VOL ONE/CHAPTER SIX: A Breach in Jugarr Forest
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Meanwhile in Jugarr Forest


"Vice Captain Matheus!" A shout could be heard from afar as three men on horse back rode up to a bearded. stocky man that sat on top of a hill that could be seen from the camp below. "Jon, Roe, Kerin. What's the status of the lights?" He asked them once they gotten closer. "Sir, they vanished. As if it never occurred." Jon answers with a hand saluted to his forehead, the others follow suit. "Stand down." Vice Captain Matheus says as the men lower their salutes. Damn, another dead end. "Sir, perhaps we should fall back." Roe says with a frown. 

It does make sense to do so. "Shit, looks like we have no other choice. Let's head down to the camp and get ready to move on back to Jiranx Kingdom." He says lowering his eyeglass. The three men nod with salutes once more, "YES SIR!" They say running back down the hill that led to the camp. Vice Captain Matheus looks back, hopefully the Captain and his team was having better luck than his. 


Captain Strong and His Team


"We have to warn the camp!" Four men could be seen dashing through the forest, their faces were etched in fear and they were covered in blood. "It's not good. That thing. What the fuck, was that thing!" One of the men hoarsely yells in a panic. "Captain, what do we do?" Another man asked his gaze looking over at the only man that usually had a clear head. But looking at his face, it was as if the world had ended. The fear that was already there was building, "it's no good. The Captain is out of commission. He's scared like the rest of us." The fourth man says his tone held a hint of chill. 

Since their Captain was like this, it only meant that there was nothing they could do. With the ground shaking and their hearts diving from their gut wrenching fear, they knew their fates. "Watch out!" One man yells as the thing they was running from had already caught up. It's whole body was covered in slime, but there was a million teeth chopping everything in it's path. It was like a giant worm that had the speed of a cheetah. Just as they thought, there was no use in fighting the inevitable.


Back to Vice Captain


The sounds of gut piercing screams cut across the sky. Every single knight lying in the camp couldn't miss it. Vice Captain Matheus glances up at the sky, "what the hell was that?" He asked himself as he leaves his tent where the other knights had already stepped out of their own tents. They were loudly whispering among themselves curiously, "sounded like a man dying." Kerin says, always the one to state the obvious. "Do you think the Captain's okay?" Roe asked looking a bit worried. "Sure he's fine. It's the Captain we're talking about. The guys a huge muscle head." Jon says punching Roe in the arm. 

"You three stop fucking around and check out those screams!" Vice Captain Matheus orders. They immediately salutes him before running off in the direction of the screams. He was getting this really bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something right now was not right. After a few minutes pass, the three knights were running back with a body, their faces were paler than a ghost. "It's the Captain. What happened?" The whispers from other knights started again. Matheus walks over to take a look, "what is this? Captain? Captain?" He says his name over and over but not once did he lift his head.

That bad feeling he got, was it this? "What happened? Where did you find him?" He asked the three knights. They were in shock, their faces stiff with fear, "what the hell. They're frozen." Someone says. "What's going on?" Another knight asked panicking. "Calm down, there must be some kind of explanation." Matheus checks his pulse, there was a faint heartbeat. He was alive but barely, "take him to the medic tent. I'll handle these three." Matheus tells a nearby knight that immediately took the Captain away. 

"You three follow me." He orders. They saw something that scared them shitless, and he was going to find out what. After leading the knights to his tent he beckoned for them to sit at the table, "one of you tell me what you saw." He says crossing his arms. The knights swallow, but Kerin was the one that spoke. "It was a massacre. Blood everywhere. We found the Captain hidden in the bushes as if someone put him there." Kerin says. He was trembling. this guy who looked as if nothing scared him, "Did you see what killed them?" He asked. 

"It was slightly, but yes. The monster was already headed back in the other direction. We are not sure what it was. We just grabbed the Captain and ran this way." Jon says. Matheus sighs, damn. Seems like destruction has already began, they must return home and relay the bad news. A monster has breached Jugarr Forest, a place where monsters haven't been able to enter ever since the last Saintess put a barrier around it.