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Two hours of searching through magic books left me empty handed. I literally searched about thirty books based on magic and not a single defense spell got my attention. "Is there a faster way to search through these books?" I asked the princess. She seemed to have been reading a magic book as if it was her first time entering this room, to have a pass and not enter. "A faster way? Well...I shouldn't but I guess I could use my summoning magic." She mutters as she stands and waves her hands a bit. There was a green sparkling light forming in front of her and then suddenly books started floating from the shelves and landing safely before them. Perhaps I went about this all wrong, this princess was definitely useful, so making an ally or two would probably not hurt.

 I sat down and began my search, hours go by and I was finally down to the last four books. I was feeling a bit disappointed that I still had not found anything but then I noticed a book shining among the four at the bottom. It was just a dim light but it managed to catch my attention. I grab it and pull it from underneath the other three, the covering which was once emerald turned a soft blue and then a diamond appeared on the front. The princess was still in her book as I gently ran my hand over the cover, I'm not sure but the fact that it was different than the other books made me curious. Could it be the defensive spell that I have been looking for? Before I could open the book we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat, "Princess, what on Earth is this?" Morez's voice carried throughout the room. I immediately stuffed the book under my shirt, it was the only place I could think of to put it. Thankfully I chose to wear my clothes from my world today, I kind of did not want to wear a dress even if it meant wearing the same outfit I arrived in.

"Oh it's just Morez, is there a reason I'm not allowed? I do have the pass that allows me to enter." She says flashing her royalty pass once more. He glances in my direction but quickly reflects his gaze back to the princess, I see so it was because of me. Ever since arriving this guy had it out for me. I'm pretty sure his reasons for not liking me had everything to do with appearances. Not that I could give a damn, "I'm done here anyways, I'll be going back to my room." I tell her stepping around Morez in hopes that he doesn't notice the book I was hiding.  I managed to get pass him and out of the library without him noticing anything out of the ordinary. Once I made it to my room I removed the book from under my shirt and sat it on the small table by my window. Now that I got it I was afraid to open it. I just stole this book from the restricted area, and if  I choose this book's magic spell then that means it will disappear and can't return to the library. 

I chew my bottom lip as I stare at this book for a good few minutes before sitting in the chair before the table. I cross my arms and tapped my foot impatiently, my fingers getting antsy. I let out a breath of air and finally opened the book as gently as possible, what I did not expect was that once I opened the cover something incredible was going to happen. The book lifted a bit in front of me at eye level and shined so brightly it nearly blinded me, I wasn't sure what was happening. The light finally dimmed down until I could unshielded my eyes and notice a small creature floating in replace of the book which was now gone. Did I just open a defective book? Instead of a magic power I get a pet? What kind of joke is this? I stood there slightly disappointed but I do admit that the small creature was cute, could it be what one would call a beast in this world?

The fur was pure white with a small diamond jewel embedded into its forehead. The beast opens it's eyes to reveal eyes as crystal clear as glass once it floated down to the table. It stretches its hind legs and yawns real big. It kind of reminds me of a cat but it's face was thinner sort of like a sphinx and the body was also slimmer. "I finally awake after so many years. What's this a human girl?" It spoke but not out loud. It clearly hadn't noticed that I could hear what it was saying as it continued to speak. "How strange, my magic isn't as it used to be. I'm particularly powerless. That damned Beast King must have drained all my magic along with sealing me into that damn book." I clear my throat to get it's attention, judging from the voice it was definitely a she. I was still reeling from the fact that it came out of the book in the first place. And not only that, how can I even hear what she's saying? It's clear that that's not normal.

It turns to look at me a bit suspiciously, "wait a minute? Is it possible that you can understand me?" She asked. "Yes." I say with a nod. She sits and seemed to be studying me, "I see, you carry a bit of mana. Though weak, it's definitely there." She saunters over and sniffs my hand a bit, "you must be the one to let me out of that book. Odd, the spell clearly stated that only someone with powerful mana could let me out of that book. But here you are with the weakest mana ever and here I am not in my book anymore." She was clearly in thought. "I guess you will do. For letting me out my book I declare you my new master. Though I'm weak now it's possible for me to get even more powerful once you grow more powerful. My memory is a bit jagged but I do know one magic spell I can give you."  She says.

I stood, "hold up, I never agreed. Also, what the hell are you?" I asked with a frown. "Ah, that's right. I am what they call a Minka Beast. Unfortunately I do not have a name. As my new master giving me a name is up to you." She answers. I backed up a bit. Okay, it's clear that I was not talking to a normal beast, and on top of that it did mention giving me a magical power. This has gotten a bit unreal.