to her, "there's a restricted area?" I asked, I couldn't help but be curious. She showed me a card for royalty only, "yes, but only those from Kensiq Family are allowed to enter." She says with a sweet yet obvious smile.

I knew that this was a bad idea, but I really wanted to have a look at those magic books. I blow out a breath, "alright, fine." I say as she happily leads me to the back of the library. One there, she walks over to a line of books positioned along the back wall and pulled out a book halfway. "I never showed this to you, okay?" She asked as two of the shelves began to open. I would never have seen this, let alone found it on my own. We entered a room shining with purely gold shelves and lining those shelves were books that had emerald book coverings. It was no wonder this part of the library was restricted. Perhaps there was fear someone would steal one of these books for personal gain?

The princess turns to me, "so, what do you think?" She asked. Honestly I was overwhelmed by how many books there were. "How do I find the books on magic?" I asked. She looks at me as if I lost my mind, "what are you asking, every single one of these books are a type of magic. Whichever magic you want to use will be here. No one brings these books in, they appear here after a while, and then disappear when no longer needed." She explains. Looks like all the magic I needed to learn was right here, now finding the magic I want to learn will be the difficult part.