VOL ONE/CHAPTER FIVE: The Transferring of Powers
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I studied it thoughtfully, at this point I gave up on normal. I should probably go along with it until I figure out what I have gotten myself into, "fine...do you have a name suggestion?" I asked it. "No, but I will tell you that I am a girl." She answers. Of course she is, that much was clear, "so giving you a name makes me your new master? And then I receive some kind of power?" I asked her. I was really buying some time here, should I really put my faith in what a talking cat says? "Yes. Do you perhaps not want to? That is fine because I will not force you." She hops off the night stand and slinks over to the bedroom door.

Realizing this, I bolted over to the door to block it, "wait, where are you going?" I asked. Surely she was not thinking about leaving the room? What if someone saw her, there was a distinctive quality about her that is way too noticeable. [Referring to the diamond wedged in the beast's forehead]. "To find a new master." She tilts her head as if this was an obvious answer. I have to make a choice here, "Sol, that's your name." I tell her. It was just a panicked answer, but I could not risk her being seen. At this point someone may find out about the magic book that I stole, the cat turns to me and bows its body forward gracefully. "I am grateful to meet my new master. No Mistress. May I know my Mistress name?" Sol asked.

I'm so gonna regret this in the near future, I just know it. "Junim, the name's Junim." I answer. Sol slinks over and hops on the bed, "come here, I shall now pass my remaining abilities to you." She says. I walked over to her, what more can I do? "What next?" I asked. She reaches her paw out towards me, "Bend down so I can touch your forehead." She answers. I did so and waited until her paw was flat on my forehead. Before I realized what was happening there was a bright light coming out of Sol's paw. There was no time to react, it seems I made the mistake in trusting her.

Like a blast out of nowhere I was hit in the forehead with a huge jolt that was so painful I felt I was dying. My body was lifted into the air and the light was suddenly bursting out of my body. I can see it happening before my very eyes as the light finally dims, once I was on the floor again I felt light. Nothing much changed, I walk over to the mirror. I was still fat. But there was a diamond now wedged into my forehead, I turn to Sol pointing at it. "What the hell is this?!" I asked my voice raising a bit. Sol licks her paw as if I said absolutely nothing. 

I wave my hand at her for her to tilt her head at my in confusion and not only that; the diamond in her forehead was gone. I stare at her in shock, "you have all my power now, did you think that I could no longer speak? I was only kidding with you." Sol says suddenly with a light giggle. Though it was more like a hiss to me, I blow out a sigh of relief. If I had to go about this alone I think I would go insane. "I didn't strike you as the playful type." I point out dryly. She curls into a cat ball and yawns. "I'm not usually, but your reactions grew on me. Well I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow we will go meet a friend of mines. You have to learn to wield you new powers." Sol was asleep before I could utter another word.

What is this? I'm brought into a world only to be tossed aside for not looking the part of a Saintess, only for me to get powers from a talking cat beast? I must be having a dream. I lay down beside Sol. I guess some sleep wouldn't hurt though, so far I hadn't gotten any since I came to this place. I've been too stressed trying to figure out a way to survive in this place. Kind of didn't expect such a turn in events.